KT's Cartoons: 1997

DATE: 1997-01-01 — FILESIZE: 26,356 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 348x355 pixels
The cute, lovable, and copyright-violating Mickey Alligator.
DATE: 1997-01-07 — FILESIZE: 52,988 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 799x1041 pixels
Yakko, Wakko & Dot visit Houston in the middle of summer. I drew this one day while waiting for the A/C repairman to show up.
DATE: 1997-01-08 — FILESIZE: 34,565 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 357x345 pixels
Dot takes off her flower and lets her ears spread apart.
DATE: 1997-01-08 — FILESIZE: 21,019 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 556x373 pixels
Wakkina calls a taxi, in the form of Vakkotaur.
DATE: 1997-01-09 — FILESIZE: 15,988 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 375x440 pixels
If Lisa were a centaur.
DATE: 1997-01-21 — FILESIZE: 19,797 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 685x629 pixels
Doris Duck puts groceries away.
DATE: 1997-01-21 — FILESIZE: 9,252 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 771x291 pixels
Taperlass morphs into her true form, a candle.
DATE: 1997-01-29 — FILESIZE: 35,385 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 640x480 pixels
Lisa parodies the famous Coppertone ad with the dog pulling down the girl's swimsuit.
DATE: 1997-02-08 — FILESIZE: 13,815 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 584x348 pixels
A cute visual conceit; Lisa as Dot's flower, and Dot as Lisa's pearls.
DATE: 1997-02-09 — FILESIZE: 111,727 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 358x630 pixels
Sketch of Taperlass.
DATE: 1997-02-09 — FILESIZE: 30,007 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 902x570 pixels
KT mangles a Pizzicato Five song. The actual lyrics, FYI: "Sanjikanmo matte itanoyo, watashi neko to isshoni/Twiggy no minisukatto de/Twiggy mitaina pose de/Twiggy no minisukatto de/Twiggy mitaini yaseppochino watashi."
DATE: 1997-02-18 — FILESIZE: 28,475 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 281x384 pixels
Dot Warner as Björk. Inspired by the cover of Björk's second album, "Post".
DATE: 1997-02-23 — FILESIZE: 31,250 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 270x307 pixels
A scene from "Soylent Boo."
DATE: 1997-03-12 — FILESIZE: 33,012 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 700x400 pixels
Vakko morphs into his taur form.
DATE: 1997-04-01 — FILESIZE: 21,477 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 373x543 pixels
Dot Mousie. (Seems she morphed into a mouse because of peer pressure.)
DATE: 1997-04-02 — FILESIZE: 70,070 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 616x856 pixels
Page of sketches of Dot, most drawn from TV.
DATE: 1997-04-02 — FILESIZE: 49,386 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 544x729 pixels
Page of sketches of Wilford B. Wolf, done from TV. Modified with a few improvements to the character: less goofy topknot, de-floppified ears, dorky bowtie removed.
DATE: 1997-04-02 — FILESIZE: 44,670 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 481x544 pixels
Drawing of Taperlass for her proposed catalog, Wax Wolf.
DATE: 1997-04-03 — FILESIZE: 21,359 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 355x390 pixels
KT does the Forbidden Dance. No, not the Lambada.
DATE: 1997-04-21 — FILESIZE: 14,891 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 350x420 pixels
Plucky Warner removes his beak fthoi.
DATE: 1997-05-14 — FILESIZE: 22,269 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 460x740 pixels
Lisa wearing the new dress Captain bought her for Christmas. (Captain & Lisa were married at one point.)
DATE: 1997-05-30 — FILESIZE: 20,523 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 351x410 pixels
KT's weight loss program for wax beings, which he demonstrates on Masem.
DATE: 1997-05-31 — FILESIZE: 16,989 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 400x550 pixels
Neuracnu Coyote.
DATE: 1997-06-17 — FILESIZE: 23,040 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 456x562 pixels
Cute sketch of Dot I never got around to inking (like a lotta sketches I've done...)
DATE: 1997-06-22 — FILESIZE: 14,252 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 286x394 pixels
DATE: 1997-06-24 — FILESIZE: 34,642 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 366x556 pixels
Richard the yerfy fox. He yerfs. You know, like a fox.
DATE: 1997-06-24 — FILESIZE: 48,545 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 457x557 pixels
Richard Fox tries to quack, in preparation for attending the University of Oregon, whose mascot is a duck, as KT looks on.
DATE: 1997-06-24 — FILESIZE: 36,365 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 552x535 pixels
Richard Fox finally quacks, with a little prosthetic help.
DATE: 1997-07-03 — FILESIZE: 17,391 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 325x442 pixels
Masem as a centaur.
DATE: 1997-07-03 — FILESIZE: 17,983 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 304x444 pixels
A cross between a mink and a Warner.
DATE: 1997-07-17 — FILESIZE: 127,534 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 630x880 pixels
Marge Simpson Action Comics!
DATE: 1997-07-19 — FILESIZE: 29,144 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 444x359 pixels
Taper Winged Taur.
DATE: 1997-07-21 — FILESIZE: 29,304 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 468x410 pixels
Sefo notices a rather odd stop sign, which KT evidently had a hand in making.
DATE: 1997-07-28 — FILESIZE: 20,407 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 420x420 pixels
KT and Taperlass switch heads.
DATE: 1997-08-01 — FILESIZE: 24,783 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 316x332 pixels
Taperlass with bitey eyes.
DATE: 1997-08-01 — FILESIZE: 10,600 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 226x271 pixels
Taperlass with happy smiley eyes.
DATE: 1997-08-05 — FILESIZE: 80,305 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 785x588 pixels
Pinky & the Brain as Flanders & Swann. (Michael Flanders and Donald Swann, a pair of British guys who wrote and performed funny songs in the late '50s and '60s. Pinky is mangling a song called "Kokoraki", a Greek folk song.)
DATE: 1997-08-05 — FILESIZE: 44,726 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 677x520 pixels
If Lisa had four arms. (The only "If Lisa" picture I ever did that actually explores its possibilities to any extent.)
DATE: 1997-08-07 — FILESIZE: 37,375 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 593x464 pixels
Dolphin Dave and Richard play hockey with Masem. Masem's the puck.
DATE: 1997-08-31 — FILESIZE: 36,103 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 642x456 pixels
Plucky rubs suntan oil on Dot's back.
DATE: 1997-09-06 — FILESIZE: 20,778 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 350x540 pixels
Dot gets rich!
DATE: 1997-09-13 — FILESIZE: 20,224 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 334x553 pixels
Tapermouse, the wax wolf in mousy form.
DATE: 1997-09-24 — FILESIZE: 25,431 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 442x584 pixels
Tapermouse finds that she has a total of four arms and eighteen fingers!
DATE: 1997-09-27 — FILESIZE: 80,341 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 765x448 pixels
Plucky and Dot tango, with bones, as Tapey looks on and whimpers in sexual frustration.
DATE: 1997-09-30 — FILESIZE: 36,609 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 544x451 pixels
Tapey wears slacks and a shirt, and KT apparently mistakes her for Dot dressed as Lisa.
DATE: 1997-10-02 — FILESIZE: 53,954 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 512x726 pixels
Taperwolf, Taperlass's zoomorphic form. (Tapey says she looks a bit like Streisand in this one.)
DATE: 1997-10-05 — FILESIZE: 53,157 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 749x538 pixels
Dot becomes a ducky and poses in front of a nice cool duckypond.
DATE: 1997-10-06 — FILESIZE: 35,221 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 531x614 pixels
Neu_and_Natte joins #watertower. See, Neuracnu & Natte both live in St. Louis, and one time she visited his house and they logged onto IRC together under the nick Neu_and_Natte, which caused me to imagine this bizarre two-headed aberration of nature.
DATE: 1997-10-08 — FILESIZE: 53,831 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 554x559 pixels
Taperwolf looks over her shoulder in a cute way.
DATE: 1997-10-17 — FILESIZE: 40,943 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 581x482 pixels
Richard pesters KT for more foxpics.
DATE: 1997-11-15 — FILESIZE: 108,521 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 654x734 pixels
Masem J. Mouse is BOSOMMOUSE! Every woman needs a BOSOMMOUSE! Get yours today!
DATE: 1997-11-16 — FILESIZE: 114,325 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 604x750 pixels
Ra Ra Rhia! She's a cheerleader.
DATE: 1997-11-23 — FILESIZE: 46,759 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 470x470 pixels
Wakky Mouse, son of Wakko Warner and Minnie Mouse. Based on a sketch by some anonymous animator at Warner Bros. Animation, in which Minnie grabs Wakko by the shirt and says "I want to have your baby! Mickey will never know!" and in the corner was a little sketch of Wakky Mouse, the inevitable result.
DATE: 1997-11-28 — FILESIZE: 69,474 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 537x314 pixels
Yakko goes to work in a building charmingly known as Vader.
DATE: 1997-12-02 — FILESIZE: 70,187 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 602x795 pixels
Line art of Egg Le Fume at the computer. I never got around to finishing it.
DATE: 1997-12-06 — FILESIZE: 37,942 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 354x494 pixels
Taperlass wears a Celtic torc. (Note: this drawing is slightly inaccurate. A torc is worn with the ends clasped together in back.)
DATE: 1997-12-06 — FILESIZE: 15,463 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 354x494 pixels
Taperlass from the side.
DATE: 1997-12-22 — FILESIZE: 53,035 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 495x630 pixels
KT goes nuts playing Freecell.
DATE: 1997-12-30 — FILESIZE: 41,460 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 376x452 pixels
Evets, the Warner who, at the time of this drawing, stranded in the middle of the Indian Ocean on a funny-shaped island called Diego Garcia. The U.S. Armed Forces, go fig.
DATE: 1997-11-22 — FILESIZE: 19,238 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 350x470 pixels
Richard D. Fox, complete with A! hat and racing shirt.