KT's Cartoons: 2008

DATE: 2008-01-05 — FILESIZE: 124056 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 783x591 pixels
I recently rediscovered the music of Sparks when I found some YouTube clips of them performing on Top of the Pops. After watching Sparks do a song called "BC", I was inspired to draw KT and Sefo dressed as them (Russell and Ron Mael, respectively).
DATE: 2008-01-09 — FILESIZE: 114656 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 965x714 pixels
KT buys Sefo a gift for a holiday he invented: Belated Xmas. You can celebrate Belated Xmas anytime! Even more than once a year if you like! Avoid the December mall crowds! Buy your loved ones something for Belated Xmas today, or whenever you feel like it.
DATE: 2008-01-10 — FILESIZE: 102838 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 794x585 pixels
KT eats cake and gets sick of people saying "the cake is a lie" (a catchphrase from the videogame Portal).
DATE: 2008-01-11 — FILESIZE: 84864 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 651x555 pixels
Alex Reynard mentioned on FurAffinity that he was having computer problems. Hoping he got it fixed soon, I did this quick pic to surprise him. He loved it!
DATE: 2008-02-03 — FILESIZE: 65567 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 609x712 pixels
Con sketch for Aatheus: Teleia as a foxtaur. I didn't get it finished in time to give him his book back before the end of MFF, so I took it with me, finished the pic, and photographed it before mailing him the book.
DATE: 2008-02-03 — FILESIZE: 53460 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 603x832 pixels
Four quickie vignettes of Teleia weirding people out with body parts of unusual size or number.
DATE: 2008-02-03 — FILESIZE: 18876 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 518x413 pixels
Drawing at a con is fun, but erasing pencil lines from a picture is often a problem, as it can shake the table and mess up other artists' work. Partly because of that, and partly because I figured it would save time, I did a lot of art at Further Confusion and left the pencil lines unerased until I got home.
DATE: 2008-02-03 — FILESIZE: 21138 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 575x377 pixels
Portrait of an internet jerkoff. Basically anybody in the regular habit of belittling, disparaging or smacking down those who like stuff he doesn't.
DATE: 2008-02-03 — FILESIZE: 91740 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 595x709 pixels
On LiveJournal, CanuckGuy misread "conbook" as "cookbook" and wondered what wine goes with Teleia, and how do you cook zir anyway? So I drew this picture in response.
DATE: 2008-03-01 — FILESIZE: 125794 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 798x861 pixels
So I was listening to "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" by the Rolling Stones and I felt like drawing a silly cartoon about it. KT tells Mick & Keith how white their shirts can be, and so on.
DATE: 2008-03-16 — FILESIZE: 23108 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 712x587 pixels
Drawn for Chayse Fox during FC2008. His fox and lion characters merged as a taur.
DATE: 2008-03-17 — FILESIZE: 123914 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 800x825 pixels
Teleia slips and falls in a mud puddle, then invites KT and Sefo to watch zir shower.
DATE: 2008-03-17 — FILESIZE: 124854 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 780x1069 pixels
Hey! Let's make fun of Nazifurs! I drew this during FC2008, after chatting with a bunch of furries from Germany, who as you can well imagine are not amused by people wearing Nazi costumes to furry cons. One of the furs I spoke to is the "actual German fur" depicted in panel 2.
DATE: 2008-03-18 — FILESIZE: 174238 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 798x1105 pixels
Teleia gets pulled over for speeding somewhere in West Texas. Zir method of beating the ticket involves turning on not only the waterworks, but the weirdworks.
DATE: 2008-03-28 — FILESIZE: 96193 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 1076x804 pixels
Have you seen these annoying little animations put out by Jamster (a German comp-a-neee)? Stuff like Crazy Frog, Holly Dolly and Gummy Bear inspired me to draw this cartoon.
DATE: 2008-03-30 — FILESIZE: 113180 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 1089x758 pixels
From the makers of Guitar Hero: it's Harp Hero!
DATE: 2008-04-08 — FILESIZE: 161798 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 800x1060 pixels
Sefo likes to sing along with music in the car, and KT notices he sings louder when annoyed.
DATE: 2008-04-08 — FILESIZE: 119977 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 788x593 pixels
On April Fool's Day, Stanley Stoat starts prank-calling Doris Duck. Sefo intervenes.
DATE: 2008-04-15 — FILESIZE: 44475 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 584x1241 pixels
This is the "Darth Hat". Anything you put this on becomes "Darth".
DATE: 2008-04-16 — FILESIZE: 103578 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 941x823 pixels
Teleia Fox with three eyes, three breasts, three legs, and probably also three pancreases or something.
DATE: 2008-04-18 — FILESIZE: 64195 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 530x723 pixels
KT says "MUCK".
DATE: 2008-04-20 — FILESIZE: 73104 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 817x595 pixels
Nakko gives Jon a big ol' hug! (Ignore the spoony ears; they're based on an old design which I hadn't drawn in years and they came out weird.)
DATE: 2008-05-09 — FILESIZE: 83568 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 612x1087 pixels
While contemplating a poster for a new cartoon show called "Ed & Melissa", Stanley gets hypocritical in his sanctimoniousness about cartoonishly unrealistic body parts. I wonder, did Tex Avery ever get this kind of guff for "Red Hot Riding Hood"?
DATE: 2008-05-24 — FILESIZE: 29395 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 536x784 pixels
At Morphicon, Babs and I were playing around with crayons, and we created the King and Duchess of Crayon. Then we got bored and did something else.
DATE: 2008-05-24 — FILESIZE: 72301 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 800x1089 pixels
Part 1 of 2. Drawn by Babs and me. Does KT make sense? And where'd the red people come from?
DATE: 2008-05-24 — FILESIZE: 77006 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 780x1089 pixels
Part 2 of 2. Drawn by Babs and me. How to deal with an attack of red people?
DATE: 2008-05-31 — FILESIZE: 359738 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 648x744 pixels
KT and Teleia dress in different ethnic costumes and sing different songs. Then they deliver the punchline, in the penultimate panel.
DATE: 2008-06-03 — FILESIZE: 114352 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 1072x812 pixels
Inspired by an Ozy & Millie comic strip, in which Millie warns Ozy about the possibility of the two of them turning into horrible genetic mutants, with five arms, nine eyes, green fur, tails that shoot fire, and psychokinetic powers!
DATE: 2008-06-10 — FILESIZE: 55357 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 700x714 pixels
Lili as Daryl Hall and KT as John Oates on a parody of the cover of Hall & Oates' "Rock & Soul Part 1" album.
DATE: 2008-06-15 — FILESIZE: 311718 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 600x814 pixels
I felt like doing some experimental drawing, so I started doodling aimlessly in Photoshop, and it turned into this picture of a guy sleeping on a giant bird's head.
DATE: 2008-06-23 — FILESIZE: 76071 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 630x924 pixels
A simultaneous parody of the "squirrels can't talk!!!" scene from Alvin & the Chipmunks and commentary on the musical direction of the film.
DATE: 2008-06-24 — FILESIZE: 63325 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 804x852 pixels
Teleia figures out how to turn into a duck, and weirds Sefo out a bit.
DATE: 2008-07-26 — FILESIZE: 104446 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 954x714 pixels
Part 1 of 2. Teleia and KT look for a parking spot at the mall, but some jerk has taken up two spaces.
DATE: 2008-07-26 — FILESIZE: 98982 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 962x717 pixels
Part 2 of 2. Teleia bulks up zir muscles and moves the car by hand.
DATE: 2008-07-30 — FILESIZE: 115052 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 592x815 pixels
Τελεία με τους μεγάλους μαστούς: Teleia with big breasts. A sketch I did for Jon.
DATE: 2008-08-01 — FILESIZE: 28152 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 620x805 pixels
Drawn for Prismo at Anthrocon: Tazel Sixpaws acts as a limo for tired taurs, and gives Teleia in taur form a ride.
DATE: 2008-08-05 — FILESIZE: 478474 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 1070x785 pixels
Sefo tries to have a conversation with KT while eating a pear and solving a Rubik's Cube. The pear and the cube aren't the problem; KT has decided to do wordplay today. (If you don't know what an acrostic is... you're on the internet. Google it!)
DATE: 2008-08-24 — FILESIZE: 242872 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 975x674 pixels
Proving that Teleia doesn't always go nude, here zie is wearing three cute outfits from zir wardrobe.
DATE: 2008-09-06 — FILESIZE: 93026 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 800x1094 pixels
A short time ago I found a bunch of links to room escape games, those Flash-based point-and-click puzzle games where you're trapped in a room and have to figure how to get out. Some of them are fun, but sometimes they're frustratingly hard for all the wrong reasons.
DATE: 2008-10-02 — FILESIZE: 98308 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 820x597 pixels
Ike whups Houston's ass. This was the first cartoon I drew after the hurricane hit, drawn while waiting in a loooong line at Pappas Barbecue. At the time, we had no power at home, so I couldn't even scan this cartoon for TWO WEEKS!
DATE: 2008-10-02 — FILESIZE: 166661 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 965x615 pixels
Suddenly, the Fellowship of the Ring was attacked...

While waiting in line early one morning at Kroger to get ice (2 bags per customer), I drew a sketch that later turned into this bit of Lord of the Rings fanart.
DATE: 2008-10-02 — FILESIZE: 379525 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 763x731 pixels
It's a bird. Wearing glasses. Eyeglasses, specifically. One pair for each eye. Because his eyes need corrective eyewear. Don't they look sharp?
DATE: 2008-10-02 — FILESIZE: 41236 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 791x558 pixels
Got a problem that needs solving? Try a can of Problem-Solving Beans! (Results may vary.)

(Yes, I know what the Goldbach Conjecture is, and that its solution would involve a proof rather than a numerical result. Like I said, results may VARY.)
DATE: 2008-10-03 — FILESIZE: 51355 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 945x620 pixels
Tokyo recently built and installed a robot designed to speak French in case of monster attack. Here we see FrenchBot in action during an onslaught by the Godzilla Bros. (Well, actually, due to the scale, we can't see FrenchBot, but we can certainly hear it!)
DATE: 2008-10-05 — FILESIZE: 341152 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 1113x802 pixels
KT's got good barbacuity!
thumbnailBreast Awareness.jpg
DATE: 2008-10-05 — FILESIZE: 13473 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 100x100 pixels
Apparently October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Some people on FurAffinity have been adding pink ribbons to their avatars. I like to poke good-natured fun at avatar memes, and this was no exception.
thumbnailFist Awareness.jpg
DATE: 2008-10-07 — FILESIZE: 13789 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 100x100 pixels
The obvious sequel to Breast Awareness.
thumbnailDedicated to....gif
DATE: 2008-10-07 — FILESIZE: 63433 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 1002x820 pixels
Sir, I think you should have a look at this...

Just look at what Freddie's been doodling on the back of his TPS reports! I believe the figure with the cigar is supposed to be you, sir. We should fire him, right? I'd be happy to take care of it!

(Originally posted to reformat_songs on LiveJournal. Can you figure out what song is being illustrated?)
DATE: 2008-10-15 — FILESIZE: 34489 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 553x555 pixels
Yum! Sushi is delicious! KT likes to order it 'n dip it in soy sauce 'n eet it with chopsticks and so on. But there are some places it's not available.
DATE: 2008-10-15 — FILESIZE: 239559 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 706x873 pixels
When Sefo was in the hospital to have one of his appendices out, the kinky turtle entertained him by imitating the computer-generated voice on the hospital garage parking payment machines.
DATE: 2008-10-17 — FILESIZE: 132994 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 777x893 pixels
Teleia leaves the house without wearin' any undie-pants. Then zie filks an ABBA song about it! And I experiment with using colors and shades.
DATE: 2008-10-20 — FILESIZE: 46787 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 492x558 pixels
Nakko meets a hot sauce woman! She's hot, baby, she'll burn ya! This picture started one day when Nakko was talking about hot sauce and said something like, "I love hot sauce. I wish I knew a girl named Hot Sauce. We would kiss, and then I'd drink some water. Then we'd kiss some more, and then I'd drink a lot more water..." Then he described the scenario depicted here!
DATE: 2008-10-28 — FILESIZE: 134919 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 804x1101 pixels
KT's Halloween party gets attacked by zombies! Drawn for Halloween 2008.
DATE: 2008-10-29 — FILESIZE: 380816 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 885x1280 pixels
Here's a little Halloween story featuring Teleia and a would-be modern-day Jack the Ripper raccoon.
DATE: 2008-11-12 — FILESIZE: 509414 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 798x1097 pixels
KT has a cookie and needs milk. Sefo is making stuff out of Legos and needs a handful of white 1x4 bricks. Look out for the punchline!

Mmmm, cookieeeees...
DATE: 2008-11-12 — FILESIZE: 490115 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 880x688 pixels
Alex Reynard goes ARRRRGH *headdesk*. Inspired by a thread on FurAffinity in which Omny87 imagined what it would be like to take the expression "headdesk" literally.
DATE: 2008-11-14 — FILESIZE: 177041 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 883x1280 pixels
25 Essential Expressions

...or, KT Conveys an Emotion. An art challenge/exercise as posted here.
DATE: 2008-11-14 — FILESIZE: 71995 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 797x1087 pixels
KT's car with and without cruise control. Long drives are so much nicer when you've got cruise control installed in your car!
DATE: 2008-11-17 — FILESIZE: 93273 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 645x869 pixels
Frustrated with the fluctuating world market, or maybe just bored with a calculator one day, Teleia decides to design zir own currency system.
DATE: 2008-11-29 — FILESIZE: 151677 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 1024x1024 pixels
Collage of cartoons and weird things I doodled at MFF. Except the KT-cartaur was drawn by Babs, and the "horrified by your own fandom" cartoon was drawn by me on the way home from MFF. CAN YOU MAKE SENSE OF IT ALL?!? (Hint: No.)
DATE: 2008-11-29 — FILESIZE: 15381 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 456x609 pixels
A Babs... with the upper body of a bunny... and the lower body... of a CAR! Babs's idea, drawn by me.

I might color this.
DATE: 2008-11-29 — FILESIZE: 29818 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 548x778 pixels
At MFF, Babs was wearing a NKOTB T-shirt depicting Donnie Wahlberg. Because of the hairstyle, a lot of people thought he was Rick Astley. So I drew this.

"Hi, blender wagon" is, as you might well guess, an anagram of "Donnie Wahlberg".
DATE: 2008-11-29 — FILESIZE: 75326 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 806x1087 pixels
Collaboration with Babs at Midwest Furfest. KT serves Babs ote-meels, and all hecko breaks loose. I'M ROOINT!
DATE: 2008-11-30 — FILESIZE: 138980 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 790x349 pixels
By popular request (it was requested by one entire alexreynard!), here's a standalone, refined, full-color version of one of the cartoons from this collage. Y'know those guys who have furry avatars and do furry artwork and so on, but seem to spend gobs of time pointing at other furries and wailin' & carryin' on about how horrible & nuke-from-orbit-worthy they are? Yeah, those guys. I sneer at them, like this interviewer guy! *sneeeer*
DATE: 2008-12-12 — FILESIZE: 505835 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 665x679 pixels
KT goes shoppin'. Large version of a drawing I did for a LiveJournal icon for myself.
DATE: 2008-12-14 — FILESIZE: 77213 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 358x597 pixels
Here's a conbadge I did for D.C. Simpson of her new character, Claire, a skunk who has shaven her fur into a full-body mohawk.
DATE: 2008-12-20 — FILESIZE: 46669 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 522x651 pixels
Babs Bunny as a car!
DATE: 2008-12-20 — FILESIZE: 183567 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 674x942 pixels
KT starts driving Babs crazy saying muck!

Drawn at MFF '08.
DATE: 2008-12-22 — FILESIZE: 74245 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 600x826 pixels
KT gets the urge to sing a disgusting little ditty about boogers, and then teaches it to a child. The future of our country is in his hands!
DATE: 2008-12-24 — FILESIZE: 322730 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 900x960 pixels
Waccoon's 9-expression meme as seen here!
DATE: 2008-12-31 — FILESIZE: 110457 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 1077x804 pixels
My interpretation of what the characters from Bolt would look like as anthros.

Bolt is a talented dog, but what he fails to realize is that his superpowers are fake, his stylish white superhero costume comes from a costuming department, and everything he thinks is real is actually a TV show. Now he has somehow ended up outside the studio, where he has encountered Mittens the alley cat and, mistakenly thinking her to be in league with the Green-Eyed Man, has captured her to lead him to Penny (who is of course an actress and hasn't really been kidnapped, but he doesn't know that).

Mittens is an alley cat by heart, or so she claims. She once lived in a house with a family, and had many stylish outfits to choose from. Now she shakes down pigeons for food on the mean streets of New York, in her ripped jeans and worn leather jacket, which she wears to look tough. But all that is about to change...

Rhino is a hamster who lived in a trailer park, dreaming of the day when he could one day stand beside his favoritest hero, Bolt the Superdog, in the fight against the forces of evil. Now he has the chance of a lifetime! Do you like his sidekick outfit? He made it himself! The R on his shirt started out as a blobby attempt at a lightning bolt, until Bolt added the extra streak with some paint. Now it's perfect!