KT's Further Confusion 2006 Photos

Saturday, Jan. 21, 2006

Marci McAdam vs. Vermy Fox: Damn, Marci is good. Her "I wish..." piece wins over Vermy's grade-school-style "Foxes is wuv".
FC06-099.jpg FC06-098.jpg
oCeLoT vs. Babs: Babs's rendering of her cat Deanna is good, but not good enough to topple Amara's detailed tiger.
FC06-100.jpg FC06-096.jpg
The Gneech vs. Kitsune Zero: The Gneech's ploy to suck up to the judges by rendering Chairman Seurat in noodles and incorporate the con's Renaissance theme with swordplay against some sort of Mr. Potato Head/porcupine man was just not good enough to overcome his unfamiliarity with the medium and defeat Kitsune Zero's expertly rendered fox with bandana. Finally an Iron Artist has been dethroned! Kitsune Zero is the new Iron Artist Comics! What next? Grudge match? We'll have to wait till FC 2007 to find out.
FC06-101.jpg FC06-097.jpg