KT's Alaska Cruise 2010 Photos

Friday, July 30:

Mom, our housekeeper Bobbi, and I flew to Seattle (first class!) and checked into the Radisson across the street from the airport.
Clockwise from lower left: Bobbi, Mom, Uncle Dave and Aunt Judy.
akcruise 001folks.jpg

...and me.
akcruise 002folks.jpg

Saturday, July 31:

We moved from the Radisson to the downtown Sheraton. (My mom requested a van, but they sent an SUV that she had trouble getting into.) I went off on my own and visited Uwajimaya and Westlake Center. In the evening, more relatives showed up for dinner, and we ordered pizza. I went out to get drinks and cups at a Walgreen's four blocks away, but I probably should have gone to Bartell Drugs instead; it was the same distance away on foot, and I probably wouldn't have had to cross the PARADE ROUTE. There was some sort of parade in downtown Seattle that day; I didn't even see it, but crossing 4th Street was troublesome, what with the crowds of people lining the streets waiting to see the parade. Fortunately... they didn't STOP me from buying DRINKS. MUHAHAHAHA!

Left to right: Mom's cousin Shirley, Mom (in a chair she found comfortable), Mom's second cousin Lizzie, Shirley's daughter Sis, me (standing in red shirt), Lizzie's husband John, Uncle Dave and Aunt Judy. Lizzie and John didn't go on the cruise; they were just visiting us because they live in Seattle.
akcruise 004folks.jpg

That night, I had trouble sleeping (guess I ate too much pizza), so I experimented with night photography out the hotel window.
akcruise 014garage-night.jpg akcruise 005seattle-night.jpg akcruise 006gameworks-night.jpg akcruise 009cheesecake-night.jpg

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