KT's Adult-Oriented Cartoons: 2007

DATE: 2007-01-02 — FILESIZE: 95,858 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 604x881 pixels
Chatting with Pharfignewton one day, he mentioned a strange blooper he heard on the radio: the automotive terms "double overhead camshaft" and "fox nipples" combined into one phrase, which he thought would be funny to be illustrated. So here's double overhead fox nipples!
DATE: 2007-03-18 — FILESIZE: 26137 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 590x767 pixels
Uncolored line art: Iй Sφviёт Яцssiд, рояп jэякs φff тφ чφц!
DATE: 2007-04-02 — FILESIZE: 50792 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 652x824 pixels
X-rated version of timmoskunk.gif.
DATE: 2007-05-26 — FILESIZE: 37039 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 575x581 pixels
I passed the time on a plane flight drawing pictures of Teleia fooling around and having to wear a skirt. Zie sang rock and piloted a spaceship!
DATE: 2007-05-26 — FILESIZE: 60583 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 802x480 pixels
On the connecting flight, there was someone sitting next to me, so Teleia had to be fully clothed. Zie quoted random song lyrics and was a tease.
DATE: 2007-05-27 — FILESIZE: 125275 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 804x600 pixels
Teleia demonstrates to a passing businessgator that zie is (they are) multilingual! And nude.
DATE: 2007-06-16 — FILESIZE: 97105 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 788x7764 pixels
Based on a snippet of IRC roleplay, Masem meets Teleia for a date on the 24th floor of the 5-story Flimm Bldg.
DATE: 2007-07-12 — FILESIZE: 37703 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 761x544 pixels
Babs & KT go to a restaurant but forget to not be nakey or have sex in public. Whoopsie!
DATE: 2007-11-25 — FILESIZE: 31892 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 743x881 pixels
Teleia bought a popsicle... NAKED!
DATE: 2007-12-15 — FILESIZE: 22996 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 459x483 pixels
KT buys Teleia a birthday suit as a gag gift.
DATE: 2007-12-15 — FILESIZE: 18546 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 370x607 pixels
Sefo and Teleia get all have-sex-with-y.