KT's Adult-Oriented Cartoons: 2008

DATE: 2008-03-26 — FILESIZE: 86806 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 836x714 pixels
Teleia simultaneously naked and dressed. This was an experiment in using different-colored inks to make different parts of a picture easy to separate in Photoshop using the color channel palette. Teleia was drawn in red and her clothes were drawn in blue, making them easy to separate, color separately, and combine optionally. The same technique was used on some of the words in her speech balloons.
DATE: 2008-04-12 — FILESIZE: 73564 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 471x651 pixels
Based on a segment from The Daily Show, titled "Avatar Heroes", in which correspondent Rob Riggle does a report from Second Life as his avatar, a dolphin with breasts. The minotaur is a coworker of his, and the pink alien cat is Jon Stewart. It makes more sense if you see the segment. Sort of.
DATE: 2008-04-18 — FILESIZE: 85521 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 596x826 pixels
Teleia uses zir shapeshifting abilities to give zirself a surreptitious handjob-of-sorts in public.
DATE: 2008-04-22 — FILESIZE: 136168 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 957x810 pixels
Picture for Earth Day 2008. What's Teleia doing for Earth Day? Saving energy via public nudity and sex!
DATE: 2008-05-02 — FILESIZE: 127678 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 842x627 pixels
Teleia, Doris, KT and Sefo celebrate No Pants Day.
DATE: 2008-05-24 — FILESIZE: 39735 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 604x873 pixels
Various random drawings by Babs and me based on the name "Molly Woo".
DATE: 2008-05-24 — FILESIZE: 66593 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 778x1087 pixels
Cartoon by Babs and me.KT shows Teleia bongbong porn, whatever that is.
DATE: 2008-05-29 — FILESIZE: 162330 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 716x986 pixels
A fox and a frog drive down the street. The frog gets horny and lets loose with a mating call.
DATE: 2008-05-29 — FILESIZE: 114982 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 827x894 pixels
Teleia gets half-naked and takes KT to see a movie called "The Turtle Who Yiffed A Fox".
DATE: 2008-06-01 — FILESIZE: 83406 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 618x800 pixels
Teleia becomes a fox-duck hybrid called a "fuck".
DATE: 2008-06-02 — FILESIZE: 19763 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 403x580 pixels
What's this doing in here? This was just a little something I was sketching in Photoshop. Oh well. It's KT looqeeng all koorlie, and Teleia with a dickhead!
DATE: 2008-06-15 — FILESIZE: 59782 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 604x984 pixels
It was a hot day, so KT and Sefo went out without any clothes on. Next thing you know... sex in the bookstore!
DATE: 2008-06-15 — FILESIZE: 100247 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 860x1337 pixels
KT and Doris go for a half-naked walk. Then KT proclaims himself a doctor of genitology and opens a genitological exam booth.
DATE: 2008-06-21 — FILESIZE: 357472 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 750x731 pixels
Teleia as a creature created with the Spore Creature Creator, a thingy that allows you to design creatures for the Spore videogame.
DATE: 2008-06-24 — FILESIZE: 32637 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 456x797 pixels
Sketch of Teleia with six arms. The caption is cribbed from a screengrab of an Engrish-riddled Chinese bootleg copy of "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers". (The original line was "I cannot allow you in front of King Theoden so armed.")
DATE: 2008-07-01 — FILESIZE: 73091 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 632x667 pixels
A drawing I did for Alex Reynard at Anthrocon 2008. Teleia with zir heads off, licking pants.
DATE: 2008-07-27 — FILESIZE: 149248 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 800x814 pixels
Teleia about to enter the door to Mucklethorpe Mall, noting by the alterations made to the sign on the door that the mall has evidently given up on fighting all the people who presumably like to come to the mall naked and have sex all over the place.
DATE: 2008-08-01 — FILESIZE: 71911 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 967x700 pixels
Teleia goes double and has sex with zirself.
DATE: 2008-08-16 — FILESIZE: 105277 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 887x734 pixels
Alvin and the Hermaphroditic Foxtaurs.
DATE: 2008-08-31 — FILESIZE: 104351 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 730x935 pixels
Why does Doris have a penis? She's female! She's not supposed to have a penis! This sexy hot no-pants cartoon doesn't make any sense!
DATE: 2008-09-11 — FILESIZE: 124487 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 599x667 pixels
Just a typical everyday scene of Teleia at the gas station, filling zir car with gas, naked as a jaybird... y'know, the usual.
DATE: 2008-10-15 — FILESIZE: 19469 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 563x305 pixels
Doris didn't come here to get naked!

I guess KT asked her to take her clothes off or something.
DATE: 2008-10-25 — FILESIZE: 218660 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 791x889 pixels
Teleia's pleasuring zirself, masturbating outside in the nude all innocent like, when all of a sudden... AAUGH!
DATE: 2008-10-29 — FILESIZE: 283556 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 837x606 pixels
Teleia has been practicing the art of peeing delicious, refreshing beverages all day. Wouldn't you like to have an ice-cold Coca-Cola (or should I say... Cocka-Cola)?
DATE: 2008-11-05 — FILESIZE: 134404 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 636x770 pixels
Congratulations to our new President, Barack Obama!

Teleia is so happy, zie's clicking zir heels... in the nude, even!
DATE: 2008-11-16 — FILESIZE: 215839 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 950x1280 pixels
New TORSOMAX™ takes the bondage out of bondage! Take one capsule and your limbs melt away, allowing for new variations in bondage play the modern scientific way!

Ask your doctor about TORSOMAX™.
DATE: 2008-11-30 — FILESIZE: 136,642 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 790x349 pixels
I was thinking about trolls one day, and I started wondering about furries who troll other furries, furries who act like furry-haters. I have no idea why someone would do that, but this cartoon popped into my head.
DATE: 2008-12-06 — FILESIZE: 51848 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 1049x692 pixels
He's Happy
The hedgehog
He's really, really happy

If you've been to the movies lately, you've probably seen this guy.

(If not, he's on YouTube. Search for him.)