KT's Adult-Oriented Cartoons: 1996-2000

DATE: 1996-07-27 — FILESIZE: 16,588 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 377x468 pixels
KT as a centaur, with a big cute purple mane and tail!
DATE: 1997-09-05 — FILESIZE: 27,686 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 620x400 pixels
Taperlass assumes a hermaph form, as does Richard thanks to a dose of Willamette water. Then Taper has hir way with hir.
DATE: 1997-11-11 — FILESIZE: 53,372 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 529x431 pixels
Taper goes for a nice nude swim in the pool; here she is seen climbing out.
DATE: 1998-06-15 — FILESIZE: 21,448 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 389x400 pixels
Taperlass shows off her vagina dentata! (There's a song that goes with this to the tune of "Hakuna Matata" but I don't exactly remember it at the moment.)
DATE: 1998-07-02 — FILESIZE: 20,954 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 350x500 pixels
A random, unnamed femme cat with no pants on.
DATE: 1998-07-08 — FILESIZE: 44,659 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 310x550 pixels
Taperlass with a nice big penis.
DATE: 1999-02-02 — FILESIZE: 16,324 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 550x375 pixels
Felina Vixen poses nude.
DATE: 1999-06-04 — FILESIZE: 20,610 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 449x398 pixels
Felina Vixen sneaks up behind Tony Fox and pulls his pants down.
DATE: 1999-06-07 — FILESIZE: 21,933 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 542x425 pixels
Felina gets Tony aroused, and invites him to come join her.
DATE: 1999-07-05 — FILESIZE: 20,355 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 500x396 pixels
Felina and Tony yiff like foxes! Which they are.
DATE: 1999-11-18 — FILESIZE: 52,864 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 434x600 pixels
Tony Greyfox and Richard Fox get nude and sit on a chair and cuddle. Oh yes, and have sex.
DATE: 2000-07-05 — FILESIZE: 48,482 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 649x525 pixels
Drawn in Max Blackrabbit's infamous Bible of Zig Zag. Zig Zag sprouts a second head and a second pair of arms.
DATE: 2000-07-06 — FILESIZE: 47,028 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 636x630 pixels
One day, Dot and Neuracnu were talking about penguins, and for some reason Neu mentioned penguin cleavage. Dot couldn't imagine a penguin with cleavage, so I drew it for her. The dialog is verbatim from IRC. Oh yes, and Taper was there too, asleep.
DATE: 2000-08-01 — FILESIZE: 8,528 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 228x395 pixels
Cute nude femme mousetaur.
DATE: 2000-08-01 — FILESIZE: 8,698 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 280x393 pixels
Cute nude femme mousetaur, giving you a nice rear view.
DATE: 2000-08-01 — FILESIZE: 30,597 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 477x366 pixels
A sexy nude femme mouse sits alluringly on a book.
DATE: 2000-11-11 — FILESIZE: 125,366 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 553x345 pixels
Drawn in someone's sketchbook at Anthrocon 2000, the first furry con I went to. KT interrupts a sex scene just to say "yic moop yic moop yic moop". Unfortunately, I'd failed to notice that my drawing violated the rating of the book. The book's owner was a good sport about it, though. Whew!
DATE: 2000-11-12 — FILESIZE: 62,703 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 480x640 pixels
A nude yiffyfox with two heads discusses plans for the day.
DATE: 2000-11-30 — FILESIZE: 29,372 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 383x548 pixels
A nude multibreasted vixen laden with no fewer than three bosommice!
DATE: 2000-12-15 — FILESIZE: 36,122 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 681x477 pixels
I totally forget what the motivation behind this picture was, but for some reason I felt like drawing Karma Leafbarer with four arms and no clothes. I think she was naked and I gave her two extra arms to cover herself with, or something.