KT's Cartoons: 2007

DATE: 2007-01-17 — FILESIZE: 12,489 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 310x462 pixels
Ever seen a furry alligator? I wanted to, so I drew one. Some of my friends said it was reminiscent of a qilin.
DATE: 2007-01-18 — FILESIZE: 43,765 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 559x814 pixels
Cartoon dialog between KT and Babs. She's sleepy, he suggests CAFFEEEEEINE.
DATE: 2007-01-19 — FILESIZE: 29,731 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 700x486 pixels
A warmup drawing I did in D.C. Simpson's Raine Dog & Joe the Liberal Eagle sketchbook: Raine gets a sketch from one o' them scaaary milfurs...
DATE: 2007-01-19 — FILESIZE: 69,808 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 600x795 pixels
Drawing in D.C. Simpson's sketchbook: Raine rides a giant skateboard down the street!
DATE: 2007-01-20 — FILESIZE: 50,569 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 563x796 pixels
Cartoon dialog between KT and Babs. know-your-audience.gif was drawn in a space which I didn't realize was reserved for a cartoon dialog between Raine and Babs, so here's KT trying to apologize to Babs for it.
DATE: 2007-01-20 — FILESIZE: 47,754 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 587x806 pixels
Cartoon dialog part 2. Having accepted KT's apology, she and KT switch artists, and things just get weirder.
DATE: 2007-01-20 — FILESIZE: 35,832 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 575x812 pixels
Cartoon dialog between KT and Babs. Data meets Q-T, the turkliest member of the Q Continuum, who serves magic brown-Es.
DATE: 2007-01-20 — FILESIZE: 74,597 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 802x1089 pixels
Parody of the classic old Life cereal "Mikey" ad, this commercial is for a nonexistent comic book drawn by KT and filled with yiffy porn.
DATE: 2007-01-20 — FILESIZE: 24,410 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 462x774 pixels
Drawing in Jaelyn Kitten's sketchbook: Jaelyn wearing a cute fuzzy hat she'd just gotten.
DATE: 2007-01-22 — FILESIZE: 36,573 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 642x576 pixels
Drawing in Aoi Kitsune's sketchbook, of Aoi Kitsune herself.
DATE: 2007-02-01 — FILESIZE: 20,807 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 556x650 pixels
Sefo confronts a cartoon bug who is four-limbed instead of six-, in the traditional Disney style.
DATE: 2007-02-04 — FILESIZE: 108,492 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 614x877 pixels
Based on a quick thumbnail sketch cartoon I did in my sketchbook. Mr. Boss Man is so suspicious he doesn't even trust his brain trust!
DATE: 2007-02-20 — FILESIZE: 102,835 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 512x725 pixels
Ozy as a three-headed rainbow dragon that eats Buicks, as mentioned in a recent Ozy and Millie cartoon.
DATE: 2007-03-11 — FILESIZE: 55322 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 610x771 pixels
Nia Coyote kicks Jen's ass. A quick sketch based on an incident from IRC. I drew Jen from memory and got her hairstyle wrong.
DATE: 2007-03-18 — FILESIZE: 169594 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 600x1260 pixels
On Ernie Ermine's suggestion, KT creates a Sprite comic.
DATE: 2007-03-20 — FILESIZE: 54398 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 564x759 pixels
Bonnie Chère with a special message for Jon. (Hint: It's an artful cryptic roster of secrets taking initial characters.)
DATE: 2007-03-22 — FILESIZE: 123336 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 797x1083 pixels
KT keeps forgetting to do his chores, so he invests in a "reminder system" (a pad of paper), and uses it to WIN AT LIFE.
DATE: 2007-04-02 — FILESIZE: 49541 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 652x824 pixels
Timmo, normally a tan meerkat-Warner, became a pink skunk for a while.
DATE: 2007-04-16 — FILESIZE: 32512 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 789x301 pixels
KT listens to the song "Parting of the Sensory" from Modest Mouse's latest album "We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank", and takes the line "Someday you will die somehow and something's gonna steal your carbon" too personally.
DATE: 2007-04-30 — FILESIZE: 41836 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 1050x234 pixels
A Jeff MacNelly's Shoe comic strip by Cassatt & Brookins, made funnier with the addition of a third panel by me.
DATE: 2007-05-01 — FILESIZE: 42729 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 454x508 pixels
Timmo wanted a Dr. Steel-themed LJ icon, so I swiped the iconic image of Dr. Steel and made this out of it.
DATE: 2007-05-05 — FILESIZE: 38567 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 594x392 pixels
Jonathan as a VW Fox.
DATE: 2007-05-14 — FILESIZE: 66977 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 600x792 pixels
The nu-est Spiderman villain: kay teeee! Drawn after seeing Spider-Man 3.
DATE: 2007-05-24 — FILESIZE: 65789 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 789x996 pixels
It all started when Babs drew a hunchbacked pig in the bottom left corner of this page during a panel on cartooning at Morphicon 2007. We took turns adding one critter at a time, mostly thinking in terms of classic Jim Henson.
DATE: 2007-05-24 — FILESIZE: 60952 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 1331x787 pixels
It's distortion time! KT and Babs (and Sefo) make fun of the wacky poses in that infamous Star Trek: The Next Generation comic book that Babs Bunny showed me.
DATE: 2007-05-26 — FILESIZE: 45177 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 808x425 pixels
KT offers Sefo some tea. But what to serve it in? What indeed... what, what, what...
DATE: 2007-05-29 — FILESIZE: 16087 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 500x705 pixels
Northpaw goes from fox... to taur. This was inspired by some sort of word game Babs and I made up where we were saying stuff like "You can go from ceiling... to floor" or "You can go from three... to four". I can't for the life of me remember what started that. Drawn for Northpaw at Midwest Furfest 2006.
DATE: 2007-05-29 — FILESIZE: 29768 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 552x817 pixels
Northpaw shapeshifts into a raccoon, embarrassing KT in front of Sefo. Also he's eating vindaloo. Drawn for Northpaw at Morphicon 2006.
DATE: 2007-05-29 — FILESIZE: 49307 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 607x629 pixels
Northpaw as a young kit, pretending to play "A Hard Day's Night" on a guitar he made out of cardboard. Drawn for Northpaw at Morphicon 2007.
DATE: 2007-07-10 — FILESIZE: 141758 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 776x546 pixels
Conbook sketch I did for Ronrab at Anthrocon 2007: Fifi bamboozles Ronrab by speaking French.
DATE: 2007-07-12 — FILESIZE: 17835 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 755x511 pixels
A Pixar crossover: Remy tries to teach Lightning McQueen to cook.
DATE: 2007-07-12 — FILESIZE: 66600 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 588x794 pixels
KT presents... two short cartoons based on Ratatouille.
DATE: 2007-07-12 — FILESIZE: 33286 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 586x737 pixels
...and that's when Babs Bunny discovered what non sequiturs were.
DATE: 2007-07-12 — FILESIZE: 39257 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 797x594 pixels
A cartoon I drew for Rob Paulsen to autograph at Anthrocon 2007. KT tries to help Yakko sing the nations of the world.
DATE: 2007-07-13 — FILESIZE: 20800 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 521x615 pixels
Doodles shows what real Italian spaghetti is like. Drawn for Doodles at Midwest Furfest 2007.
DATE: 2007-07-13 — FILESIZE: 39406 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 612x501 pixels
KT misunderstands Sefo's use of the phrase "say it, don't spray it".
DATE: 2007-07-13 — FILESIZE: 134448 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 1081x800 pixels
A page of drawings I did on the plane home from Anthrocon 2007. My sketchbook got snagged on netting in the seat pocket, and I had to struggle mightily and partially disassemble the sketchbook to get it out without breaking the plastic spiral spine. I was so mad I drew an angry KT, and then a tired Teleia, and then I kept going and cheered myself up. Yay!
DATE: 2007-07-13 — FILESIZE: 23026 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 771x530 pixels
Lou Lynx wants to know who knocked over the DETOUR sign, causing motorists to take a physically impossible detour. Drawn for Lou Lynx at Morphicon 2007.
DATE: 2007-07-27 — FILESIZE: 105795 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 576x750 pixels
I held a contest on my LiveJournal, and Linnaeus won second place: a pencil sketch of his choice. So he requested a raccoon wearing glasses and drinking coffee. So here it is, just in time for his birthday, even! I hope he enjoys it.
DATE: 2007-08-09 — FILESIZE: 193190 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 893x613 pixels
This is the prize for Hartree, who won first place in my element contest from LJ: Hartree Fox finally comes to terms with the Copenhagen interpretation. (But first I looked up Copenhagen interpretation on Wikipedia...)
DATE: 2007-08-26 — FILESIZE: 74381 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 500x836 pixels
KT chomps a piqqle.
DATE: 2007-10-08 — FILESIZE: 76613 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 640x526 pixels
Experimenting with the tablet. KT enjoys an eye scream cone. (I think I made the head too big and/or the arms too small.)
DATE: 2007-10-26 — FILESIZE: 68991 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 585x808 pixels
Collaboration between me and Babs. Babs drew KTmom, then I drew Babs and things got weird as usual.
DATE: 2007-11-25 — FILESIZE: 51124 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 565x670 pixels
Sketch of KT sipping a lovely beverage.
DATE: 2007-11-25 — FILESIZE: 21342 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 625x448 pixels
Sketch of a four-armed foxie leaping.
DATE: 2007-11-25 — FILESIZE: 62936 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 479x711 pixels
Sketch of a dragon carrying a book of Pogo cartoons. I think I drew this shortly after Anthrocon 2007, at which Carolyn Kelly, daughter of Walt Kelly, was a GOH.
DATE: 2007-11-25 — FILESIZE: 101147 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 670x739 pixels
Con sketch from Morphicon 2007 of Fiallyn, a busty fennec, accompanied by parodies of Penny Arcade's Twisp & Catsby characters.
DATE: 2007-11-25 — FILESIZE: 43859 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 818x541 pixels
I think I was going to color this one, but never mind. Just by being himself, KT can weird out the weird furries.
DATE: 2007-11-25 — FILESIZE: 48746 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 508x830 pixels
Intro/warning page of a secret little porn book of mine.
DATE: 2007-11-25 — FILESIZE: 40534 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 684x1085 pixels
There's this horrible, disgusting video I've heard about (and have no interest in tracking down) called "2 Girls, 1 Cup", and Teleia of all people decided to do the clean version.
DATE: 2007-11-25 — FILESIZE: 129835 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 770x1081 pixels
Cartoon dialog between Babs and KT, in accordance with the theme of MFF 2007: Pirates!
DATE: 2007-11-25 — FILESIZE: 86249 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 814x1207 pixels
Cartoon dialog between Babs and me: Boy George in wolf form vs. MC Cinnabon Head.
DATE: 2007-11-25 — FILESIZE: 22092 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 541x711 pixels
Con sketch for Northpaw from MFF 2007: a moxtaur.
DATE: 2007-11-29 — FILESIZE: 77555 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 483x576 pixels
Babs drew some of my characters as Care Bears, and I thought this picture of Provocative Heart Teleia was really cute, so I colored it.
DATE: 2007-12-03 — FILESIZE: 83200 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 480x485 pixels
What if... Kate Monster from Avenue Q... were really Kate Mobster?
DATE: 2007-12-03 — FILESIZE: 169002 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 728x1968 pixels
KT gets mischievous and turns an EXOTIC FISH sign into EROTIC FISH, with four different possible endings to choose from.
DATE: 2007-12-06 — FILESIZE: 149968 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 1088x299 pixels
Here he is again, as seen in maryworth.gif and maryworth2.gif: Fishhead! And this time he's brought his brother along to make Mary and Dr. Jeff's dinner even more annoying!
DATE: 2007-12-10 — FILESIZE: 95979 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 602x647 pixels
The website for the movie The Golden Compass has a feature that shows you what species your dæmon (animal companion) is, and it gives you a code snippet so you can post the result to your LiveJournal as a fancy animated graphic. Lots of people on my friends list were posting these, so of course I had to poke fun at it.
DATE: 2007-12-16 — FILESIZE: 69008 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 395x721 pixels
Teleia Fox, rendered in ink and Prismacolor, on the cover of my new conbook, which I hope to start filling at FC 2008.
DATE: 2007-12-16 — FILESIZE: 16942 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 400x440 pixels
Teleia's other head learns to juggle, using two of however many arms zie currently has.
DATE: 2007-12-16 — FILESIZE: 28741 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 419x396 pixels
This one time on LJ, Babs took the Animal Archetype Test, and the result was "cat". So, curious to see what Babs would look like as a kitty, I drew that!
DATE: 2007-12-31 — FILESIZE: 119878 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 800x875 pixels
Drawn for a meme on FurAffinity in which user BooBooBunnyGirl drew her character in a kissing position and invited other artists to draw their own characters kissing her. I decided to go the Spider-Man route.