KT's Cartoons: 2003

DATE: 2003-01-29 — FILESIZE: 70,957 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 584x749 pixels
Richard Fox plays the George W. Bush State of the Union Drinking Game. This was an actual drinking game Richard found on the internet, and it happened just like in the picture: Dubya used so many buzzwords that Richard got through four 20-ounce bottles of Pepsi Twist and had to quit before he 'SPLODED!!!
DATE: 2003-01-30 — FILESIZE: 19,488 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 557x534 pixels
Mel Skunk stands on her head. She's at the Grand Canyon... um, for no reason.
DATE: 2003-02-15 — FILESIZE: 36,378 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 459x739 pixels
A sexy anthropomorphic spider lady. I drew this to prove to Timmo that anthropomorphic spider ladies can be sexy. (He was only partially convinced... said the extra eyes and legs un-sexied the picture a bit. Pfaugh, I say!)
DATE: 2003-02-16 — FILESIZE: 146,094 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 397x545 pixels
Sketchbook drawing from Further Confusion 2003: KT wishes Maui a happy birthday by popping out of her cake and blathering nonsense! Yaay!
DATE: 2003-02-23 — FILESIZE: 88,796 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 608x544 pixels
KT and Doris exchange those little heart-shaped candies with messages printed on them. I drew this on Valentine's day, but it took several days to get it colored (mainly because I scanned it waaay too damn big and it was making Photoshop choke).
DATE: 2003-02-24 — FILESIZE: 19,782 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 515x735 pixels
Frostbite Winterhaven, the snowshoe fox. He's indigenous to co-o-old climates. (No, there's no such species in real life.)
DATE: 2003-04-06 — FILESIZE: 100,337 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 605x571 pixels
An '80s New Wave style furry album cover I designed for Wilford.
DATE: 2003-05-17 — FILESIZE: 42,021 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 553x405 pixels
Sketchbook drawing from FC 2003: KT meets Butterscotch Vixen and Caramel Skunk, but gets their names wrong.
DATE: 2003-05-28 — FILESIZE: 64,698 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 573x788 pixels
"What are furries?" An explanatory cartoon to show to people unfamiliar with furry fandom. Print it out and carry it with you!
DATE: 2003-06-06 — FILESIZE: 68,017 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 649x430 pixels
"Finding Nemo" fanart: KT as Dory.
DATE: 2003-06-13 — FILESIZE: 90,860 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 798x1059 pixels
The first drawings ever of the kinky turtle! I drew this back in, um, 1987, I think. (The character in the cartoon at top right is Radar, a talking plant inspired by Audrey II in "Little Shop of Horrors".)
DATE: 2003-06-17 — FILESIZE: 102,811 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 718x974 pixels
More "Finding Nemo" fanart: KT steps in to interfere with the story, making the movie slightly shorter.
DATE: 2003-06-20 — FILESIZE: 38,355 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 582x793 pixels
Recently at the Galleria, there was a display of artwork by John Lennon in a space that was previously a Pacific Sunwear store. I went, enjoyed the artwork, laughed at the pompous descriptions on the title cards, bought some T-shirts, and then drew this.
DATE: 2003-06-29 — FILESIZE: 30,346 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 378x800 pixels
A drawing of Nikon Raccoon I did in Nikon's sketchbook. She's a six-inch-tall raccoon who loves photography.
DATE: 2003-07-04 — FILESIZE: 76,116 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 587x477 pixels
"Finding Forrester", a parody of "Finding Nemo".
DATE: 2003-07-04 — FILESIZE: 40,293 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 386x682 pixels
Timmo the meerkat-Warner in his New Mutants outfit, perched on a cloud.
DATE: 2003-07-16 — FILESIZE: 28,429 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 370x291 pixels
Con badge for Vakkotaur, for Anthrocon 2003.
DATE: 2003-07-16 — FILESIZE: 59,475 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 575x779 pixels
"Do furries want to be animals? Do furries think they are animals?" An explanatory cartoon to show to people with one of the most common misconceptions about this whole "furry" thing. Print it out and carry it with you!
DATE: 2003-07-22 — FILESIZE: 16,443 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 433x347 pixels
KT interrupts Sefo's housepainting just to tell him (Sefo) that he (KT) are cute an' cool. Except that since this is one of those cartoons that make no damn sense, Sefo is saying "shower" instead of "housepainting".
DATE: 2003-07-28 — FILESIZE: 126,514 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 786x1103 pixels
KT wears a tail at the mall! Based on a recent trip to the mall at which I gave a friend a fox tail while wearing my own.
DATE: 2003-07-28 — FILESIZE: 143,049 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 802x1162 pixels
Drawn in Striker RedWolf's sketchbook at Anthrocon 2003: A four-armed wolfskunk points out that it's so hard to shop for clothes. Dig those extra digits, too!
DATE: 2003-07-29 — FILESIZE: 19,333 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 613x480 pixels
Drawn at AC 2003, in PJ's Book of Cute. Who's cuter, PJ or Nemo?
DATE: 2003-08-12 — FILESIZE: 88,210 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 773x582 pixels
A cartoon I drew for the Conifur 2003 conbook: an ad for Yakimaland, a geek's gaming paradise.
DATE: 2003-08-18 — FILESIZE: 85,015 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 475x619 pixels
Three-eyed fox reacts to being called a freak.
DATE: 2003-09-05 — FILESIZE: 22,378 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 446x499 pixels
Sketchbook drawing from Mephit Furmeet 2003: Tony Ringtail's washin' heah!
DATE: 2003-09-23 — FILESIZE: 90,300 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 593x810 pixels
Parody of that Quizno's "Raised By Wolves" ad.
DATE: 2003-10-10 — FILESIZE: 35,394 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 502x637 pixels
I went to Deerbrook Mall north of Houston, and on the Texas-themed mural on the wall of the food court, I saw the Alamo juxtaposed with an extreme closeup of a raccoon clinging to a log or something. From the angle I was positioned at relative to the picture, the log sort of looked like a car. So I drew this.
DATE: 2003-10-20 — FILESIZE: 33,760 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 613x741 pixels
The Gods of Mexico, France and Germany. Inspired by a letter in the Houston Chronicle.
DATE: 2003-10-26 — FILESIZE: 61,754 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 572x782 pixels
Updated version, with some more details added in the background. "What goes on at a furry convention?" An explanatory cartoon to show to people who come up to you at cons and ask "Excuse me, what is this gathering about?" Print it out and carry it with you!
DATE: 2003-10-27 — FILESIZE: 38,527 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 525x575 pixels
Prance Prance Revolution! A variant of DDR for ponies.
DATE: 2003-11-10 — FILESIZE: 82,912 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 480x832 pixels
Con sketch: Babs Bunny chatting on the telephone. The line "Billy Ocean did a concert for bunnies" was the result of a game of Telephone we were playing at Olive Garden after MFF 2002.
DATE: 2003-11-28 — FILESIZE: 37,131 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 576x425 pixels
Con sketch: The first two lines of R.E.M.'s song "Bad Day", illustrated. The "public service announcements" are those G.I. Joe educational segments with altered dialog done by some guy named Fensler, which have been going around the internet a bit. The strange coloration in the picture is the result of whatever Patrick Chalnick did when he scanned it. I probably could have removed it, with some effort, but it looks kinda cool as is.
DATE: 2003-11-30 — FILESIZE: 38,193 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 607x435 pixels
Con sketch: A guy transforms into a female cougar. Rrrowr.
DATE: 2003-12-03 — FILESIZE: 20,912 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 563x798 pixels
Con sketch: Lou Leghorn from Indiana.
DATE: 2003-12-03 — FILESIZE: 24,902 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 772x525 pixels
Con sketch: PJ is horror-stricken by the sight of Feloni the devilbunny perched atop the head of KT, who is oblivious.
DATE: 2003-12-05 — FILESIZE: 68,376 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 584x623 pixels
Lindsay Warner rides on Timmo Reintaur's back. Merry Christmas!
DATE: 2003-12-26 — FILESIZE: 12,231 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 412x380 pixels
A sketch I did during the furry party at Aisha's house: Kwik the cheetah. "Respect da SPOT!"
DATE: 2003-12-26 — FILESIZE: 26,322 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 430x347 pixels
A sketch I did during the furry party at Aisha's house: KT with a fox tail (yes, even though he's a turtle).
DATE: 2003-12-26 — FILESIZE: 33,162 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 671x539 pixels
A sketch I did during the furry party at Aisha's house: Some people were watching an anime videotape in which these five chibi cats or maybe foxes fighting a big lizard with four arms, and I felt like drawing the lizard.
DATE: 2003-12-26 — FILESIZE: 59,110 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 755x607 pixels
A sketch I did during the furry party at Aisha's house: Ludwig van Göff, the German sable, meets Jasmine, the four-armed ermine.
DATE: 2003-12-26 — FILESIZE: 23,946 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 557x541 pixels
Sketchbook drawing from Anthrocon 2000: KT looking all British. Note the extended Pinky.
DATE: 2003-12-26 — FILESIZE: 15,702 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 321x461 pixels
Sketchbook drawing from Anthrocon 2000: KT disguised as Chilly Mouse.
DATE: 2003-12-29 — FILESIZE: 102,886 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 592x818 pixels
KT travels to far-flung lands to meet his overseas online friends.