KT's Adult-Oriented Cartoons: O-S

DATE: 2006-02-11 — FILESIZE: 159,472 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 1080x807 pixels
One fine mornin', ever'body in town jes' plumb fergot to wear clothin's.
DATE: 2000-11-12 — FILESIZE: 62,703 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 480x640 pixels
A nude yiffyfox with two heads discusses plans for the day.
DATE: 2006-02-11 — FILESIZE: 23,852 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 513x448 pixels
This is what I did with the pens and pencils Shrag let me borrow at the party.
DATE: 2000-07-06 — FILESIZE: 47,028 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 636x630 pixels
One day, Dot and Neuracnu were talking about penguins, and for some reason Neu mentioned penguin cleavage. Dot couldn't imagine a penguin with cleavage, so I drew it for her. The dialog is verbatim from IRC. Oh yes, and Taper was there too, asleep.
DATE: 2007-03-18 — FILESIZE: 26137 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 590x767 pixels
Uncolored line art: Iй Sφviёт Яцssiд, рояп jэякs φff тφ чφц!
DATE: 2004-08-26 — FILESIZE: 32,504 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 559x566 pixels
Porn 'n Nonsense, part 1. Teleia has limited shapeshifting powers, and has decided to wear clothes only on weekends.
DATE: 2004-08-26 — FILESIZE: 37,325 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 833x466 pixels
Porn 'n Nonsense, part 2. KT and Teleia record dialog for an animated porn film.
DATE: 2004-08-26 — FILESIZE: 44,574 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 610x562 pixels
Porn 'n Nonsense, part 3. KT and Teleia star in a porn film in which the dialog makes no sense at all.
DATE: 2004-08-26 — FILESIZE: 42,412 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 704x629 pixels
Porn 'n Nonsense, part 4. The wrap party for the nonsensical porn film.
DATE: 1998-07-02 — FILESIZE: 20,954 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 350x500 pixels
A random, unnamed femme cat with no pants on.
DATE: 2009-09-22 — FILESIZE: 111725 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 597x809 pixels
Ever seen cock transformation? Where two furs are yiffing, and the one being mounted merges with the other's penis and starts to turn into a large penis to replace it? Well, here's how that would probably work in reverse.
DATE: 2001-03-21 — FILESIZE: 72,235 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 525x746 pixels
A nice little cartoon I drew for Richard Fox as a present for him when he got back from a long road trip he went on.
DATE: 2001-03-21 — FILESIZE: 75,788 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 535x732 pixels
Richard's yiffy gift cartoon, p. 2. I may draw more pages someday.
DATE: 2004-09-17 — FILESIZE: 64,478 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 605x819 pixels
Richard, in his(her?) huge-breasted vixen form, surprises Jennifer from behind with her huge boobs. Then she runs off, straight into a reference from Strong Bad's Teeny Tiny Girl Squad cartoon.
DATE: 2009-08-06 — FILESIZE: 34589 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 442x823 pixels
Sexting: the act of sending someone an erotic text message or naked photo of yourself. Illegal if you're in school, and can lead to accusations of sexually molesting yourself; fun if you're Teleia! Here, Teleia decides to send KT a text message.
DATE: 2009-07-10 — FILESIZE: 82213 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 800x1092 pixels
KT draws a silly cartoon! But then some punk-ass dumbass spoils the moment with some bullshit about how he MUST have been on DRUGS. Rated mature for profanity.
DATE: 2001-03-27 — FILESIZE: 16,199 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 338x495 pixels
Karma's singing boobs! Why are they singing? Who knows? They just did so one day, so I drew it.
DATE: 2004-12-14 — FILESIZE: 71,063 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 591x807 pixels
Sefo meets Teleia, page 1.
DATE: 2005-01-22 — FILESIZE: 66,572 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 593x812 pixels
Sefo meets Teleia, page 2.
DATE: 2005-02-02 — FILESIZE: 74,866 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 602x815 pixels
Sefo meets Teleia, page 3.
DATE: 2005-07-18 — FILESIZE: 59,037 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 594x809 pixels
Sefo meets Teleia, page 4.
DATE: 2004-08-22 — FILESIZE: 20,649 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 630x436 pixels
A fox apologizes to the Board of Directors.
DATE: 2009-04-09 — FILESIZE: 228902 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 775x1121 pixels
Would you believe Roger Ebert inspired this cartoon? On April 7, 2009 in the Chicago Sun-Times, he wrote a column criticizing Bill O'Reilly. The last paragraph made fun of O'Reilly's overinflated sense of self-importance: "That reminds me of the famous story about Squeaky the Chicago Mouse. It seems that Squeaky was floating on his back along the Chicago River one day. Approaching the Michigan Avenue lift bridge, he called out: Raise the bridge! I have an erection!"
DATE: 2009-08-06 — FILESIZE: 64000 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 783x617 pixels
Stanley is pissed off at screaming babies in a public place. Rated mature for language.
DATE: 2002-07-20 — FILESIZE: 66,940 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 570x787 pixels
A drawing I did in SirFox's "Sticky Situations" sketchbook: A nude leopard lady surprised by Teleia Fox sitting wrong way round on a recliner chair and spurting into the air. Whoops!
DATE: 2004-11-30 — FILESIZE: 71,483 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 465x592 pixels
A giant femme cougar sunbathes nude on the roof of a building.
DATE: 2002-11-06 — FILESIZE: 83,797 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 598x803 pixels
Mintaka sees the LEGO Santa Fe Super Chief, which will surely make Richard cream his pants! Except he doesn't wear pants...