KT's Adult-Oriented Cartoons: 2001

DATE: 2001-01-20 — FILESIZE: 92,714 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 590x804 pixels
3ØÐXÈM, a haven for mutant foxes. Page 1.
DATE: 2001-01-20 — FILESIZE: 86,322 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 595x806 pixels
3ØÐXÈM, a haven for mutant foxes. Page 2.
DATE: 2001-01-31 — FILESIZE: 76,006 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 592x803 pixels
3ØÐXÈM, a haven for mutant foxes. Page 3.
DATE: 2001-02-03 — FILESIZE: 78,203 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 556x750 pixels
Drawn in someone's sketchbook. Pornographic version of the punchline to the old "There's a banana in your ear" joke.
DATE: 2001-03-21 — FILESIZE: 72,235 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 525x746 pixels
A nice little cartoon I drew for Richard Fox as a present for him when he got back from a long road trip he went on.
DATE: 2001-03-21 — FILESIZE: 75,788 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 535x732 pixels
Richard's yiffy gift cartoon, p. 2. I may draw more pages someday.
DATE: 2001-03-27 — FILESIZE: 29,176 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 614x526 pixels
KT yiffs fellow furry artist Karma Leafbarer.
DATE: 2001-03-27 — FILESIZE: 16,199 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 338x495 pixels
Karma's singing boobs! Why are they singing? Who knows? They just did so one day, so I drew it.
DATE: 2001-03-29 — FILESIZE: 80,302 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 533x729 pixels
If Doris Duck didn't wear pants.
DATE: 2001-05-06 — FILESIZE: 61,180 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 376x608 pixels
Egg in female form, showing off same.
DATE: 2001-05-13 — FILESIZE: 31,404 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 454x557 pixels
It's the Nude Photoshop Tech Support vixen! If you're nice to her, maybe she'll give you a Photoshop tutorial using photos of herself as sample images.
DATE: 2001-05-18 — FILESIZE: 17,159 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 334x539 pixels
Teleia shows off hir fox form without all that obstructive clothing.
DATE: 2001-07-08 — FILESIZE: 28,065 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 600x456 pixels
A four-armed skunk and a four-armed wolf enjoy a good yiff in bed.
DATE: 2001-07-16 — FILESIZE: 78,155 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 545x689 pixels
Color version of nudepstech-sk.gif: It's the Nude Photoshop Tech Support vixen! If you're nice to her, maybe she'll give you a Photoshop tutorial using photos of herself as sample images. (I came up with this idea on IRC one time when, while RPing a nude vixen, I found myself giving at least two people Photoshop advice. I saw the business possibilities!)
DATE: 2001-10-14 — FILESIZE: 151,373 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 757x592 pixels
Colored pencil version: KT adds his own sculpture to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, and it's Max Blackrabbit's own Zig Zag!
DATE: 2001-11-05 — FILESIZE: 28,242 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 360x515 pixels
"There aren't enough two-headed furries," says this rabbit to his other head. Drawn in David Lazerous's sketchbook, if I recall.
DATE: 2001-11-07 — FILESIZE: 17,380 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 391x609 pixels
Drawn in Ryo-Ohki's sketchbook. The sketchbook contains a different caption on every page, and a space below it to draw a picture related to it somehow. The caption I decided to illustrate was "Sorry... sometimes it's got a mind of its own," and I illustrated it with this bizarre scene of a kangaroo with a talking tail, and a duck with a ham sandwich!
DATE: 2001-12-28 — FILESIZE: 70,231 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 821x525 pixels
Yiffy's Diner, the restaurant where yiffy mice meet to eat! In more ways than one. This sketch is mostly finished, although I see a few empty spaces where some more mice could go. :}