KT's Cartoons: Y

DATE: 2003-08-12 — FILESIZE: 88,210 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 773x582 pixels
A cartoon I drew for the Conifur 2003 conbook: an ad for Yakimaland, a geek's gaming paradise.
DATE: 1999-07-12 — FILESIZE: 21,993 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 500x382 pixels
Yakko multitasks: he's typing with his ears like in "Temporary Insanity", freeing up his hands to eat a sandwich and examine his notes, and he's drinking a Mountain Dew!
DATE: 1998-07-28 — FILESIZE: 14,231 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 317x500 pixels
Yakko as a mouse.
DATE: 2000-11-25 — FILESIZE: 30,134 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 385x539 pixels
Lola sees Yakko in skunk form.
DATE: 1997-11-28 — FILESIZE: 69,474 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 537x314 pixels
Yakko goes to work in a building charmingly known as Vader.
DATE: 1996-08-31 — FILESIZE: 32,788 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 464x636 pixels
Yakko J. Warner and his wife, Minkie Mink, back when the Minkie character existed.
DATE: 1995-?-? — FILESIZE: 5,872 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 350x401 pixels
One of the first Warner pics I ever did: Yakko as a 'taur.
DATE: 2000-10-30 — FILESIZE: 31,133 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 372x522 pixels
KT tells Plucky he's a ducky. (Er, Plucky is, not KT.)
DATE: 1998-10-05 — FILESIZE: 68,046 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 640x480 pixels
Richard yerfs. Plucky quacks. Lisa borrows Plucky's line. Neu Coyote borrows Lisa's line. Okkay, it's all kind of silly, but hey, it's a cute pic!
DATE: 1997-06-24 — FILESIZE: 34,642 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 366x556 pixels
Richard the yerfy fox. He yerfs. You know, like a fox.
DATE: 1996-04-17 — FILESIZE: 70,304 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 510x523 pixels
This cartoon is where the phrase yig-ped came from. KT exercises his privilege of making the President say yig-ped 7 times in a row.
DATE: 2009-07-11 — FILESIZE: 81888 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 690x1057 pixels
Drawn by me and Babs at Anthrocon. Babs decided to draw herself in Yin Yang Yo style, because one of the GOHs was Bob Boyle, the creator of Yin Yang Yo!. Meanwhile, I decided to draw KT as a wireframe model, and talk in rhyme.
DATE: 2006-05-12 — FILESIZE: 40,443 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 592x660 pixels
Introducing my newest character: You! I betcha didn't know all this stuff.
DATE: 2007-02-01 — FILESIZE: 20,807 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 556x650 pixels
Sefo confronts a cartoon bug who is four-limbed instead of six-, in the traditional Disney style.
DATE: 1997-01-07 — FILESIZE: 52,988 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 799x1041 pixels
Yakko, Wakko & Dot visit Houston in the middle of summer. I drew this one day while waiting for the A/C repairman to show up.
DATE: 1998-01-28 — FILESIZE: 159,043 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 729x1028 pixels
Yakko, Wakko & Dot decide to write their own Animaniacs script, page 1.
DATE: 1998-08-09 — FILESIZE: 122,183 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 770x1048 pixels
Yakko, Wakko and Dot write their own Animaniacs script, page 2. Maybe someday I'll get around to pages 3 and beyond... or scrap the idea and start over... who knows.