KT's Alaska Cruise 2010 Photos

Tuesday, August 3:

We entered Glacier Bay. The hills on the southern half of the Bay are green; you don't start seeing snow and ice till you get further up.
akcruise 043barge.jpg akcruise 045alaska.jpg

A Coast Guard boat brought aboard a park ranger to give announcements and describe what we were seeing as we cruised up the Bay.
akcruise 049coastguard.jpg akcruise 050comingaboard.jpg

The bow, normally kept closed, was opened to sightseers.
akcruise 051bow.jpg akcruise 052bow.jpg akcruise 053bow.jpg akcruise 054bow.jpg akcruise 055bow.jpg

It was cloudy in the morning, but it cleared up later in the day.
akcruise 056cloudymtn.jpg
akcruise 065mtns.jpg akcruise 068huts.jpg

Alaska was also visited by sightseers from OUTER SPACE!
akcruise 074UFOs.jpg
akcruise 077islet.jpg akcruise 089snowypeak.jpg

After a while, we started seeing glaciers. Here's Reid Glacier.
akcruise 090reid-inlet.jpg akcruise 091reid-glacier.jpg

People relaxing on deck and glacierwatching.
akcruise 095deck.jpg akcruise 096sightseers.jpg

Soon we saw Lamplugh Glacier, all big and cracky and full of blue ice and black dirt.
akcruise 099lamplugh.jpg akcruise 100lamplugh.jpg akcruise 101lamplugh.jpg akcruise 102lamplugh.jpg
akcruise 112lamplugh.jpg akcruise 113lamplugh.jpg akcruise 114lamplugh.jpg
akcruise 115lamplugh.jpg akcruise 116lamplugh.jpg akcruise 117lamplugh.jpg

Then we peeked around a corner and saw Johns Hopkins Inlet, ending at the foot of Johns Hopkins Glacier.
akcruise 119johnshopkins.jpg akcruise 123johnshopkins.jpg

akcruise 124johnshopkins.jpg
Computer, enhance.
akcruise 125johnshopkins.jpg

There were other ships and boats in the Bay, either sightseeing like us or fishing or doing scientific research.
akcruise 131boat.jpg

Here's another Holland America ship, the Statendam.
akcruise 136ship.jpg akcruise 138statendam.jpg

The lido pool is heated. It was odd to see people in parkas and windbreakers on the deck, and kids in swimsuits mere feet below them.
akcruise 144lido-roof.jpg

A cruise ship leaves an impressive wake.
akcruise 145wake.jpg akcruise 146wake.jpg

Even this far north in Glacier Bay, there is greenery...
akcruise 147snowyvalley.jpg

...and flocks of birds.
akcruise 161flocks.jpg akcruise 162birds-on-ice.jpg

Next, we headed up Tarr Inlet. At the north end, we saw Margerie Glacier.
akcruise 163margerie.jpg akcruise 164margerie.jpg akcruise 165margerie.jpg

The water's not polluted; that's glacial sediment.
akcruise 168sediment.jpg

akcruise 171margerie.jpg akcruise 174margerie.jpg akcruise 175margerie.jpg akcruise 176margerie.jpg akcruise 179margerie.jpg akcruise 182margerie.jpg

Mom eventually got tired of doing nothing but staying in her tiny cramped cabin all day, so her relatives rented her a wheelchair and pushed her around.
Here she is up on deck to see the glaciers.
akcruise 183mom.jpg

Shirley and Mom.
akcruise 184shirley-mom.jpg

Sis. (Again, that's her name; she's not my sister.)
akcruise 185sis.jpg

Glaciers calve from time to time. This means a big chunk falls off the foot of the glacier with a loud rumbling sound like thunder, falls into the water, breaks up and floats away. If you look closely, just barely to the right of dead center, you can see a splash of water that I just caught as a chunk calved off.
akcruise 186calving.jpg

Ripples started spreading out where the ice chunk fell.
akcruise 187calved.jpg akcruise 189ripples.jpg

Eww, birds like to swim in dirty water and stand on dirty ice!
akcruise 196bird-in-sediment.jpg akcruise 199bird-on-dirtyice.jpg akcruise 200bird-on-ice.jpg

Margerie Glacier in dramatic lighting.
akcruise 204margerie-backlit.jpg

Uncle Dave, who is probably looking at the other major glacier at the north end of Tarr Inlet...
akcruise 208margerie-dave.jpg

...the Grand Pacific Glacier, which is all black for some reason.
akcruise 209grandpacific.jpg

The north end of Tarr Inlet is the northernmost point in the world that I've been to. Eventually we turned around and started heading south, back out to sea.
akcruise 210glacierbay.jpg

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