KT's Furry Cruise 2006 Photos

Sunday, Dec. 3, 2006

The fursuiters go into the gym, and Cosmo tries out the treadmill.
098 cosmo treadmill.jpg 100 cosmo treadmill.jpg
Then they find the exercise balls!
105 ball.jpg 106 ball.jpg 107 ball.jpg
Zot gets in shot.
109 ball zot.jpg
Cosmo is down for the count.
111 ball out.jpg 114 ball.jpg 116 ball.jpg 118 ball.jpg
Cosmo bounces!
120 ball bounce.jpg
I think this is what you're supposed to do with these balls; sit on them.
121 ball sit.jpg 123 ball sit.jpg
Karik falls off.
124 ball fall.jpg 125 ball sit.jpg 126 ball sit.jpg 130 ball.jpg 131 ball zot.jpg 132 ball.jpg
The antics continued until a security guard showed up to see what all the noise was. Oops, maybe we better go.
133 ball chase.jpg