KT's Furry Cruise 2006 Photos

Monday, Dec. 4, 2006

Back on the ship. I think that's the Freedom of the Seas docked aft of us.
250 pier.jpg
I distorted this man by looking at him at a very acute angle through a window.
254 distorted man.jpg
Whoever wrote the tour description in the cruise materials didn't proofread it well enough: "Hit the streets of Key West for a taste of that famous food from the Conch Republic! Enjoy a walking tour including all that Key West is famous for food: historic buildings, gardens, Key Lie Pie and more! After receiving your FREE T-shirt, you will visit five locations where you will sample Key West cuisine and be pointed out, many sights, sounds and flavors that make Key West such a popular place to visit!"
255 Taste of KW.jpg
When Seawolf and I returned to our stateroom, we found a towel and washcloth folded into the shape of a crab. It had mints for eyes, too, but I ate them before Seawolf suggested I take a picture.
257 crab towel.jpg