KT's Cartoons: T

DATE: 2008-04-16 — FILESIZE: 103578 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 941x823 pixels
Teleia Fox with three eyes, three breasts, three legs, and probably also three pancreases or something.
DATE: 2000-07-21 — FILESIZE: 73,310 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 700x467 pixels
Minerva, lounging at the beach, is bothered by Newt, so she bonks him on the head with her tail.
DATE: 1997-09-27 — FILESIZE: 80,341 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 765x448 pixels
Plucky and Dot tango, with bones, as Tapey looks on and whimpers in sexual frustration.
DATE: 1998-09-26 — FILESIZE: 25,920 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 397x600 pixels
Taperlass wears a neato superhero-y sorta green bikini. Well, it will be green if/when I do a color version.
DATE: 2000-11-21 — FILESIZE: 18,232 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 290x600 pixels
Second attempt to draw Taper as a bunny. I made her face less 'pinched' and gave her incisors.
DATE: 1998-06-15 — FILESIZE: 17,399 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 217x600 pixels
Taper as a giraffe. You could fit a couple hundred torcs on that neck!
DATE: 2001-06-13 — FILESIZE: 49,954 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 477x667 pixels
Pencil sketch: On Mr. Fu's suggestion, Taperlass becomes 50 feet tall and rampages through a marketplace. It's a fun way to kill... an afternoon!
DATE: 2000-08-14 — FILESIZE: 64,572 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 792x340 pixels
How Taperlass eats a Reese's.
DATE: 1998-10-04 — FILESIZE: 21,195 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 343x500 pixels
Sketch of Taperlass in a nice old-fashioned outfit checking the time on a quaint pocket watch.
DATE: 1998-02-06 — FILESIZE: 90,493 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 636x835 pixels
Tapermouse sits on Plucky's beak.
DATE: 1998-05-13 — FILESIZE: 78,313 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 396x647 pixels
Taperlass with iridescent wings, and wearing blue jeans and a bikini top.
DATE: 1999-01-26 — FILESIZE: 31,429 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 500x582 pixels
Taperlass poses nude with her back to the camera.
DATE: 1997-01-21 — FILESIZE: 9,252 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 771x291 pixels
Taperlass morphs into her true form, a candle.
DATE: 1997-09-13 — FILESIZE: 20,224 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 334x553 pixels
Tapermouse, the wax wolf in mousy form.
DATE: 1998-01-15 — FILESIZE: 36,360 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 300x540 pixels
Taperlass does her impression of Sarah Blackmane, the two-headed wolf from FurryMUCK.
DATE: 1997-09-30 — FILESIZE: 36,609 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 544x451 pixels
Tapey wears slacks and a shirt, and KT apparently mistakes her for Dot dressed as Lisa.
DATE: 1997-12-06 — FILESIZE: 15,463 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 354x494 pixels
Taperlass from the side.
DATE: 1997-02-09 — FILESIZE: 111,727 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 358x630 pixels
Sketch of Taperlass.
DATE: 1997-12-06 — FILESIZE: 37,942 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 354x494 pixels
Taperlass wears a Celtic torc. (Note: this drawing is slightly inaccurate. A torc is worn with the ends clasped together in back.)
DATE: 1997-10-02 — FILESIZE: 53,954 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 512x726 pixels
Taperwolf, Taperlass's zoomorphic form. (Tapey says she looks a bit like Streisand in this one.)
DATE: 1997-10-08 — FILESIZE: 53,831 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 554x559 pixels
Taperwolf looks over her shoulder in a cute way.
DATE: 1997-07-19 — FILESIZE: 29,144 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 444x359 pixels
Taper Winged Taur.
DATE: 1997-01-08 — FILESIZE: 21,019 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 556x373 pixels
Wakkina calls a taxi, in the form of Vakkotaur.
DATE: 2005-07-18 — FILESIZE: 159,167 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 731x625 pixels
A cartoon shaped like a teacup. KT is drinking chamomile tea, but doesn't know how to pronounce it.
DATE: 2007-05-26 — FILESIZE: 45177 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 808x425 pixels
KT offers Sefo some tea. But what to serve it in? What indeed... what, what, what...
DATE: 2004-06-17 — FILESIZE: 71,808 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 597x812 pixels
Based on actual IRC events: KT accidentally makes Tony crave tea, and then can't find any teabags!
DATE: 1995-?-? — FILESIZE: 10,886 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 485x679 pixels
Teleia, the cute Greek Warner.
DATE: 2009-02-18 — FILESIZE: 159478 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 899x1133 pixels
Page 1 of 2. Teleia tries to grow a third head, but zie runs out of brains for it.
DATE: 2009-02-18 — FILESIZE: 157861 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 899x1224 pixels
Page 2 of 2. Teleia tries hard to grow a third brain for zir new head.
DATE: 2009-02-15 — FILESIZE: 20136 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 329x479 pixels
Teleia felt like going armless today.
DATE: 2009-12-05 — FILESIZE: 86171 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 614x850 pixels
Drawn for Portzebie at Furry Fiesta, of Portz's character Nail, who wears an eyepatch. And of course Teleia can't resist playing around with the concept of an eyepatch, and its concealment of information such as "how many eyes".
DATE: 2009-02-28 — FILESIZE: 266977 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 787x1001 pixels
Teleia shows off a cute pink bikini at the beach, and answers an unseen questioner.
DATE: 2008-11-17 — FILESIZE: 93273 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 645x869 pixels
Frustrated with the fluctuating world market, or maybe just bored with a calculator one day, Teleia decides to design zir own currency system.
DATE: 2008-08-24 — FILESIZE: 242872 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 975x674 pixels
Proving that Teleia doesn't always go nude, here zie is wearing three cute outfits from zir wardrobe.
DATE: 2008-06-24 — FILESIZE: 63325 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 804x852 pixels
Teleia figures out how to turn into a duck, and weirds Sefo out a bit.
DATE: 2001-05-17 — FILESIZE: 11,061 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 250x352 pixels
Teleia in hir new form; a fox! (Oh yes, and sie can still do that thing where sie sometimes has two heads.)
DATE: 2001-06-24 — FILESIZE: 15,797 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 387x649 pixels
Teleia in hir fox form. I finally got hir to pose with clothes on and only one head!
DATE: 2007-12-16 — FILESIZE: 69008 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 395x721 pixels
Teleia Fox, rendered in ink and Prismacolor, on the cover of my new conbook, which I hope to start filling at FC 2008.
DATE: 2008-02-03 — FILESIZE: 65567 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 609x712 pixels
Con sketch for Aatheus: Teleia as a foxtaur. I didn't get it finished in time to give him his book back before the end of MFF, so I took it with me, finished the pic, and photographed it before mailing him the book.
DATE: 2001-07-05 — FILESIZE: 14,755 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 327x525 pixels
Teleia tries yet another form... two-headed half-fox half-Warner!
DATE: 2008-03-17 — FILESIZE: 123914 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 800x825 pixels
Teleia slips and falls in a mud puddle, then invites KT and Sefo to watch zir shower.
DATE: 2008-03-18 — FILESIZE: 174238 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 798x1105 pixels
Teleia gets pulled over for speeding somewhere in West Texas. Zir method of beating the ticket involves turning on not only the waterworks, but the weirdworks.
DATE: 2009-09-23 — FILESIZE: 26237 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 467x513 pixels
Teleia has a head! Of course, it's not currently attached...
DATE: 2009-08-06 — FILESIZE: 19683 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 509x691 pixels
Despite having no clothes on, Teleia is G-rated because this was drawn in public. Also, zie had Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance going through one of zir heads at the time.
DATE: 2007-12-16 — FILESIZE: 16942 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 400x440 pixels
Teleia's other head learns to juggle, using two of however many arms zie currently has.
DATE: 2008-07-30 — FILESIZE: 115052 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 592x815 pixels
Τελεία με τους μεγάλους μαστούς: Teleia with big breasts. A sketch I did for Jon.
DATE: 2002-02-07 — FILESIZE: 18,035 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 414x586 pixels
The comic strip Penny Arcade used to offer a T-shirt saying "Got Wang?" on its merchandise page. Teleia, being a hermaphrodite, likes to freak people out by wearing one!
DATE: 2009-12-01 — FILESIZE: 116676 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 1076x796 pixels
Early one cold crisp morning, Doris comes downstairs as I rhapsodize about coffee for some reason (I don't even drink the stuff), notices Teleia's Teleia-head slippers and wonders whether those are slippers or what!
DATE: 2008-02-03 — FILESIZE: 53460 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 603x832 pixels
Four quickie vignettes of Teleia weirding people out with body parts of unusual size or number.
DATE: 2000-09-11 — FILESIZE: 34,272 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 648x422 pixels
KT and friends walk down the street unmolested... sort of.
DATE: 2000-11-12 — FILESIZE: 45,786 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 480x612 pixels
We were talking about tentacle art one time, and Richard Fox pointed out there's friendly tentacle art and unfriendly tentacle art, and I was inspired to do these drawings.
DATE: 2005-10-29 — FILESIZE: 51,643 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 526x725 pixels
A Classical bust of KT, with the inscription "TESTVDO" (Latin for "tortoise"). LJ icon art for myself.
DATE: 2001-11-10 — FILESIZE: 99,334 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 819x595 pixels
A picture commemorating Mr. Fu the Californian's recent trip to... TEXAS! At which he met me, Nakko and Mintaka. (Regionalities exaggerated for silliness.)
DATE: 2003-11-30 — FILESIZE: 38,193 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 607x435 pixels
Con sketch: A guy transforms into a female cougar. Rrrowr.
DATE: 2009-11-14 — FILESIZE: 81226 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 605x812 pixels
How the kinky turtle spent Thanksgiving: by trick-or-treating. Unfortunately, nobody seems interested in participating. Still, nice Jack in the Box costume, eh?
DATE: 2004-02-14 — FILESIZE: 105,557 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 685x932 pixels
Have ya seen that clip of the video for Leonard Nimoy's "Ballad of Bilbo Baggins"? KT tries to sing it here, after having seen the video clip only once, so he gets some of the words wrong. Also, he couldn't afford to hire a whole chorus line of hobbit girls, so he's just got the one vixen.
DATE: 1999-07-06 — FILESIZE: 39,674 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 483x600 pixels
Lola sees a real-life non-toony mink for the first time and is shocked!
DATE: 2005-11-24 — FILESIZE: 20,674 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 591x452 pixels
What if, instead of Cheech Marin, Tommy Chong's comedy partner were a little spotty yellow critter whom no one can understand?
DATE: 2004-06-03 — FILESIZE: 51,221 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 752x671 pixels
Who's the guy who can gallop far? The Cheataur! The Cheataur.
DATE: 2008-10-29 — FILESIZE: 380816 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 885x1280 pixels
Here's a little Halloween story featuring Teleia and a would-be modern-day Jack the Ripper raccoon.
DATE: 2005-10-02 — FILESIZE: 8,901 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 512x297 pixels
A sketch I did for JoMo at MFM 2005: An elephant semitaur (half the usual number of parts).
DATE: 2006-11-25 — FILESIZE: 71,099 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 976x430 pixels
Masem, The Mouse That Yerfed. Instead of roared. Oh well, close enough.
DATE: 2004-07-20 — FILESIZE: 51,331 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 368x545 pixels
A random doodle in my sketchbook evolved into this narrative.
DATE: 2004-06-19 — FILESIZE: 116,109 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 519x493 pixels
Timmo, playing Magic, gazes determinedly out from behind his hand. A player icon for the online Magic game.
DATE: 2006-07-26 — FILESIZE: 195,203 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 800x614 pixels
Timmo asked for art of his character holding his cellphone, to be used as a background image on the cellphone itself. So I drew this!
DATE: 2006-02-12 — FILESIZE: 96,704 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 756x632 pixels
Timmo can get anything he wants, at Alice's Restaurant (excepting Alice). Drawn as a LiveJournal icon for Timmo.
DATE: 2004-12-14 — FILESIZE: 47,198 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 414x483 pixels
Timmo's wearing a Santa hat! I drew this as a Christmas LJ icon for Timmo. (In the icon, the snow is animated. Oooo.)
DATE: 2007-04-02 — FILESIZE: 49541 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 652x824 pixels
Timmo, normally a tan meerkat-Warner, became a pink skunk for a while.
DATE: 2002-05-25 — FILESIZE: 52,958 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 475x796 pixels
Timmo wears jeans instead of his usual puffy shirt, to show off his stripes. A pic I did for Timmo in exchange for a CD ("Up" by Great Big Sea)!
DATE: 2003-12-05 — FILESIZE: 68,376 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 584x623 pixels
Lindsay Warner rides on Timmo Reintaur's back. Merry Christmas!
DATE: 2009-08-06 — FILESIZE: 29332 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 315x506 pixels
One letter off from Peter Pan's fairy friend Tinkerbell is this flammable fairy. Watch out, she's hot!
DATE: 1997-09-24 — FILESIZE: 25,431 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 442x584 pixels
Tapermouse finds that she has a total of four arms and eighteen fingers!
DATE: 2000-11-22 — FILESIZE: 40,368 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 491x512 pixels
Colored version. Tony Fox curls up in a chair with a mug of hot tea.
DATE: 2000-07-16 — FILESIZE: 56,511 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 454x700 pixels
Tony Fox tries using Masem as a chew toy.
DATE: 1999-06-05 — FILESIZE: 31,119 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 600x502 pixels
Tony as a foxtaur, being given a cup of coffee by KT.
DATE: 2003-09-05 — FILESIZE: 22,378 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 446x499 pixels
Sketchbook drawing from Mephit Furmeet 2003: Tony Ringtail's washin' heah!
DATE: 2002-07-03 — FILESIZE: 47,940 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 646x339 pixels
A few sketches on the topic "Some people are just too damn..." The ornj bunny in the center is Mycroft.
DATE: 2006-03-27 — FILESIZE: 73,760 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 597x825 pixels
The kinky turtle invents a new word: TOTIWAINT!
DATE: 1999-03-20 — FILESIZE: 59,237 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 538x702 pixels
Yakko, Wakko & Dot play in traffic!
DATE: 1999-11-29 — FILESIZE: 21,759 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 351x600 pixels
Masem, being a wax mouse, got cut in half. KT helpfully glued him back together again, but the wrong way around, with odd results.
DATE: 2006-02-11 — FILESIZE: 14,488 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 467x411 pixels
Turbulence Taur, drawn on a plane!
DATE: 2005-12-27 — FILESIZE: 64,009 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 539x666 pixels
Con sketch for Nefaria: If PJ had two heads, he'd have twice the cuteness!
DATE: 2006-02-07 — FILESIZE: 61,151 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 700x935 pixels
Conbook sketch I did for Bark!. Somebody called for a two-headed fox girl, and Teleia is there!