The Nakko Trip

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Wednesday, Jan. 2 -
Thursday, Jan. 3, 2002

Panel 4: When Nakko found out about the foundry level in THPS3, I overheard this conversation:

Nakko: Can I fall into a vat of molten steel?
Mr. Fu: Yup.
Nakko: Cool!

Pizza & Frazier. Skating in a foundry.

While watching "Frasier" on Wednesday night:
Surly Santa.
Mr. Fu explains that he didn't just "figure" that Santa didn't expect to be ho-ho-ho-ing. "I was there for the taping of that ad," he says. "I helped arrange the fake presents. And they just at the last minute tell this guy, 'Hey, throw in a 'Ho ho ho' at the end!' And EVERYONE in the room is demonstrating a vastly superior Santa laugh, trying to emphasize the jolly, hearty nature of it. That half-assed apathetic one that he delivers is the best he could do out of like six or seven takes."