KT's Adult-Oriented Cartoons

New files:

DATE: 2009-05-29 — FILESIZE: 111901 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 787x1094 pixels
Advertisement for a new pharmaceutical, Dikon, that allows women to experience what it's like to have a penis, simply by having one.
DATE: 2009-07-10 — FILESIZE: 82213 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 800x1092 pixels
KT draws a silly cartoon! But then some punk-ass dumbass spoils the moment with some bullshit about how he MUST have been on DRUGS. Rated mature for profanity.
DATE: 2009-07-10 — FILESIZE: 55096 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 574x794 pixels
Work in progress of Teleia looking at a floating blockletter rendition of zir name.
DATE: 2009-07-10 — FILESIZE: 70273 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 774x895 pixels
Miscellaneous sketches: KT greets coffee. Teleia tells a secret about nudity. KT beatboxes. Teleia does a Sefo impression.
DATE: 2009-07-10 — FILESIZE: 56291 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 766x924 pixels
Miscellaneous sketches: Three-legged Teleia teases a tailor. Doris eats corn cornographically. Some mouse kid is having sex with his own mom.
DATE: 2009-07-10 — FILESIZE: 337962 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 1280x1151 pixels
From FurAffinity: KT and Teleia take Claire la Mouf's Shaving Meme.
DATE: 2009-07-10 — FILESIZE: 53770 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 558x1160 pixels
KT and Sefo partially impress a two-headed pantless chipmunkess.
DATE: 2009-07-10 — FILESIZE: 60071 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 782x848 pixels
Doris becomes addicted to DikonTM. It starts small, with Doris taking Dikon every day and maintaining a penis over a period of several days, but then she starts taking more Dikon and growing more penises at once!
DATE: 2009-07-11 — FILESIZE: 16649 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 510x552 pixels
KT and Teleia engage in cockfighting. En garde!
DATE: 2009-08-06 — FILESIZE: 39865 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 800x455 pixels
Doris, who is still naked from that dryer fire incident, decides it's time to start building up a wardrobe again. Unfortunately, she should have checked the calendar first.
DATE: 2009-08-06 — FILESIZE: 67630 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 791x1081 pixels
KT gives Doris a present: a new shirt! Now all she needs are some pants. And yes, that is Trad Fox in the background.
DATE: 2009-08-06 — FILESIZE: 56385 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 513x845 pixels
Can you believe this bunny lady is having SEX with her OWN SON in PUBLIC? This bird guy can't!
DATE: 2009-08-06 — FILESIZE: 20557 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 480x548 pixels
If Sefo can't get you to understand his point of view, he'll probably just masturbate at you or something.
DATE: 2009-08-06 — FILESIZE: 34589 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 442x823 pixels
Sexting: the act of sending someone an erotic text message or naked photo of yourself. Illegal if you're in school, and can lead to accusations of sexually molesting yourself; fun if you're Teleia! Here, Teleia decides to send KT a text message.
DATE: 2009-08-06 — FILESIZE: 64000 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 783x617 pixels
Stanley is pissed off at screaming babies in a public place. Rated mature for language.
DATE: 2009-08-06 — FILESIZE: 50565 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 656x862 pixels
An in-depth look at Trad Fox: he never ever wears clothes. Also he gets yiffy a lot.
DATE: 2009-08-08 — FILESIZE: 378877 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 784x792 pixels
I saw a button once that said, "Is my dick too long for this skirt?" I decided to have Teleia illustrate this line.
DATE: 2009-09-07 — FILESIZE: 135073 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 815x605 pixels
KT has been spending so much time sorting his plastic stacking bricks that Teleia has started to miss him. Here, zie attempts to entice him away from them.
DATE: 2009-09-22 — FILESIZE: 111725 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 597x809 pixels
Ever seen cock transformation? Where two furs are yiffing, and the one being mounted merges with the other's penis and starts to turn into a large penis to replace it? Well, here's how that would probably work in reverse.
DATE: 2009-10-11 — FILESIZE: 142712 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 683x928 pixels
Part 1 of 2. Sefo and Teleia have bad news to tell KT, but he's waaay too horny to care.
DATE: 2009-10-11 — FILESIZE: 208543 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 681x932 pixels
Part 2 of 2. After much humping and spooging, KT is finally told the bad news. He is disappointed but still keeps his spirits up.
DATE: 2009-12-05 — FILESIZE: 97717 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 515x898 pixels
Here's Teleia... for the GUYS. (And lesbians.)
DATE: 2009-12-05 — FILESIZE: 113365 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 554x898 pixels
Here's Teleia... for the LADIES. (And gays.)
DATE: 2009-12-05 — FILESIZE: 199001 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 1015x898 pixels
Here's the "Teleia for the GUYS" and "Teleia for the LADIES" images together in one handy package for those who swing both ways.
DATE: 2009-02-03 — FILESIZE: 24331 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 456x742 pixels
Frank was unhappy all the time... until he became his true inner self.