KT's Cartoons: 2000

DATE: 2000-01-25 — FILESIZE: 22,992 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 749x456 pixels
Dot (in two forms) does an ad for Cutie Cola, the cutest soda in the world!
DATE: 2000-02-15 — FILESIZE: 33,941 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 623x554 pixels
Melody Mephit wears a lei, which Mr. Fu decides to bite through.
DATE: 2000-02-27 — FILESIZE: 13,023 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 325x360 pixels
A cartoon I drew back in 1995 for Gary Hallock, the author of a little Austin, TX-based joke-laden newsletter called Pun Intended.
DATE: 2000-02-27 — FILESIZE: 10,252 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 325x346 pixels
Companion piece to piglatin.gif. Another punny cartoon I drew for Gary Hallock.
DATE: 2000-03-17 — FILESIZE: 28,580 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 380x700 pixels
Dot gives Qaianna Fox a makeover. The effect is subtle but stunning.
DATE: 2000-03-24 — FILESIZE: 26,868 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 555x484 pixels
Richard Vulpix proves he's a fire Pokemon by jumping into a tub of lava. Or something.
DATE: 2000-03-26 — FILESIZE: 11,912 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 546x352 pixels
Meanwhile, Masem barbecues over one of the steam vents around the lava. (I think the joke here was, Richard made a comment about barbecuing Masem over the steam vents, so I said "I'll draw Masem barbecuing!" Or something.)
DATE: 2000-03-29 — FILESIZE: 10,809 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 333x448 pixels
Don't you hate it when you go to a truck stop, and they're out of ancient Roman condiments?
DATE: 2000-03-30 — FILESIZE: 9,843 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 463x255 pixels
KT sings Dot's body electric. (Based on the song "I Sing the Body Electric" from "Fame".)
DATE: 2000-03-30 — FILESIZE: 8,178 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 344x279 pixels
Dot complains about KT singing her body electric.
DATE: 2000-03-30 — FILESIZE: 12,442 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 518x325 pixels
Dot, a cute sexy Warner, confronts what surely must be her opposite.
DATE: 2000-03-31 — FILESIZE: 14,788 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 500x501 pixels
Fish showing apprehension at an upcoming horse-related incident.
DATE: 2000-04-01 — FILESIZE: 22,486 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 535x313 pixels
KT and Nakko go nuts at the Galleria in Houston! (Note: This didn't actually happen.)
DATE: 2000-04-01 — FILESIZE: 36,303 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 567x494 pixels
KT and Nakko go to Wortham Center in Houston to see Spalding Gray. (Note: We didn't actually order booze, nor did we fall asleep and miss the show. Also, Spalding Gray does not begin his monologues with "Hi, I'm Spalding Gray," figuring you already know who he is; after all, you bought the tickets in the first place!)
DATE: 2000-04-05 — FILESIZE: 79,673 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 662x1086 pixels
KT introduces Sefo to his pal Gentle George the Giraffe, with disastrous results.
DATE: 2000-04-08 — FILESIZE: 18,807 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 377x429 pixels
Plucky QUACKS!!!
DATE: 2000-04-09 — FILESIZE: 23,626 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 532x377 pixels
Plucky quacks some more. Lots more.
DATE: 2000-04-15 — FILESIZE: 14,332 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 350x400 pixels
Y'know how, after navigating through those evil telephone pushbutton menus, it's so nice to get to talk to a human being for a change? Weeeell, don't just jump to conclusions!...
DATE: 2000-04-15 — FILESIZE: 15,484 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 420x390 pixels
Once upon a time, KT balanced a potato on Dot's head. So she made up a song about it. Here's the song.
DATE: 2000-04-15 — FILESIZE: 14,450 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 430x379 pixels
Two-headed mice: a new trend? Here we see a two-headed Masem, looking at a newspaper headline with one of his heads.
DATE: 2000-04-15 — FILESIZE: 13,594 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 430x365 pixels
More two-headed mice. Minnie startles Mickey with her new look. (er, looks?)
DATE: 2000-04-15 — FILESIZE: 61,063 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 520x720 pixels
KT stops believing in chickens, and tries to spread the gospel! With limited success. And by limited I mean none.
DATE: 2000-04-22 — FILESIZE: 138,188 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 596x830 pixels
My first (and probably last) Hip Hippos cartoon! The Hippos go to the movies, but can't fit in the seats, so Flavio comes up with an unusual (but very cutting-edge) solution...
DATE: 2000-04-25 — FILESIZE: 77,900 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 562x600 pixels
Melody Mephit, dressed as Mephitstopheles, poinks Vakko in the keister with her trident. Yow!
DATE: 2000-04-30 — FILESIZE: 15,899 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 430x400 pixels
KT plays rap master to Playstation character Parappa the Rapper. (I played this game recently, can ya tell?)
DATE: 2000-05-05 — FILESIZE: 83,161 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 577x800 pixels
Birthday pic for Taperlass: KT buys Taper a cake, but since she's a 431-year-old wax alien, he has trouble fitting all the candles. Then he comes up with a clever solution involving binary numbers! (flame=1, no flame=0.)
DATE: 2000-05-05 — FILESIZE: 56,131 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 620x837 pixels
Another birthday pic for Taperlass. Mr. Fu came up with this idea and I drew it for him. Nunchakus are really hard to use if they're bigger than you are, ya know.
DATE: 2000-05-17 — FILESIZE: 17,882 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 550x410 pixels
Dot lounges on a deck chair with a tropical drink, wearing cute sandals. (Dot, not the drink.)
DATE: 2000-05-27 — FILESIZE: 19,489 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 553x416 pixels
Tony Fox apparently has the ability to levitate, so one day he was relaxing by hovering in the air, and Plucky limboed under him for no particular reason.
DATE: 2000-05-27 — FILESIZE: 11,970 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 200x400 pixels
A cute fox just sorta standin' there.
DATE: 2000-05-27 — FILESIZE: 17,639 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 600x384 pixels
Not long ago, most of the cartoonists on the funnies page did simultaneous tributes to Charles Schulz in their strips one day. I decided to contribute, so I drew this cartoon of Sefo showing us Snoopy's doghouse.
DATE: 2000-05-27 — FILESIZE: 45,216 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 597x650 pixels
KT gets a job skywriting. How's that for a scary idea?
DATE: 2000-06-07 — FILESIZE: 90,369 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 741x1113 pixels
Model sheet of the kinky turtle.
DATE: 2000-06-11 — FILESIZE: 14,104 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 579x231 pixels
KT licks the wrong door at the wrong time and gets in trouble for it.
DATE: 2000-06-17 — FILESIZE: 6,236 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 341x306 pixels
KT and Plucky in a silly sort of arty pose, with KT holding a giant spatula and Plucky standing on it. Hot duckywarner, fresh from the oven?
DATE: 2000-06-20 — FILESIZE: 15,426 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 491x370 pixels
Two mice! And they're naked!
DATE: 2000-07-05 — FILESIZE: 48,893 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 649x525 pixels
This is a censored digital camera pic of a drawing of Zig Zag with extra body parts that I drew in Max Blackrabbit's Bible of Zig Zag during Anthrocon 2000. The uncensored version will soon be available on my adult art page.
DATE: 2000-07-11 — FILESIZE: 88,846 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 559x624 pixels
A drawing I did at Anthrocon, in Egg's sketchbook! It's of Melody Mephit and it's titled "When Turtles Dream..."
DATE: 2000-07-16 — FILESIZE: 56,511 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 454x700 pixels
Tony Fox tries using Masem as a chew toy.
DATE: 2000-07-17 — FILESIZE: 116,793 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 741x555 pixels
Dot, KT and Plucky reënact a scene from "Rabbit Seasoning": Plucky as Daffy, KT as Elmer Fudd and Dot as Bugs in drag.
DATE: 2000-07-21 — FILESIZE: 73,310 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 700x467 pixels
Minerva, lounging at the beach, is bothered by Newt, so she bonks him on the head with her tail.
DATE: 2000-07-24 — FILESIZE: 6,888 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 293x260 pixels
A cat saying to a rabbit, "Silly rabbit, pants are for humans!"
DATE: 2000-07-24 — FILESIZE: 36,949 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 444x600 pixels
Teleia shows KT hir new tank top. Then sie shows him a neat trick sie can do, involving suddenly and magically having two heads!
DATE: 2000-07-24 — FILESIZE: 52,610 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 574x593 pixels
A bunch of furries in a movie theater.
DATE: 2000-07-24 — FILESIZE: 35,035 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 466x468 pixels
KT misinterprets a word in a birthday party invitation.
DATE: 2000-07-25 — FILESIZE: 19,470 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 309x498 pixels
Mr. Fu in his new form, as a fox!
DATE: 2000-08-03 — FILESIZE: 79,159 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 503x675 pixels
A get-well card for Egg, a good friend of mine who is undergoing surgery. This picture depicts an actual made-up incident from the Family House where he's staying in Pittsburgh when not at the hospital. Get well soon, Egg!
DATE: 2000-08-05 — FILESIZE: 102,840 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 626x483 pixels
Another get-well card for Egg, this time taking place in his hospital room, where he is visited by some of his favorite candystripers
DATE: 2000-08-09 — FILESIZE: 85,284 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 655x842 pixels
A third get-well card for Egg! Nurse Zig Zag says it's sponge bath time. But why is she taking off her own clothes? Gee, I can't imagine.
DATE: 2000-08-14 — FILESIZE: 64,572 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 792x340 pixels
How Taperlass eats a Reese's.
DATE: 2000-08-18 — FILESIZE: 42,006 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 709x600 pixels
Karma Leafbarer and Digo Raccoon from yerf visit #warnercafe late one night, only to find that hardly anybody's awake.
DATE: 2000-08-27 — FILESIZE: 46,101 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 435x528 pixels
Natte Warner is now a snow leopard!
DATE: 2000-09-05 — FILESIZE: 20,427 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 400x437 pixels
If Doug Winger made mannequins... they'd probably look like this.
DATE: 2000-09-10 — FILESIZE: 57,974 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 563x761 pixels
KT tries to write poetry.
DATE: 2000-09-11 — FILESIZE: 34,272 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 648x422 pixels
KT and friends walk down the street unmolested... sort of.
DATE: 2000-09-21 — FILESIZE: 40,433 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 390x554 pixels
Snazzy new picture of our old friend, Wilford B. Wolf! (Er, not that he's old, just that we've known him for some time, you see...
DATE: 2000-10-02 — FILESIZE: 42,165 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 486x590 pixels
The final scene of every episode of "The Powerpuff Girls", starring three pears as the girls.
DATE: 2000-10-10 — FILESIZE: 55,389 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 521x582 pixels
Richard Fox POUNCE Tony! Nice blurring effect.
DATE: 2000-10-13 — FILESIZE: 25,175 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 385x500 pixels
Blue Yakko, a computer version of Yakko, complete with anti-spammer gun. (Some sort of TRON thing, I suppose.)
DATE: 2000-10-14 — FILESIZE: 18,582 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 307x547 pixels
Jonathan, a.k.a. Jwph, as a fox. He used to be human but was repainted as a fox.
DATE: 2000-10-16 — FILESIZE: 13,816 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 368x500 pixels
Nice pencil sketch of Jasmine. This replaces the old sketch of Jasmine which is now out of date.
DATE: 2000-10-26 — FILESIZE: 27,740 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 487x548 pixels
Penguin disturbing a fox for no reason. I drew this while sitting around in a supermarket with Mom. Check out the niftee typeface I made up on the spot!
DATE: 2000-10-27 — FILESIZE: 65,235 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 600x553 pixels
KT's response to the sports cliché "There's no I in TEAM". Extremely rare shot of KT in an athletic outfit (mainly 'cos I hate sports.) :P
DATE: 2000-10-30 — FILESIZE: 35,311 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 312x657 pixels
Mary Fox! (Remember Mark Bunny? Same player.)
DATE: 2000-10-30 — FILESIZE: 31,133 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 372x522 pixels
KT tells Plucky he's a ducky. (Er, Plucky is, not KT.)
DATE: 2000-10-31 — FILESIZE: 94,275 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 570x793 pixels
Doris Duck's house is broken into by a fox who's both a burglar and a lover of weird music.
DATE: 2000-11-01 — FILESIZE: 33,001 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 398x299 pixels
My furry con badge! I wore this to Conifur Northwest 2000! (Although I decided to play it safe by covering up the "kinky turtle" part...)
DATE: 2000-11-12 — FILESIZE: 22,026 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 426x571 pixels
Ishtar the fishtaur. That's me, always on the lookout for novel 'taur forms!
DATE: 2000-11-12 — FILESIZE: 45,786 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 480x612 pixels
We were talking about tentacle art one time, and Richard Fox pointed out there's friendly tentacle art and unfriendly tentacle art, and I was inspired to do these drawings.
DATE: 2000-11-16 — FILESIZE: 20,188 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 411x458 pixels
A bored-looking fox.
DATE: 2000-11-19 — FILESIZE: 23,219 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 529x384 pixels
Why you should never pants a fox: A toony demonstration by KT and Richard.
DATE: 2000-11-19 — FILESIZE: 61,555 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 588x776 pixels
Rough sketch for a potential cartoon about the Warner Bros. and Sister visiting a Warner Bros. Studio Store lately. Have you seen the place? No A! stuff anymore! Instead they've got Hanna-Barbera and Pokémon stuff out the wazoo! Oh and I hear now they're full of Harry Potter stuff! I like Harry Potter, but...
DATE: 2000-11-21 — FILESIZE: 76,744 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 574x807 pixels
KT sings badly, prompting Sheila to call Orvan Ox. He makes deliveries for ACME, and delivers a package that KT gets a bang out of!
DATE: 2000-11-21 — FILESIZE: 18,232 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 290x600 pixels
Second attempt to draw Taper as a bunny. I made her face less 'pinched' and gave her incisors.
DATE: 2000-11-22 — FILESIZE: 40,368 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 491x512 pixels
Colored version. Tony Fox curls up in a chair with a mug of hot tea.
DATE: 2000-11-23 — FILESIZE: 53,634 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 382x501 pixels
Doris Duck decides to step into TV. But TV isn't ready for her.
DATE: 2000-11-25 — FILESIZE: 30,134 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 385x539 pixels
Lola sees Yakko in skunk form.
DATE: 2000-11-29 — FILESIZE: 12,151 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 397x334 pixels
This is not actually a scan of a drawing; this is a scan of a photograph of a drawing. I drew this on the big sketchpad at Conifur 2000.
DATE: 2000-12-03 — FILESIZE: 42,892 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 635x965 pixels
Richard Fox pulls on Melody Mephit's tail, so, what else, she sprays him. Sillyfoxie!
DATE: 2000-12-04 — FILESIZE: 15,234 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 377x452 pixels
KT dresses as a lark as a lark.
DATE: 2000-12-05 — FILESIZE: 32,315 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 543x407 pixels
Sketch of a picture commissioned by Karma Leafbarer: Karma and Pepe val Pew cuddling in Pepe's bed. I'm going to work on a color version of this... eventually...
DATE: 2000-12-06 — FILESIZE: 30,258 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 757x296 pixels
Cartoon based on an actual conversation I overheard in line at Niko Niko's, a Greek deli I often eat at. (They make great gyros and I love their fish & chips!)
DATE: 2000-12-09 — FILESIZE: 104,324 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 574x816 pixels
Minerva Mink meets Eric O. Costello, Michael Mink's a-e (alter ego; i.e. his player.)
DATE: 2000-12-12 — FILESIZE: 33,272 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 403x489 pixels
KT admires Karma Leafbarer's tail.
DATE: 2000-12-17 — FILESIZE: 16,507 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 277x498 pixels
Jennifer Fox, the female form of Jonathan Fox. (He's got this Ranma thing happening. It involves water and... well, never mind.)
DATE: 2000-12-19 — FILESIZE: 67,364 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 637x659 pixels
KT and Sefo go to see the movie "The Emperor's New Groove".
DATE: 2000-12-20 — FILESIZE: 118,493 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 795x1089 pixels
KT's plan of action for the day. What bizarre things is KT up to now?
DATE: 2000-12-24 — FILESIZE: 59,846 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 549x733 pixels
Empress Becca Warner gives KT a set of vials of magic potion for Xmas (see "The Emperor's New Groove") and KT immediately turns Becca into a duck! Wackiness ensues.
DATE: 2000-12-25 — FILESIZE: 58,022 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 535x721 pixels
KT keeps trying to get rid of Ernie Ermine on the phone, through a variety of linguistic tricks. Of course, none of them work.
DATE: 2000-12-26 — FILESIZE: 48,548 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 441x657 pixels
Colored version of pulltail-bw.gif. Somehow I totally forgot to upload this one until now.