KT's Cartoons: 2004

DATE: 2004-01-07 — FILESIZE: 88,462 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 605x673 pixels
KT meets the Grim Reaper. Watch KT not die!
DATE: 2004-01-28 — FILESIZE: 46,018 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 552x780 pixels
Drawing I did in Babs's sketchbook: Data tries Dada.
DATE: 2004-02-09 — FILESIZE: 84,581 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 718x511 pixels
A human couple regret their decision to invite a fox couple over when the fox husband gets drunk and starts shooting his mouth off.
DATE: 2004-02-14 — FILESIZE: 105,557 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 685x932 pixels
Have ya seen that clip of the video for Leonard Nimoy's "Ballad of Bilbo Baggins"? KT tries to sing it here, after having seen the video clip only once, so he gets some of the words wrong. Also, he couldn't afford to hire a whole chorus line of hobbit girls, so he's just got the one vixen.
DATE: 2004-02-27 — FILESIZE: 39,790 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 560x541 pixels
Inspired by Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ", KT films his own Biblical epic, performed in his own made-up language.
DATE: 2004-03-15 — FILESIZE: 95,582 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 587x819 pixels
Drawing I did in somebody's sketchbook, at MFF 2003 if I recall. Kerin the magical dragon goes to a furry con and transforms people into their characters.
DATE: 2004-04-17 — FILESIZE: 79,098 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 600x812 pixels
Trapped on a sinking ship, Sefo finds that KT has some very odd ideas of what characters are superheroes.
DATE: 2004-05-06 — FILESIZE: 30,894 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 558x475 pixels
Parody of "The Punisher". KT plays Frank Hassle, a former etiquette columnist, who once witnessed a gang of thugs pushing his whole family over into the MUD! It was so RUDE! Since then, he became The Admonisher, a vigilante who takes scolding people into his own hands!
DATE: 2004-05-06 — FILESIZE: 82,978 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 591x804 pixels
Nakko gives Chilly Mouse a birthday hug.
DATE: 2004-05-19 — FILESIZE: 93,642 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 608x1009 pixels
KT hits upon an ingenious theory of moviemaking: Adding "U" makes a movie better!
DATE: 2004-06-03 — FILESIZE: 51,221 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 752x671 pixels
Who's the guy who can gallop far? The Cheataur! The Cheataur.
DATE: 2004-06-03 — FILESIZE: 88,535 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 640x869 pixels
If the kinky turtle were really, really old. A very silly cartoon.
DATE: 2004-06-03 — FILESIZE: 74,620 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 666x405 pixels
A drawing I did in HollyAnn's sketchbook during her recent sketchbook pass-around. HollyAnn is a big fan of My Little Pony, you see...
DATE: 2004-06-17 — FILESIZE: 71,808 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 597x812 pixels
Based on actual IRC events: KT accidentally makes Tony crave tea, and then can't find any teabags!
DATE: 2004-06-19 — FILESIZE: 116,109 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 519x493 pixels
Timmo, playing Magic, gazes determinedly out from behind his hand. A player icon for the online Magic game.
DATE: 2004-07-18 — FILESIZE: 10,009 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 509x660 pixels
At Anthrocon 2004, Nefaria challenged me to draw a picture that would look like a furry one way, and a different furry if turned around. I took him up on it, and managed to draw this: This way round, it's a skunk.
DATE: 2004-07-18 — FILESIZE: 10,002 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 509x660 pixels
This way round, it's a puppy.
DATE: 2004-07-19 — FILESIZE: 32,182 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 404x536 pixels
A fox and a dog argue about fashion. Inspired by a post I read somewhere about how to dress for Anthrocon.
DATE: 2004-07-19 — FILESIZE: 30,433 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 491x624 pixels
KT meets Postvixen, of LiveJournal and Puzzlebox fame.
DATE: 2004-07-20 — FILESIZE: 29,410 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 529x676 pixels
Babs Bunny's in-joke from Ohio Morphicon and Anthrocon: "Art stoooooore!"
DATE: 2004-07-20 — FILESIZE: 32,137 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 536x454 pixels
KT means to do the dishes. He means it!
DATE: 2004-07-20 — FILESIZE: 58,684 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 566x772 pixels
While listening to the radio, KT jinxes John Flansburgh of They Might Be Giants.
DATE: 2004-07-20 — FILESIZE: 51,331 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 368x545 pixels
A random doodle in my sketchbook evolved into this narrative.
DATE: 2004-07-20 — FILESIZE: 37,337 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 800x845 pixels
At RCFM 2, Electronin had an old discarded textbook he'd found somewhere, and was drawing on the pages, turning the thing into a work of art, more or less. He let me draw on a couple of pages, and this was one result.
DATE: 2004-08-04 — FILESIZE: 50,113 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 1099x254 pixels
A Mary Worth comic strip from the paper, which I made funnier by adding a third panel.
DATE: 2004-08-06 — FILESIZE: 41,459 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 1002x432 pixels
Another example of making a cartoon funnier via embellishment: This time it's a Ziggy cartoon.
DATE: 2004-08-06 — FILESIZE: 38,267 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 482x508 pixels
A Qaianna Illespont UFO Catcher doll. (Don't ask me what a UFO Catcher doll is. Um, try a websearch or something.)
DATE: 2004-11-23 — FILESIZE: 43,714 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 600x805 pixels
Drawn in D.C. Simpson's sketchbook: Millie shaves Ozy for the purposes of starting an R.E.M. imitation band.
DATE: 2004-11-26 — FILESIZE: 21,675 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 640x480 pixels
Still haven't gotten around to getting my computer fixed so the scanner can talk to it. In the meantime, here's an MS Paint masterpiece: KT makes Sefo watch him eet.
DATE: 2004-11-26 — FILESIZE: 95,418 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 704x893 pixels
Northpaw, a shapeshifting fox, tries the two-headed approach to going out to eat. Drawn in Northpaw's sketchbook; color by Northpaw.
DATE: 2004-12-02 — FILESIZE: 44,324 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 847x611 pixels
If the kinky turtle had named the 50 states...
DATE: 2004-12-03 — FILESIZE: 55,977 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 590x1242 pixels
A coyote tries flying. See, JoMo had this sketchbook with long pages in it. They looked about the right shape to do a 3- or 4-panel cartoon. But I decided to be perverse and have the 4-panel cartoon read across the width of the paper instead of along its length.
DATE: 2004-12-03 — FILESIZE: 15,765 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 406x523 pixels
Nikon morphs from a human into a tiny raccoon.
DATE: 2004-12-03 — FILESIZE: 23,098 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 464x619 pixels
A non-sequitaur. I bet you didn't expect to wake up this morning and see a creature with the word "German" for a leg, did you?
DATE: 2004-12-03 — FILESIZE: 21,499 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 517x491 pixels
Meanwhile, KT watches... a SNUFF VIDEO! (Gasp!)
DATE: 2004-12-14 — FILESIZE: 47,198 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 414x483 pixels
Timmo's wearing a Santa hat! I drew this as a Christmas LJ icon for Timmo. (In the icon, the snow is animated. Oooo.)
DATE: 2004-12-15 — FILESIZE: 137,834 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 604x812 pixels
Choose your alligator. An exercise in graphic stylization.
DATE: 2004-12-17 — FILESIZE: 165,280 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 781x731 pixels
Parody of "Kill Bill": Poster for Kill! Kill! Kill!, starring Sylvia Fox.
DATE: 2004-12-25 — FILESIZE: 23,109 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 593x463 pixels
Santa Freud vill zee you now, mister small child person.
DATE: 2004-12-25 — FILESIZE: 99,512 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 775x577 pixels
Here's a couple of mice with a special Christmas message for you all.