KT's Further Confusion 2006 Diary

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Sunday, Jan. 22, 2006

The Adventures of Sir Robin of Foxley

Act II

Love, it seems like only yesterday... that Robin Hood met Maid Marian in Sherwood Forest. Tonight, the two foxes are having a romantic stroll through the village. Or perhaps the forest. I'm not too sure. They sit down together on a rock or a log or a park bench or something, and hug each other.

"Oh, Robin, I wish this night would never end!" says Marian.

"Fair Marian, it doesn't have to end. Join me and my merry band in Sherwood Forest!"

Marian stands up and looks down sadly. "Oh Robin, I'd love to run away with you, but I have... obligations, and duties. I must be at Nottingham Castle on the morrow."

"Nottingham Castle? But that's where evil Prince John..."

"Is having his coronation tomorrow!" Marian looks at Robin Hood, with her paws on her hips. "Didn't you get the e-mail?"

Robin Hood stands up angrily. "Coronation! That crown belongs to King Richard! How dare Prince John usurp the throne and defile it with his filthy tail! We must put a stop to this vile treachery!"

"But Robin, what makes you think you can stop Prince John and the Sheriff?"

"Because, unlike other Robin Hoods, I can yerf with an English accent!"

I can yerf with an English accent!

However, since it is the Middle Ages, and neither "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" nor "Robin Hood: Men in Tights" has been made yet, Marian doesn't get the reference.

"So tell me what you know about the ceremony, and I'll bring my entire band of Merry Men to storm the castle!"

Suddenly there is a flourish of trumpets, as King Richard the Lion(-hearted) himself enters the clearing, with his men. I guess the Crusades wrapped up early.

"Not without me, I trust!" says King Richard.

Robin Hood kneels respectfully. "King Richard! My liege!" Maid Marian curtsies behind Robin.

"Arise, Sir Robin of Foxley. I have heard tales of your valor and the noble deeds of your Merry Men. Now we must away to the castle to stop my brother!"

With another flourish of trumpets, King Richard, his men, and Robin Hood with his bow in one paw and his arm around Maid Marian, parade away in the general direction of the castle. Two elderly villagers appear to see them off and wish them well.

One calls out, "Have fun stormin' the castle!"

"Think it'll work?" says his wife, sotto voce.

"It would take a miracle," says her husband.

Have fun stormin' the castle!

End of Act II