KT's Cartoons: 0-9

DATE: 2003-06-13 — FILESIZE: 90,860 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 798x1059 pixels
The first drawings ever of the kinky turtle! I drew this back in, um, 1987, I think. (The character in the cartoon at top right is Radar, a talking plant inspired by Audrey II in "Little Shop of Horrors".)
DATE: 1998-07-25 — FILESIZE: 20,283 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 400x378 pixels
A vixen buys shampoo. Being covered with fur, she needs a lot.
DATE: 2007-11-25 — FILESIZE: 40534 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 684x1085 pixels
There's this horrible, disgusting video I've heard about (and have no interest in tracking down) called "2 Girls, 1 Cup", and Teleia of all people decided to do the clean version.
DATE: 2001-11-14 — FILESIZE: 46,577 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 501x692 pixels
A two-headed fox on a plane trip requests two headsets, so he can enjoy the movie in Double Dolby Sound! I drew this on the plane to Seattle for Conifur 2001, and as the note in the corner says, my right index finger was ouchy. It healed before the end of the con, though, yaay!
DATE: 2000-04-15 — FILESIZE: 14,450 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 430x379 pixels
Two-headed mice: a new trend? Here we see a two-headed Masem, looking at a newspaper headline with one of his heads.
DATE: 2000-04-15 — FILESIZE: 13,594 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 430x365 pixels
More two-headed mice. Minnie startles Mickey with her new look. (er, looks?)
DATE: 2005-04-12 — FILESIZE: 30,931 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 411x649 pixels
KT misphrases his excuse for being two hours late.
DATE: 2003-08-18 — FILESIZE: 85,015 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 475x619 pixels
Three-eyed fox reacts to being called a freak.
DATE: 2005-01-26 — FILESIZE: 10,579 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 283x450 pixels
Teleia Fox does a three-legged, three-eyed dance to TMBG's "Greek #3".
DATE: 2001-01-02 — FILESIZE: 14,381 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 367x393 pixels
Sefo uses a pitcher with three spouts; he holds it in one hand, holds three glasses in his other three hands, and fills them very deftly.
DATE: 2007-10-26 — FILESIZE: 68991 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 585x808 pixels
Collaboration between me and Babs. Babs drew KTmom, then I drew Babs and things got weird as usual.
DATE: 2008-03-16 — FILESIZE: 23108 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 712x587 pixels
Drawn for Chayse Fox during FC2008. His fox and lion characters merged as a taur.
DATE: 2007-11-25 — FILESIZE: 21342 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 625x448 pixels
Sketch of a four-armed foxie leaping.
DATE: 2001-03-01 — FILESIZE: 63,784 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 779x557 pixels
A foxtaur misunderstands the invitation to a four-armed party.
DATE: 2006-08-14 — FILESIZE: 32,405 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 842x581 pixels
Y'know how Pixar, in "Cars", puts the eyes in the windshield, whereas Aardman Animations puts them in the headlights in those animated Chevron commercials? What would happen if they collaborated? Answer: Four-eyed cars!
DATE: 2002-07-04 — FILESIZE: 78,451 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 619x832 pixels
A cartoon I did for July 4, 2002. KT mangles "God Bless America" by Irving Berlin.
DATE: 2009-09-13 — FILESIZE: 272345 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 1094x774 pixels
9, from the Shane Acker movie of the same name, meets a sackboy from the "Little Big Planet" videogame.