KT's Furry Cruise 2006 Photos

Thursday, Dec. 7, 2006

The chocolate buffet viewing.
425 buffet.jpg 426 buffet.jpg
There's more than chocolate here, like these cocktail shrimp below the eagle ice sculpture (which, btw, was dripping water from its beak and looking like it had the sniffles).
427 buffet eagle.jpg
Sauces and lemon wedges on an ice-pillar champagne bucket.
428 buffet champagne.jpg 429 buffet champagnes.jpg
Watermelon fish! And I'm not sure what that is behind it.
430 buffet melonfish.jpg
Birds made of carrots and squash.
431 buffet carrotbirds.jpg
A stork ice sculpture.
432 buffet stork.jpg
I think this is a mermaid.
433 buffet mermaid.jpg
The Royal Caribbean logo catches a gnarly wave, dude.
434 buffet RC logo.jpg
I don't know what these things are but they scare me!
435 buffet chickenmen.jpg 436 buffet Indianballs.jpg
A phoenix on a... concertina?
437 buffet phoenix.jpg
Flowers made of veg.
438 buffet flowers.jpg
Fruit in an ice basket. Those are hard to weave!
439 buffet fruitbasket.jpg
A platter of yummy fruit!
440 buffet fruitplatter.jpg
Oddly-shaped breads and ice, and at the back, an ice dragon.
441 buffet dragon.jpg
An ice marlin.
442 buffet marlin.jpg
A covered wagon made entirely of bread. The pioneers rode in these, and nibbled on them when they got hungry. The trick was to reach Oregon with enough of the wagon intact to not have to carry all their crap.
443 buffet breadcart.jpg
Garfield says, "EAT!! MORE BREAD". Oh man, are those goblets of chocolate mousse at bottom right? I totally missed those when I was there! Now I want one!
444 buffet Garfield.jpg
A giant ice duck behind a tower of... I dunno what that is.
445 buffet duck.jpg