KT's Alaska Cruise 2010 Photos

Wednesday, August 4:

We docked in Juneau, Alaska. My first chance in two days to get off the ship! Here's my first glimpse of the town.
akcruise 212juneau.jpg

Mt. Roberts looms over this part of town.
akcruise 213juneau.jpg

The Alaska Shirt Company. All shirts worn by citizens of the largest state in the union are manufactured and sold here!
akcruise 216juneau.jpg

The Ryndam, also docked in Juneau. And other boats.
akcruise 220ryndam.jpg akcruise 221juneau.jpg

The library, which is on the top floor of the parking garage. Beyond it on the right, you can see the Red Dog Saloon, where I went for lunch.
akcruise 222juneau-library.jpg

The Alaska Fur Gallery, not to be confused with FurAffinity.
akcruise 223alaska-fur-gallery.jpg

I disembarked and wandered around. I bought a halibut plushie at a bookstore, and I found the fudge shop Mom told me to look for, and I bought her some peanut butter fudge.

Back on the ship, I talked to Mom, who wanted to disembark and visit the library, which she'd been to on a previous cruise. I wheeled her off the ship and over to the library entrance. Several young people were sitting around in the elevator lobby (Mom figures they were there to use the free wi-fi), and one told us the library wouldn't be open for another 15 minutes. So we waited outside, plagued by bus exhaust fumes and smokers. Eventually we got to go inside.
akcruise 229library.jpg akcruise 230library.jpg

Mom didn't want to read any books or anything; just see the place again. As I wheeled her back to the ship, I noticed the Mt. Roberts Tramway. "They have a tramway?" I thought to myself. "I gotta go up it!" I had a ticket for a shore excursion, a floatplane ride over the glaciers, but that wasn't until 3 o'clock.

So after getting Mom safely back to her cabin, I left the ship again. I went to the Red Dog Saloon for lunch. It's noisy and dark, the floor is covered with sawdust, the tables were all taken so I had to sit at the bar, my sandwich got barbecue sauce all over my fingers, the bartender gave me coleslaw instead of the potato salad I asked for (I ate it anyway; I like both), and I couldn't read half the "witty" signs and bumperstickers on the wall. That is to say, I could read half of them, but the other half I could only read half of each, because they were half hidden behind the cash register and other items.

Then I walked over to the Mt. Roberts Tramway.
akcruise 231mtroberts-tramway.jpg akcruise 232tramway.jpg

There are two gondolas that go up the Tramway; one is named Eagle (Chaak) and the other is Raven (Yeil). It's a Tlingit thing.
akcruise 233tramway.jpg akcruise 234tramway.jpg akcruise 235tramway.jpg akcruise 236tramway.jpg

Buskers outside the Tramway building, playing bagpipes and drum.
akcruise 237buskers.jpg

I bought a ticket and rode up to the top of Mt. Roberts!
akcruise 239tramway.jpg akcruise 238tramway.jpg

Looking down on Juneau and Gastineau Channel from the Mountain House at the top of the Tramway.
akcruise 240juneau.jpg akcruise 241ships.jpg

There's our ship, the Oosterdam!
akcruise 242oosterdam.jpg

And there's the library again!
akcruise 243library.jpg

Distant mountains. At extreme left in the second picture, you can see a floatplane, like the one I'd be riding in later.
akcruise 245gastineau-channel.jpg akcruise 246mountains.jpg

A Princess cruise ship docked at the pier.
akcruise 247channel.jpg

Another Princess cruise ship anchored out in Gastineau Channel.
akcruise 248anchored-ship.jpg

There was a restaurant in the Mountain House, the Timberline Bar & Grill. And because I hadn't gotten my potato salad at the Red Dog Saloon, I decided to go in and have either potato salad or french fries, whichever one they had. I sat there, looked around, looked at the menu, and wished I'd gone there for lunch instead of the Red Dog Saloon! They were a bit backed up in the kitchen, and service was slow, and the people at the table next to me had to cancel their order and leave because their ship was about to set sail, and my fries took a while, but I still enjoyed it.
akcruise 250timberlinebargrill.jpg akcruise 251goatskin.jpg akcruise 252bearskin.jpg

After the snack, I went to the Chilkat Theater and saw a free short film about the Tlingit people. The theater was decorated with totem poles. Here are two: a traditional one on the right, and a modern one on the left.
akcruise 253two-totempoles.jpg

After the film, I found a door at the back of the Mountain House leading outside to the trails, the Nature Center, and an observation deck.
akcruise 256channel.jpg akcruise 257boat-in-channel.jpg akcruise 258mountain.jpg akcruise 259tramway.jpg akcruise 260tramway.jpg akcruise 261tramway.jpg

Here is where the tramway cables are anchored to the mountain. Up ahead is the Nature Center. To the left, just out of shot, is the Raptor Center.
akcruise 263naturecenter.jpg

The Raptor Center has an injured eagle that they care for, named Lady Baltimore. She is blind in her left eye.
akcruise 267ladybaltimore.jpg

Then I explored the trails a bit. Well... not this one.
akcruise 268trail-to-town.jpg akcruise 269trail-to-town.jpg

Signs on the trails.
akcruise 270avalanchesign.jpg akcruise 273mountainanimals.jpg akcruise 274mountainanimals.jpg

After a while, it was getting close to 3:00, and time to head back down the Tramway.
akcruise 281tramway.jpg akcruise 283tramway.jpg akcruise 285juneau.jpg akcruise 289juneau.jpg akcruise 291juneau.jpg akcruise 292tramway.jpg akcruise 294lookoutbelow.jpg

When I got back down to street level, it was about time for my paid excursion. I located the woman holding the "Glacier Flightseeing by Floatplane" sign, and she pointed me and a few others to a shuttle bus, and then drove us to the floatplane dock. After several minutes spent gathering at the floatplane office, we were led out and down a ramp to the floatplane.
akcruise 311floatplane.jpg

Every seat is a window seat! Unfortunately I ended up choosing the tiniest, most cramped seat aboard. But when we took off, and flew over the Juneau Icefield, source of the mighty Taku Glacier, it didn't matter. I was speechless looking out the window at all of... THIS.
akcruise 312.jpg akcruise 313.jpg akcruise 314.jpg akcruise 315.jpg akcruise 316.jpg akcruise 317.jpg akcruise 318.jpg akcruise 319.jpg akcruise 320.jpg akcruise 321.jpg akcruise 322.jpg akcruise 323.jpg akcruise 324.jpg akcruise 325.jpg akcruise 326.jpg akcruise 327.jpg akcruise 328.jpg akcruise 329.jpg akcruise 330.jpg akcruise 331.jpg akcruise 332.jpg akcruise 333.jpg akcruise 334.jpg akcruise 335.jpg akcruise 336.jpg akcruise 337.jpg akcruise 338.jpg akcruise 339.jpg akcruise 340.jpg akcruise 341.jpg akcruise 342.jpg akcruise 343.jpg akcruise 344.jpg akcruise 345.jpg akcruise 346.jpg akcruise 347.jpg akcruise 348.jpg akcruise 349.jpg akcruise 350.jpg akcruise 351.jpg akcruise 352.jpg akcruise 353.jpg akcruise 354.jpg akcruise 355.jpg akcruise 356.jpg akcruise 357.jpg akcruise 358.jpg akcruise 359.jpg akcruise 360.jpg akcruise 361.jpg akcruise 362.jpg akcruise 363.jpg akcruise 364.jpg akcruise 365.jpg akcruise 366.jpg akcruise 367.jpg akcruise 368.jpg akcruise 369.jpg akcruise 370.jpg akcruise 371.jpg akcruise 372.jpg akcruise 373.jpg akcruise 374.jpg akcruise 375.jpg akcruise 376.jpg akcruise 377.jpg akcruise 378.jpg akcruise 379.jpg akcruise 380.jpg akcruise 381.jpg akcruise 382.jpg akcruise 383.jpg akcruise 384.jpg akcruise 385.jpg akcruise 386.jpg akcruise 387.jpg akcruise 388.jpg akcruise 389.jpg
I was originally going to winnow the above set of pictures down to a representative sample as I've been doing with the other 400 or so pictures I took, to avoid turning this page into a boring slideshow.
But for these Glacier Flightseeing pictures, I just can't do it. This floatplane ride, flying over the icefield and looking at all these glaciers and mountains, was the most awesome thing I've ever experienced.

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