KT's Adult-Oriented Cartoons: 2004

DATE: 2004-01-08 — FILESIZE: 37,536 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 680x578 pixels
A bunch of furries with giant penises.
DATE: 2004-07-20 — FILESIZE: 40,188 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 462x735 pixels
Portrait of Felix Catt, a mink whom I met at Rocket City Furmeet 2.
DATE: 2004-08-15 — FILESIZE: 12,806 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 424x361 pixels
In the world of freaky furry porn, "cockeyed" takes on a whole new meaning.
DATE: 2004-08-22 — FILESIZE: 20,649 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 630x436 pixels
A fox apologizes to the Board of Directors.
DATE: 2004-08-26 — FILESIZE: 32,504 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 559x566 pixels
Porn 'n Nonsense, part 1. Teleia has limited shapeshifting powers, and has decided to wear clothes only on weekends.
DATE: 2004-08-26 — FILESIZE: 37,325 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 833x466 pixels
Porn 'n Nonsense, part 2. KT and Teleia record dialog for an animated porn film.
DATE: 2004-08-26 — FILESIZE: 44,574 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 610x562 pixels
Porn 'n Nonsense, part 3. KT and Teleia star in a porn film in which the dialog makes no sense at all.
DATE: 2004-08-26 — FILESIZE: 42,412 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 704x629 pixels
Porn 'n Nonsense, part 4. The wrap party for the nonsensical porn film.
DATE: 2004-09-08 — FILESIZE: 44,088 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 571x772 pixels
Teleia Fox grows a second head to ponder the problem of how to get away with not wearing any clothes.
DATE: 2004-09-17 — FILESIZE: 64,478 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 605x819 pixels
Richard, in his(her?) huge-breasted vixen form, surprises Jennifer from behind with her huge boobs. Then she runs off, straight into a reference from Strong Bad's Teeny Tiny Girl Squad cartoon.
DATE: 2004-09-28 — FILESIZE: 62,871 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 451x567 pixels
Teleia's head splits into two, with appropriate sound effects.
DATE: 2004-11-24 — FILESIZE: 47,730 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 504x640 pixels
Butterscotch Vixen hauls a load into Yiffburg, and dresses appropriately.
DATE: 2004-11-30 — FILESIZE: 71,483 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 465x592 pixels
A giant femme cougar sunbathes nude on the roof of a building.
DATE: 2004-12-02 — FILESIZE: 29,413 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 478x599 pixels
I was on a plane, I was bored, and I felt like drawin' PORN despite being surrounded by strangers, so here's Teleia goofin' with a flight safety demo oxygen mask.
DATE: 2004-12-03 — FILESIZE: 17,972 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 295x618 pixels
Drawn in JoMo's narrow conbook (the same sketchbook as "A Very Vertical Cartoon"), here's a cute puppylady named Ginn taking a bath.
DATE: 2004-12-14 — FILESIZE: 71,063 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 591x807 pixels
Sefo meets Teleia, page 1.