KT's Furry Cruise 2006 Photos

Thursday, Dec. 7, 2006

The ATV I rode. It was that muddy when I first got on it.
414 ATV.jpg
Me sitting on the ATV. (My helmet's not fastened because I'm just posing for the picture. I kept it fastened while I was riding.)
415 me on ATV.jpg
During the ride, I got mud on my shoes, but not my pants. I was so happy about that. Then when I got off the ATV at the rest spot, my leg brushed the muddy tire and got dirty anyway! Sheesh. I later sent these pants to the ship's laundry.
416 muddy pants.jpg
I saw rain coming in over the hills on the way back to the dock. Good thing I didn't get caught in it.
417 rainy hills.jpg