KT's Cartoons: 2006

DATE: 2006-01-10 — FILESIZE: 71,015 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 592x829 pixels
First picture of 2006! It's a rocking horse that really ROCKS.
DATE: 2006-01-28 — FILESIZE: 140,883 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 653x493 pixels
Drawing I did for RedFeather Husky at FC 2006. See, she's allergic to wheat, so waving a stalk of wheat around is not a good idea!
DATE: 2006-02-03 — FILESIZE: 45,463 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 571x747 pixels
Sefo's ancient ancestor, the dinosaur/dragon-like Archæosefonides dorsospinatus.
DATE: 2006-02-03 — FILESIZE: 86,271 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 561x746 pixels
Drawing for Jonathan's birthday: Bonnie Chère has a birthday cake for him! Blow out the candles, Jon.
DATE: 2006-02-03 — FILESIZE: 82,454 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 758x522 pixels
The first three panels are actual quotes from Bush's 2006 State of the Union address. OMG human-animal hybrids!!!
DATE: 2006-02-06 — FILESIZE: 35,788 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 398x418 pixels
A catalog of two eyed Joes, carefully mantegned by me.
DATE: 2006-02-07 — FILESIZE: 61,151 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 700x935 pixels
Conbook sketch I did for Bark!. Somebody called for a two-headed fox girl, and Teleia is there!
DATE: 2006-02-11 — FILESIZE: 16,461 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 508x671 pixels
Teleia messes with your mind, and so does Choppie the Squirrel.
DATE: 2006-02-11 — FILESIZE: 107,266 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 532x722 pixels
I forgot to bring my pens to a party. Self-explanatory.
DATE: 2006-02-11 — FILESIZE: 14,488 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 467x411 pixels
Turbulence Taur, drawn on a plane!
DATE: 2006-02-11 — FILESIZE: 69,626 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 745x674 pixels
Meet Shirley the Non-Rutabaga (she's a bunny.)
DATE: 2006-02-12 — FILESIZE: 96,704 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 756x632 pixels
Timmo can get anything he wants, at Alice's Restaurant (excepting Alice). Drawn as a LiveJournal icon for Timmo.
DATE: 2006-02-13 — FILESIZE: 73,025 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 576x602 pixels
Timmo's a movie star! Drawn as a LiveJournal icon for Timmo.
DATE: 2006-02-17 — FILESIZE: 96,344 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 706x991 pixels
KT sings Russian folk songs, or something that at least sounds like Russian folk songs.
DATE: 2006-02-23 — FILESIZE: 41,188 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 580x767 pixels
Jon has a little battery-powered air pump, and here we see him using it on Bonnie Chère (consensually, of course) to enhance her... outstanding qualities.
DATE: 2006-03-01 — FILESIZE: 199,172 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 800x1755 pixels
You know all those subway map parodies people have been making with the station names anagrammed? Well, here along similar lines is the anagrammed world of homestarrunner.com!
DATE: 2006-03-27 — FILESIZE: 79,998 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 788x562 pixels
A cartoon that I first presented in text form on LiveJournal. Sefo, needing help with a crossword puzzle, asks how to spell Scarlett Johansson's last name.
DATE: 2006-03-27 — FILESIZE: 73,760 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 597x825 pixels
The kinky turtle invents a new word: TOTIWAINT!
DATE: 2006-03-31 — FILESIZE: 112,266 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 567x807 pixels
KT has a nightmare about Time Magazine.
DATE: 2006-04-04 — FILESIZE: 75,070 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 724x595 pixels
KT miſreads the phraſe "the purſuit of happineſs", with hilarious orthographic reſults.
DATE: 2006-04-17 — FILESIZE: 58,824 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 770x630 pixels
Jon keeps pestering me to draw skunkgirls, so one day I sketched up a bunch of 'em.
DATE: 2006-04-21 — FILESIZE: 80,894 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 595x818 pixels
KT is sad that he cannot make barbershop cartoons, so he and Sefo get their heads polished.
DATE: 2006-04-30 — FILESIZE: 66,549 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 598x797 pixels
KT sings the "Alligator Kissing Santa Claus" song. Join in!
DATE: 2006-05-12 — FILESIZE: 66,305 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 707x558 pixels
Sefo prevents KT from buying yet another string quartet tribute album.
DATE: 2006-05-12 — FILESIZE: 37,693 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 590x430 pixels
The First Painful Cartoon of Morphicon 2006: KT marries Doris for no reason, Doris loses an eye, and then there's a punchline!
DATE: 2006-05-12 — FILESIZE: 16,655 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 457x358 pixels
Followup to wife1.gif: Doris found her eye!
DATE: 2006-05-12 — FILESIZE: 31,805 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 564x695 pixels
I drew this old frog while at Morphicon and then felt the need to have a fox there to complain about it. During the con, some people asked me why the frog has a big nose and a mustache. Well duh, because he's old!
DATE: 2006-05-12 — FILESIZE: 40,443 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 592x660 pixels
Introducing my newest character: You! I betcha didn't know all this stuff.
DATE: 2006-05-12 — FILESIZE: 32,251 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 630x838 pixels
Conbook sketch for Nikon: Nikon as a draccoon, and two bamboozled scientists.
DATE: 2006-05-12 — FILESIZE: 32,886 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 578x765 pixels
Babs Bunny drew me as a Looney Tunes Babies character and it triggered a cartoon dialogue. (Note Babs's new look!)
DATE: 2006-05-12 — FILESIZE: 44,331 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 596x814 pixels
Page 2 of the cartoon dialogue between Babs and me.
DATE: 2006-05-12 — FILESIZE: 35,151 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 551x765 pixels
Page 3 of the cartoon dialogue between Babs and me.
DATE: 2006-05-12 — FILESIZE: 27,116 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 557x678 pixels
A different cartoon dialogue between Babs and me: we try to draw each other's characters.
DATE: 2006-05-13 — FILESIZE: 107,192 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 590x814 pixels
Two guys go to a Chinese restaurant and make a joke about the "Bunny Farms" truck parked outside...
DATE: 2006-05-13 — FILESIZE: 34,436 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 575x775 pixels
KT uses a drawing by Babs Bunny to illustrate the "ribbon and eyelashes" rule of cartooning.
DATE: 2006-05-06 — FILESIZE: 23,237 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 800x605 pixels
Conbook sketch for Firehazard: The firetiger meets the waterwolf.
DATE: 2006-05-26 — FILESIZE: 58,263 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 569x819 pixels
A series of odd gryphons: bunnygriff, skunkgriff, businessmangriff, and so on.
DATE: 2006-05-26 — FILESIZE: 37,545 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 590x562 pixels
Godzilla vs. Mochagodzilla!
DATE: 2006-05-26 — FILESIZE: 15,752 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 575x214 pixels
SNAKES! On a PLANE! My own twist on the durable internet joke.
DATE: 2006-05-29 — FILESIZE: 18,295 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 479x305 pixels
Inspired by Over The Hedge: What if KT played Verne?
DATE: 2006-06-13 — FILESIZE: 22,215 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 463x593 pixels
Just before Anthrocon, I went to the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory in Louisville, KY, where they make the best baseball bats in the world. They have a store there where you can get a real Louisville Slugger inscribed with your name or a friend's name, so I got one for Margaret Mink and shipped it to her a-e in New York. This is the note I included in the box.
DATE: 2006-06-13 — FILESIZE: 64,109 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 590x805 pixels
A guy walks into the restroom in a convenience store and notices that the restroom requires attention.
DATE: 2006-06-13 — FILESIZE: 39,132 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 577x805 pixels
Another cartoon dialogue between Babs and me, centered around my visit to the Louisville Slugger museum and the free souvenir mini-bat they gave me. Page 1 of 2.
DATE: 2006-06-13 — FILESIZE: 38,099 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 574x806 pixels
Cartoon dialogue about bats, page 2 of 2.
DATE: 2006-06-13 — FILESIZE: 24,388 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 676x533 pixels
After I saw Pixar's "Cars", Babs and I wondered what Cars pr0n would look like. I was infinitely amused by the fact that the cars have tongues, and thinking of a line from a Cartoon Network interstitial (Speed Buggy: "I have a tongue. I'm a car that can lick things!"), I drew Lightning giving Sally a sensuous carwash with his tongue. All my Cars pr0n so far seems to involve cars licking each other.
DATE: 2006-06-18 — FILESIZE: 26,395 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 760x520 pixels
Cars that can lick things... but shouldn't! Drawn in SirFox's "That's Just Wrong" book.
DATE: 2006-06-20 — FILESIZE: 24,368 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 623x421 pixels
Cars that can lick things... but really shouldn't!
DATE: 2006-06-20 — FILESIZE: 33,539 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 552x706 pixels
Drawn in Prismo's Bad Pun sketchbook: A City of Two Tails.
DATE: 2006-06-20 — FILESIZE: 37,331 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 776x487 pixels
And now the crossover you've been waiting for... Cars Over The Hedge!
DATE: 2006-07-09 — FILESIZE: 34,194 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 550x591 pixels
KT gets waaay too excited over the prospect of eating malted milk balls.
DATE: 2006-07-14 — FILESIZE: 29,253 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 506x737 pixels
Jonn nan Jenn az scunxx. Drawn in Jon's sketchbook.
DATE: 2006-07-20 — FILESIZE: 128,227 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 593x1021 pixels
Cars fanart that doesn't involve licking: KT takes Lightning McQueen for a ride.
DATE: 2006-07-26 — FILESIZE: 195,203 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 800x614 pixels
Timmo asked for art of his character holding his cellphone, to be used as a background image on the cellphone itself. So I drew this!
DATE: 2006-07-27 — FILESIZE: 70,203 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 590x809 pixels
I drew this back in 2003, based on the Great Big Sea song "Jolly Roving Tar", declared it unfinished, and then totally forgot to do anything with it for three years. But I think this sketch is good enough to show off, so here it is: KT plowing the briny ocean with the jolly roving 'taur.
DATE: 2006-08-05 — FILESIZE: 100,048 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 838x554 pixels
Lightning McQueen from Pixar's "Cars", as a human, meets Mater as a truck.
DATE: 2006-08-10 — FILESIZE: 81,111 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 525x723 pixels
The sequel to mcqueen-ride.gif: Lightning McQueen goes to Doc Hudson's clinic to try to flush the turkle infestation out of his system. But Doc's got problems of his own!
DATE: 2006-08-14 — FILESIZE: 18,095 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 706x335 pixels
What would happen if Ricky Bobby from "Talladega Nights" met Lightning McQueen from "Cars"? I don't think McQueen would be too keen on the idea of letting Ricky Bobby drive him.
DATE: 2006-08-14 — FILESIZE: 5,046 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 289x152 pixels
The inevitable panel 2 of "Ricky Bobby meets Lightning McQueen": McQueen finds out if Wonder Bread's sponsored driver is as soft and squishy as the product itself! Originally posted in a comment on the cars_pixar LJ community.
DATE: 2006-08-14 — FILESIZE: 93,075 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 888x534 pixels
Someone else on the cars_pixar LJ community wanted to see Lightning McQueen hitting the cow from "Barnyard"! But I figured it might go down more like this.
DATE: 2006-08-14 — FILESIZE: 32,405 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 842x581 pixels
Y'know how Pixar, in "Cars", puts the eyes in the windshield, whereas Aardman Animations puts them in the headlights in those animated Chevron commercials? What would happen if they collaborated? Answer: Four-eyed cars!
DATE: 2006-08-16 — FILESIZE: 140,250 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 598x1608 pixels
Based on a Flash animation called PTIKOBJ, by David Firth (the Salad Fingers guy), reenacted by "Cars" characters. Drawn primarily to make Babs laugh.
DATE: 2006-09-08 — FILESIZE: 59,426 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 799x666 pixels
Remember Minnie and Van from "Cars", the two minivans who briefly visit Radiator Springs? I figured they deserved some fanart, so I imagined a quiet evening at the Minivan house (garage?).
DATE: 2006-09-08 — FILESIZE: 17,304 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 694x276 pixels
I found out they make bras for cars, so I wondered how sexy Sally from "Cars" would look in one. Kinda looks more like a mask, though! Or a beard!
DATE: 2006-09-08 — FILESIZE: 31,531 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 491x454 pixels
Directly inspired by my previous sketch of Sally trying on a bra, here's Sally as... Carbeard the Pirate!
DATE: 2006-09-08 — FILESIZE: 35,949 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 778x416 pixels
Teleia asks KT why he has forsaken furry art for "Cars" fanart.
DATE: 2006-09-08 — FILESIZE: 84,762 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 807x1104 pixels
The snake version of "Snakes on a Plane": "Mongeese on a Plane"!
DATE: 2006-09-19 — FILESIZE: 97,454 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 530x704 pixels
Sefo, who is not as alien as he looks, meets Ythrykythyr, who definitely looks alien, and asks the obvious question.
DATE: 2006-10-04 — FILESIZE: 143,481 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 812x608 pixels
So there's this band I really like, called XTC.
So the lead singer, Andy Partridge (no relation to the Partridge Family, btw) put out a series of eight compilation albums of his unreleased tracks, demos, and sonic experiments called "Fuzzy Warbles", which he sells on his website, www.ape.uk.net (the AP in APE stands for Andy Partridge). The cover design is stamp-collection-themed; each disc has cover art that looks like a huge postage stamp.
So I bought them all (and I love 'em!) and with the last two discs I received a decorative box to put them in that looks like a stamp book, a bonus disc called "Hinges", and a sheet of self-adhesive stamps depicting miniature versions of the album covers.
Of course, the stamps can't be used for sending postage; they're just decorative (and there's only one of each anyway, not counting the two triangular stamps on the cover of volume 6).
So I decided to stick 'em into my sketchbook and draw a cartoon around them. Here's Doris and KT trying to record a demo.
DATE: 2006-10-04 — FILESIZE: 102,542 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 782x1049 pixels
An experiment in making a color drawing look slapdash and yet still pretty. KT climbs a staircase to the clouds and makes a cloudman.
DATE: 2006-10-31 — FILESIZE: 126,539 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 795x664 pixels
It's Halloween night and Lightning McQueen is plagued by the car versions of skeletons, vampires and zombies. Oooooooooo.
DATE: 2006-11-19 — FILESIZE: 37,884 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 452x643 pixels
At MFF, Mycroft gave me a bunch of Legos he didn't want anymore, so I drew this pictures in his sketchbook. Thanks for the Legos, Myke!
DATE: 2006-11-25 — FILESIZE: 71,099 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 976x430 pixels
Masem, The Mouse That Yerfed. Instead of roared. Oh well, close enough.
DATE: 2006-11-26 — FILESIZE: 92,293 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 577x818 pixels
Babs Bunny asks, why is KT so scared of eBay? Threee reasoms!
DATE: 2006-11-27 — FILESIZE: 71,488 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 801x1035 pixels
My friend Mr. Fu started up a game-selling business called Tabletop Diversions (I'd link to it but he doesn't even have a website yet) and I bought some games from him. When I mailed him a check, this cartoon was wrapped around it.
DATE: 2006-12-14 — FILESIZE: 181,358 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 539x794 pixels
I played with a random-generator 12 gifts of Christmas meme on LJ, and the result included the line "four two heads". Prismo expressed interest in that, so I drew him this!
DATE: 2006-12-23 — FILESIZE: 51,694 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 579x589 pixels
Cloudy Mushroom, the nuclear pony! Inspired by the phrase "nuclear pony" seen in a comment on a (friendslocked) LiveJournal post. (Character design based without permission on My Little Pony, owned by Hasbro. Don't tell 'em. Shhhh.)
DATE: 2006-12-31 — FILESIZE: 22,903 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 479x365 pixels
It's the Cooking With Wingo show! Unfortunately, Wingo is a riceburner.