KT's Adult-Oriented Cartoons: T-Z

DATE: 1998-07-08 — FILESIZE: 44,659 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 310x550 pixels
Taperlass with a nice big penis.
DATE: 1997-11-11 — FILESIZE: 53,372 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 529x431 pixels
Taper goes for a nice nude swim in the pool; here she is seen climbing out.
DATE: 1997-09-05 — FILESIZE: 27,686 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 620x400 pixels
Taperlass assumes a hermaph form, as does Richard thanks to a dose of Willamette water. Then Taper has hir way with hir.
DATE: 2009-07-10 — FILESIZE: 55096 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 574x794 pixels
Work in progress of Teleia looking at a floating blockletter rendition of zir name.
DATE: 2004-09-08 — FILESIZE: 44,088 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 571x772 pixels
Teleia Fox grows a second head to ponder the problem of how to get away with not wearing any clothes.
DATE: 2008-04-18 — FILESIZE: 85521 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 596x826 pixels
Teleia uses zir shapeshifting abilities to give zirself a surreptitious handjob-of-sorts in public.
DATE: 2009-12-05 — FILESIZE: 199001 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 1015x898 pixels
Here's the "Teleia for the GUYS" and "Teleia for the LADIES" images together in one handy package for those who swing both ways.
DATE: 2009-12-05 — FILESIZE: 97717 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 515x898 pixels
Here's Teleia... for the GUYS. (And lesbians.)
DATE: 2009-12-05 — FILESIZE: 113365 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 554x898 pixels
Here's Teleia... for the LADIES. (And gays.)
DATE: 2001-05-18 — FILESIZE: 17,159 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 334x539 pixels
Teleia shows off hir fox form without all that obstructive clothing.
DATE: 2005-01-22 — FILESIZE: 22,801 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 523x723 pixels
Teleia Fox reenacts the last verse of the "Bonjour Monsieur" song from Weebl's Toons.
DATE: 2008-06-01 — FILESIZE: 83406 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 618x800 pixels
Teleia becomes a fox-duck hybrid called a "fuck".
DATE: 2004-09-28 — FILESIZE: 62,871 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 451x567 pixels
Teleia's head splits into two, with appropriate sound effects.
DATE: 2008-07-01 — FILESIZE: 73091 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 632x667 pixels
A drawing I did for Alex Reynard at Anthrocon 2008. Teleia with zir heads off, licking pants.
DATE: 2005-11-24 — FILESIZE: 36,810 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 1096x394 pixels
Teleia visits Midwest Furfest, which unfortunately for zir is in Chicago in the dead of winter.
DATE: 2008-03-26 — FILESIZE: 86806 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 836x714 pixels
Teleia simultaneously naked and dressed. This was an experiment in using different-colored inks to make different parts of a picture easy to separate in Photoshop using the color channel palette. Teleia was drawn in red and her clothes were drawn in blue, making them easy to separate, color separately, and combine optionally. The same technique was used on some of the words in her speech balloons.
DATE: 2007-05-26 — FILESIZE: 37039 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 575x581 pixels
I passed the time on a plane flight drawing pictures of Teleia fooling around and having to wear a skirt. Zie sang rock and piloted a spaceship!
DATE: 2007-05-26 — FILESIZE: 60583 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 802x480 pixels
On the connecting flight, there was someone sitting next to me, so Teleia had to be fully clothed. Zie quoted random song lyrics and was a tease.
DATE: 2007-11-25 — FILESIZE: 31892 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 743x881 pixels
Teleia bought a popsicle... NAKED!
DATE: 2008-09-11 — FILESIZE: 124487 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 599x667 pixels
Just a typical everyday scene of Teleia at the gas station, filling zir car with gas, naked as a jaybird... y'know, the usual.
DATE: 2005-07-18 — FILESIZE: 71,503 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 638x779 pixels
A nice cute picture of Teleia just sitting there that I whipped up to make a LiveJournal icon out of.
DATE: 2009-02-28 — FILESIZE: 35457 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 411x828 pixels
KT is sick in bed with a cold, and Teleia offers to snuggle with him. Now that's bedside manner! Or, I suppose, bed-top manner.
DATE: 2008-06-21 — FILESIZE: 357472 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 750x731 pixels
Teleia as a creature created with the Spore Creature Creator, a thingy that allows you to design creatures for the Spore videogame.
DATE: 2005-02-18 — FILESIZE: 37,772 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 583x770 pixels
Teleia Fox manages to turn into a foxtaur!
DATE: 2009-04-30 — FILESIZE: 186672 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 1280x944 pixels
Teleia goes out to get the paper one morning and finds zie's being picketed! Seems some people have a problem with zir constant public nudity.
DATE: 2009-04-30 — FILESIZE: 190725 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 1280x947 pixels
One of the picketers attacks KT and hurts him! This angers Teleia, who takes decisive action and employs scare tactics as only zie can.
DATE: 2009-04-12 — FILESIZE: 36923 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 510x846 pixels
Teleia sings and acts out the last few lines of Pet Shop Boys' song "I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind of Thing" from their album Very.
DATE: 2008-11-05 — FILESIZE: 134404 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 636x770 pixels
Congratulations to our new President, Barack Obama!

Teleia is so happy, zie's clicking zir heels... in the nude, even!
DATE: 2009-04-13 — FILESIZE: 32545 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 683x667 pixels
Welp, time ta fuck Sefo.
DATE: 2007-04-02 — FILESIZE: 50792 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 652x824 pixels
X-rated version of timmoskunk.gif.
DATE: 2004-12-02 — FILESIZE: 29,413 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 478x599 pixels
I was on a plane, I was bored, and I felt like drawin' PORN despite being surrounded by strangers, so here's Teleia goofin' with a flight safety demo oxygen mask.
DATE: 2005-11-08 — FILESIZE: 74,466 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 630x865 pixels
Teleia meets Masem in Yiffburg, and guess what they do! Right, they engage in idle chitchat! Oh, and they yiff a bit as well.
DATE: 1999-11-18 — FILESIZE: 52,864 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 434x600 pixels
Tony Greyfox and Richard Fox get nude and sit on a chair and cuddle. Oh yes, and have sex.
DATE: 2008-11-16 — FILESIZE: 215839 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 950x1280 pixels
New TORSOMAX™ takes the bondage out of bondage! Take one capsule and your limbs melt away, allowing for new variations in bondage play the modern scientific way!

Ask your doctor about TORSOMAX™.
DATE: 2009-08-06 — FILESIZE: 50565 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 656x862 pixels
An in-depth look at Trad Fox: he never ever wears clothes. Also he gets yiffy a lot.
DATE: 2009-07-10 — FILESIZE: 56291 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 766x924 pixels
Miscellaneous sketches: Three-legged Teleia teases a tailor. Doris eats corn cornographically. Some mouse kid is having sex with his own mom.
DATE: 2008-05-29 — FILESIZE: 114982 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 827x894 pixels
Teleia gets half-naked and takes KT to see a movie called "The Turtle Who Yiffed A Fox".
DATE: 2006-04-17 — FILESIZE: 118,675 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 673x955 pixels
Teleia shows off how zie can stretch parts of zir body by standing all twisty-legged like. This started out as a quick little ink drawing in my sketchbook, and I liked it so I scanned it, and then decided to practice my art skillz on it.
DATE: 1998-06-15 — FILESIZE: 21,448 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 389x400 pixels
Taperlass shows off her vagina dentata! (There's a song that goes with this to the tune of "Hakuna Matata" but I don't exactly remember it at the moment.)
DATE: 1996-07-27 — FILESIZE: 16,588 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 377x468 pixels
KT as a centaur, with a big cute purple mane and tail!
DATE: 2008-10-29 — FILESIZE: 283556 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 837x606 pixels
Teleia has been practicing the art of peeing delicious, refreshing beverages all day. Wouldn't you like to have an ice-cold Coca-Cola (or should I say... Cocka-Cola)?
DATE: 2003-11-30 — FILESIZE: 25,731 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 586x741 pixels
A knight is reluctant to slay a huge female dragon.
DATE: 2000-11-11 — FILESIZE: 125,366 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 553x345 pixels
Drawn in someone's sketchbook at Anthrocon 2000, the first furry con I went to. KT interrupts a sex scene just to say "yic moop yic moop yic moop". Unfortunately, I'd failed to notice that my drawing violated the rating of the book. The book's owner was a good sport about it, though. Whew!
DATE: 2001-12-28 — FILESIZE: 70,231 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 821x525 pixels
Yiffy's Diner, the restaurant where yiffy mice meet to eat! In more ways than one. This sketch is mostly finished, although I see a few empty spaces where some more mice could go. :}
DATE: 2000-07-05 — FILESIZE: 48,482 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 649x525 pixels
Drawn in Max Blackrabbit's infamous Bible of Zig Zag. Zig Zag sprouts a second head and a second pair of arms.
DATE: 2001-10-14 — FILESIZE: 151,373 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 757x592 pixels
Colored pencil version: KT adds his own sculpture to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, and it's Max Blackrabbit's own Zig Zag!