KT's Cartoons: 2002

DATE: 2002-01-30 — FILESIZE: 58,233 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 487x677 pixels
A pic I drew in SirFox of Yiffnet's "Unusual Furries Doing Unusual Things" sketchbook... a bunny with snakes for ears! She's got that cutey-Medusa thing happening.
DATE: 2002-02-07 — FILESIZE: 18,035 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 414x586 pixels
The comic strip Penny Arcade used to offer a T-shirt saying "Got Wang?" on its merchandise page. Teleia, being a hermaphrodite, likes to freak people out by wearing one!
DATE: 2002-02-13 — FILESIZE: 62,966 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 499x573 pixels
A Valentine's Day picture Mr. Fu requested for Rhia. It was very well received.
DATE: 2002-02-19 — FILESIZE: 121,538 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 638x844 pixels
KT wishes Lola Bunny a happy Vaseline's Day! I think he means "Valentine's".
DATE: 2002-03-11 — FILESIZE: 37,582 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 888x635 pixels
Based on a bit of RP from #warnercafe. It started with "* Jonathan floops."...
DATE: 2002-04-05 — FILESIZE: 69,131 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 613x833 pixels
When Furries Attack... they wreak vengeance on Penny Arcade! A response to the PA strip of April 3, 2002.
DATE: 2002-05-03 — FILESIZE: 83,656 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 793x582 pixels
The Cuban beaver has six legs, speaks Yiddish, is well-versed in philosophy, and likes to quote Spinoza. This according to a bit of nonsense Michael Mink came up with one time.
DATE: 2002-05-24 — FILESIZE: 47,920 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 842x598 pixels
Richard Fox, having just tried Dance Dance Revolution for the first time, is so tired his legs fall off.
DATE: 2002-05-25 — FILESIZE: 52,958 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 475x796 pixels
Timmo wears jeans instead of his usual puffy shirt, to show off his stripes. A pic I did for Timmo in exchange for a CD ("Up" by Great Big Sea)!
DATE: 2002-05-28 — FILESIZE: 34,664 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 596x786 pixels
Furry fandom in a nutshell! A furry unnerves a woman by exhibiting doglike tendencies. (Don't worry, it's G-rated.)
DATE: 2002-06-08 — FILESIZE: 59,823 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 830x593 pixels
A two-headed skunk points out to his four-armed fox friend that there are a lot of strange people in this town, such as the young punk with the weird haircut there.
DATE: 2002-07-03 — FILESIZE: 49,741 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 553x761 pixels
Pencil sketch: Richard and Jonathan splash each other with water and turn into vixens, as per their Jusenkyou curses. (And it seems Richard was cursed by the Spring of Drowned Voluptuous Vixen.)
DATE: 2002-07-03 — FILESIZE: 47,940 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 646x339 pixels
A few sketches on the topic "Some people are just too damn..." The ornj bunny in the center is Mycroft.
DATE: 2002-07-03 — FILESIZE: 15,081 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 431x463 pixels
Two foxes, one wearing clothes, one not.
DATE: 2002-07-04 — FILESIZE: 78,451 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 619x832 pixels
A cartoon I did for July 4, 2002. KT mangles "God Bless America" by Irving Berlin.
DATE: 2002-07-05 — FILESIZE: 95,258 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 1079x800 pixels
Richard skritches Tony, while the world goes topsy-turvy.
DATE: 2002-07-18 — FILESIZE: 46,382 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 593x792 pixels
Sketchbook drawing from Anthrocon 2002: Dot Warner does up the room in a Spree decor. (It's a pun based on the phrase "esprit de corps".)
DATE: 2002-07-18 — FILESIZE: 91,443 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 792x613 pixels
Sketchbook drawing from Anthrocon 2002: Prismo uses his Wand of Hygiene on a furry artist.
DATE: 2002-08-02 — FILESIZE: 44,053 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 457x717 pixels
Richard holds a bowl of Voodoo Chili. It seems there's this wrestler who used "Voodoo Chile" by Jimi Hendrix as his entrance music, and one of the announcers misidentified it as "Voodoo Chili".
DATE: 2002-08-20 — FILESIZE: 96,254 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 638x820 pixels
A pic I drew in Max Blackrabbit's Max/Maxine sketchbook. Jon meets Max, but then Richard splashes 'em with a bucket of water, turning 'em both female. Darn those Jusenkyou curses! Except... Max's female form wasn't a Jusenkyou curse, was it?
DATE: 2002-09-08 — FILESIZE: 30,722 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 651x526 pixels
Road Rage! Richard Fox played a game of Toon, and I drew a few scenes from it. This is the title page.
DATE: 2002-09-08 — FILESIZE: 37,684 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 690x521 pixels
Road Rage! Richard cruises down the highway.
DATE: 2002-09-08 — FILESIZE: 28,590 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 788x310 pixels
Road Rage! Richard runs out of gas.
DATE: 2002-09-08 — FILESIZE: 23,019 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 661x513 pixels
Road Rage! Richard somehow ends up embedded in a sign.
DATE: 2002-09-09 — FILESIZE: 11,526 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 356x588 pixels
Chelonia, a lady turtle I met at Mephit FurMeet 2002.
DATE: 2002-09-12 — FILESIZE: 19,133 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 496x719 pixels
Minerva as a fox!
DATE: 2002-09-28 — FILESIZE: 215,645 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 1174x730 pixels
Fox Fox Revolution! An all-fox picture. Mr. Fu and Jon play Fox Fox Revolution, but the other foxes are busy watching Jennifer and Felina! L to R: Mr. Fu, Jon, Teleia, EggLeReynard, FoxTaka, Tony, Jennifer, Richard, Felina, YakkoFox, Qaianna (she's not crying; that's a white splotch of fur on her muzzle) & MelodyFox. (Saaay... I thought Jon and Jen were the same fox, only in different forms!)
DATE: 2002-09-30 — FILESIZE: 58,332 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 693x733 pixels
Mycroft, with two heads, slaps his foreheads and yells "D'OH!" in stereo.
DATE: 2002-10-11 — FILESIZE: 54,798 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 594x683 pixels
Sketchbook drawing from Conifur 2002: Cats Don't Dance With Wolves.
DATE: 2002-10-14 — FILESIZE: 57,032 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 411x597 pixels
Mycroft Beeblebrox! Myke's Halloween costume, in keeping with the whole two-headed theme.
DATE: 2002-11-06 — FILESIZE: 37,936 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 820x554 pixels
Parody of a scene from "Di Gi Charat", a bizarre little anime series in which the episodes are two minutes long and... nothing that happens makes the least damn bit o' sense.
DATE: 2002-11-06 — FILESIZE: 41,132 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 820x613 pixels
Subtitled version of bigamericanface.gif. Still doesn't make any damn sense, does it?
DATE: 2002-11-06 — FILESIZE: 33,926 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 601x799 pixels
My response to webcomics that make fun of furries. (Not that I mind jokes about furries, as long as they're not gratuitously mean.)
DATE: 2002-11-13 — FILESIZE: 41,998 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 259x277 pixels
Portrait of the kinky turtle, drawn to be used as my default LiveJournal icon.
DATE: 2002-12-08 — FILESIZE: 24,949 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 494x595 pixels
Becca Warner celebrates Lord-of-the-Rings-mania by becoming a Hobbit! The Elvish writing on her sword reads "Becca's sword -- no touchie"!