KT's Furry Cruise 2006 Photos

Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2006

Stingrays and swimmers in Stingray City, a shallow area on a sandbar off the coast of Grand Cayman.
355 02 stingray.jpg 355 03 stingray.jpg
The stingrays come to Stingray City and mingle with humans for free food. They have buckets of squid pieces that you can feed to the stingrays.
355 04 stingray.jpg 355 07 stingray.jpg 355 08 stingray.jpg 355 10 stingray.jpg 355 12 stingray.jpg 355 13 stingray.jpg
Photographer Carlos gets his Santa hat wet while wrangling a stingray.
355 14 stingray carlos.jpg 355 16 stingray.jpg
This stingray must have been in a fight or gotten attacked or something.
355 19 stingray cleft.jpg
My feet.
355 21 my feet.jpg
Aiming the camera underwater was hard because I didn't have a snorkeling mask on, and the refraction of light at the surface of the water made it hard to judge the angle to point the camera at.
355 22 stingray.jpg
Stingray City, as seen from the upper deck of the tour boat.
355 24 stingray city.jpg 355 25 stingray city.jpg