KT's Curmudgeon Get-Together Diary

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Panel 4: Simon Krandis is the bad guy in the current Spider-Man newspaper comic storyline.
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Panel 2:
The Bum Boat is Mary Worth's favorite seafood restaurant. The Bucket is apparently a diner or bar frequented by the characters in Gil Thorp.

Panel 4:
Mary Worth has a habit of meddling in her neighbors' affairs and dispensing advice in the form of pompous-sounding platitudes.
Rat is from Pearls Before Swine, a strip that often parodies other strips.
The Divine O'F (O'Fogeyette) is a Comics Curmudgeon reader who is bitter about how some of her former favorite strips, such as Lynn Johnston's For Better or for Worse, have declined in quality over the years.
"Curses upon you, Von!" is a line once spoken by a Mary Worth character and made fun of on The Comics Curmudgeon.
The cat is Bucky from Get Fuzzy.
"More zippers, mule!" was an infamous line from an Apartment 3-G strip.
"That's what I believe happened!" was a line from Mark Trail that, due to poor placement of the word balloon, appeared to have been spoken by a potato.

Panel 5:
Stone Season was a book supposedly written by Michael Patterson, a character from For Better or for Worse. Lynn Johnston, the comic strip's author, wrote several passages that were supposedly from this book and posted them on her website. The Comics Curmudgeon made fun of them for their horrid quality.
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Panel 1:
The Comics Curmudgeon sells T-shirts inspired by some of its jokes.
Cassandra Cat is a villainous character from Slylock Fox Comics for Kids who has proven very popular with most of the male readers of the Curmudgeon because of her shapely figure. The Cassandra Cat T-shirt was designed by Slylock Fox creator Bob Weber Jr. as a gift to the site's readers.
Gail Martin is a fictional singer in Gil Thorp, described in the strip as "rock 'n roll's Carole King". One of the Curmudgeon readers designed a fake Gail Martin concert tour T-shirt.

Panel 4:
On the left, Curmudgeon readers nicknamed 'bats :[' and 'Mooncattie' can be seen.
One of the Curmudgeon readers brought a Bill the Cat plushie to the get-together.
The guy on the right is an extra character from a For Better or for Worse strip, whom Josh Fruhlinger nicknamed "Gap-toothed Starey 'Hoooo!' Guy", and joked about how he should feature more prominently in the strip and even be given his own spin-off strip.
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