KT's Alaska Cruise 2010 Photos

Thursday, August 5:

We anchored in Sitka, Alaska.
akcruise 390sitka.jpg

I guess there was no place we could dock, so the ship anchored out in the harbor, and tenders ferried people to the dock.
akcruise 391oconnellbridge.jpg

The O'Connell Bridge, which connects the town to Sitka Rocky Gutierrez Airport.
akcruise 392sitka-oconnellbridge.jpg

I hadn't bought any excursion tickets for Sitka, so I just went for a little walk around town. Oh, look, they have a Radio Shack!
akcruise 394sitka-radioshack.jpg

There's St. Michael's Cathedral.
akcruise 395sitka-stmichaels.jpg

That's not a moose family!
akcruise 398moosefamilycenter.jpg

OK, that's a moose.
akcruise 399moosefamilycenter.jpg

Sitka was originally a Russian settlement, with a Russian bishop and everything. Here's where he lived.
akcruise 401russ-bish-house.jpg akcruise 402russ-bish-house.jpg

First floor, free. Second floor, four bucks! See, that's how they getcha.
akcruise 403russ-bish-house.jpg

Soon I started getting hungry. Where to eat? Oh, look, there's a Subway.
akcruise 404sitka-subway.jpg

But instead, I went to the Westmark Hotel restaurant and had fish & chips.
akcruise 406sitka-westmark.jpg

After lunch, I checked out Stereo North across the street. I bought a CD of Devo's "New Traditionalists" album.
akcruise 405sitka-stereonorth.jpg

As I headed back toward the ship, I met Uncle Dave, Aunt Judy, Shirley, Sis and Bobbi. They were looking for a place to eat, and invited me along. We ended up at Victoria's Restaurant, where I just had a drink, having of course already eaten lunch at the Westmark.

Then I took a tender back to the ship. Here's a mountain peeking over a cloud; I just love seeing that!
akcruise 412foggymountain.jpg

Later when we put out to sea, the ship was shrouded in dense fog.
akcruise 414fog.jpg akcruise 415fog.jpg akcruise 416fog.jpg

That night was the second formal night, so I ate in the Lido Restaurant. This time, Mom and Shirley joined me.

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