KT's Adult-Oriented Cartoons: 2005

DATE: 2005-01-08 — FILESIZE: 59,696 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 576x396 pixels
Felina Fox reclines nude. Colored by Tony Fox.
DATE: 2005-01-22 — FILESIZE: 22,801 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 523x723 pixels
Teleia Fox reenacts the last verse of the "Bonjour Monsieur" song from Weebl's Toons.
DATE: 2005-01-22 — FILESIZE: 66,572 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 593x812 pixels
Sefo meets Teleia, page 2.
DATE: 2005-02-02 — FILESIZE: 74,866 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 602x815 pixels
Sefo meets Teleia, page 3.
DATE: 2005-02-09 — FILESIZE: 29,433 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 560x793 pixels
Drawn in Sir Fox's "That's Just Wrong" book: A fox misinterprets a Jimi Hendrix lyric in a brand new way, a way that is completely and utterly wrong both morally and scientifically.
DATE: 2005-02-09 — FILESIZE: 33,714 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 567x800 pixels
Drawn in Sir Fox's "That's Just Wrong" sketchbook. Hoo boy, this one is really wrong. Fun with anagrams, and some very very naughty bugs.
DATE: 2005-02-18 — FILESIZE: 37,772 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 583x770 pixels
Teleia Fox manages to turn into a foxtaur!
DATE: 2005-04-05 — FILESIZE: 26,619 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 397x707 pixels
She's not naked! See?
DATE: 2005-06-03 — FILESIZE: 88,652 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 598x816 pixels
It's an inflation fetish picture, featuring Teleia Fox!
DATE: 2005-06-08 — FILESIZE: 26,968 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 514x724 pixels
Meet Guh Em Guh, the rabbit bunny.
DATE: 2005-07-18 — FILESIZE: 59,037 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 594x809 pixels
Sefo meets Teleia, page 4.
DATE: 2005-07-18 — FILESIZE: 71,503 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 638x779 pixels
A nice cute picture of Teleia just sitting there that I whipped up to make a LiveJournal icon out of.
DATE: 2005-08-02 — FILESIZE: 9,982 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 406x331 pixels
Teleia uses a handhead to give Timmo a blowjob.
DATE: 2005-09-09 — FILESIZE: 107,523 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 594x879 pixels
A fox finds out why people love Krispy KremeTM so much.
DATE: 2005-09-11 — FILESIZE: 71,146 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 599x853 pixels
While wearing no pants, a kitsune demonstrates her inconsistent insistence on proper Japanese pronunciation. This joke brazenly swiped from 2 the Ranting Gryphon, and drawn in Kagur's sketchbook.
DATE: 2005-11-08 — FILESIZE: 74,466 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 630x865 pixels
Teleia meets Masem in Yiffburg, and guess what they do! Right, they engage in idle chitchat! Oh, and they yiff a bit as well.
DATE: 2005-11-24 — FILESIZE: 53,150 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 591x818 pixels
Frank meets with his accountant to discuss business.
DATE: 2005-11-24 — FILESIZE: 49,556 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 588x770 pixels
Frank meets a hooker to have sex.
DATE: 2005-11-24 — FILESIZE: 36,810 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 1096x394 pixels
Teleia visits Midwest Furfest, which unfortunately for zir is in Chicago in the dead of winter.
DATE: 2005-11-26 — FILESIZE: 66,325 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 600x806 pixels
Fox Balls 3. Phloid goes to the doctor for a routine physical.
DATE: 2005-11-27 — FILESIZE: 72,861 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 595x807 pixels
Fox Balls 4. Phloid goes to work at the cinema.
DATE: 2005-11-27 — FILESIZE: 30,919 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 617x804 pixels
Con sketch for Bren. A cougar, a dracocheetah, and a kitsune become conjoined after one tackleglomp too many.
DATE: 2005-12-01 — FILESIZE: 51,422 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 381x678 pixels
If Doris didn't wear a shirt. I guess she'd show off her duckboobs! Say it with me. Duckieboobs.