KT's Cartoons: 1995

DATE: 1995-?-? — FILESIZE: 5,872 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 350x401 pixels
One of the first Warner pics I ever did: Yakko as a 'taur.
DATE: 1995-?-? — FILESIZE: 5,614 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 275x358 pixels
Another one of the first Warner pics I ever did: Wakko as a 'taur.
DATE: 1995-?-? — FILESIZE: 5,307 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 382x384 pixels
Yet another of the first Warner pics I ever did: Dot as a 'taur.
DATE: 1995-?-? — FILESIZE: 16,364 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 544x415 pixels
Dot Warner & Lisa Simpson sing a duet, while Yakko, Bart & Wakko sing backup, and Maggie plays maraca.
DATE: 1995-?-? — FILESIZE: 8,742 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 386x489 pixels
My character, the kinky turtle (a.k.a. KT), drools over seeing Dot on TV. (Splut coined the term 'Dot drooler'.)
DATE: 1995-?-? — FILESIZE: 13,161 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 483x721 pixels
Dot (as seen on IRC, grown up a bit older than on TV) holds her cute baby daughter Dorothy.
DATE: 1995-?-? — FILESIZE: 7,003 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 255x517 pixels
Spot dressed as Wakko.
DATE: 1995-?-? — FILESIZE: 7,720 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 372x274 pixels
spot warner's Mac Classic harfs on her. (Spot used to be an IRC regular but left some time ago; but she left us with a rich linguistic legacy, known as spotspeak. harf: to be bad, to not work properly, to throw up.)
DATE: 1995-?-? — FILESIZE: 10,205 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 368x403 pixels
spot ehaps her damnmacclassic. (Another spotspeak word: ehap, to hit with one's tail. Started out as a typo of 'whap'.)
DATE: 1995-?-? — FILESIZE: 10,724 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 387x430 pixels
KT uses spot for a pillow. spot complains.
DATE: 1995-?-? — FILESIZE: 36,866 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 731x549 pixels
If Lisa had her own TV show: The Lisa Simpson Show!
DATE: 1995-?-? — FILESIZE: 9,693 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 477x390 pixels
I once posted this picture to alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.cartoons under the title "Lisa Simpson's dripping wet pussy!" Many people enjoyed the joke, and the picture, and I only got one piece of hate mail for it.
DATE: 1995-?-? — FILESIZE: 7,545 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 329x502 pixels
KT comforts Lisa.
DATE: 1995-?-? — FILESIZE: 5,126 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 261x498 pixels
Lisa in her Warner suit.
DATE: 1995-?-? — FILESIZE: 6,268 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 314x430 pixels
KT once made Lisa a Warner suit so she could be a Warner. Here, Lisa poses wearing her Warner suit, unzipped.
DATE: 1995-?-? — FILESIZE: 11,113 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 366x711 pixels
Natte Warner. (Nowadays, she's no longer a Warner but a snow leopard.)
DATE: 1995-?-? — FILESIZE: 7,959 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 387x485 pixels
Wilford B. Wolf waves hi.
DATE: 1995-?-? — FILESIZE: 9,950 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 298x548 pixels
Wilford and Dot.
DATE: 1995-?-? — FILESIZE: 10,886 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 485x679 pixels
Teleia, the cute Greek Warner.