KT's Cartoons: R

DATE: 1999-07-08 — FILESIZE: 37,138 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 443x600 pixels
Little incident based on an actual #warnercafe event. (Those are cutoff jeans Tony is wearing, not a skirt.)
DATE: 2009-09-23 — FILESIZE: 85551 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 1074x452 pixels
KT and Sefo visit the Rain Forest Cafe, but get seated in the noisiest section and decide they don't like it. The following weekend, they try a different place...
DATE: 2005-06-17 — FILESIZE: 34,194 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 592x808 pixels
A bunch of random sketches I did while waiting to go to the Booster Brunch at RCFM 3.14. Sqrooistrrerl, Henzyte commercial, Crystal Burger, Minerva Mike, and the Man from Mars.
DATE: 1997-11-16 — FILESIZE: 114,325 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 604x750 pixels
Ra Ra Rhia! She's a cheerleader.
DATE: 2004-07-20 — FILESIZE: 37,337 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 800x845 pixels
At RCFM 2, Electronin had an old discarded textbook he'd found somewhere, and was drawing on the pages, turning the thing into a work of art, more or less. He let me draw on a couple of pages, and this was one result.
DATE: 2006-08-14 — FILESIZE: 18,095 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 706x335 pixels
What would happen if Ricky Bobby from "Talladega Nights" met Lightning McQueen from "Cars"? I don't think McQueen would be too keen on the idea of letting Ricky Bobby drive him.
DATE: 2006-08-14 — FILESIZE: 5,046 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 289x152 pixels
The inevitable panel 2 of "Ricky Bobby meets Lightning McQueen": McQueen finds out if Wonder Bread's sponsored driver is as soft and squishy as the product itself! Originally posted in a comment on the cars_pixar LJ community.
DATE: 2004-06-03 — FILESIZE: 88,535 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 640x869 pixels
If the kinky turtle were really, really old. A very silly cartoon.
DATE: 1998-04-21 — FILESIZE: 33,040 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 455x600 pixels
KT meets the Reason Being, the creature people invoke when they say stuff like "Why? Well, the reason being is..."
DATE: 2008-05-24 — FILESIZE: 72301 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 800x1089 pixels
Part 1 of 2. Drawn by Babs and me. Does KT make sense? And where'd the red people come from?
DATE: 2008-05-24 — FILESIZE: 77006 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 780x1089 pixels
Part 2 of 2. Drawn by Babs and me. How to deal with an attack of red people?
DATE: 2007-03-22 — FILESIZE: 123336 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 797x1083 pixels
KT keeps forgetting to do his chores, so he invests in a "reminder system" (a pad of paper), and uses it to WIN AT LIFE.
DATE: 2006-06-13 — FILESIZE: 64,109 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 590x805 pixels
A guy walks into the restroom in a convenience store and notices that the restroom requires attention.
DATE: 1997-10-17 — FILESIZE: 40,943 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 581x482 pixels
Richard pesters KT for more foxpics.
DATE: 1998-05-15 — FILESIZE: 25,393 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 725x462 pixels
Richard Fox on a good day and a bad day.
DATE: 1998-07-01 — FILESIZE: 11,232 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 334x412 pixels
Richard with a quizzical look on his face.
DATE: 1997-11-22 — FILESIZE: 19,238 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 350x470 pixels
Richard D. Fox, complete with A! hat and racing shirt.
DATE: 1996-12-30 — FILESIZE: 42,254 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 674x524 pixels
Dot rides Vakkotaur around the track.
DATE: 2005-06-17 — FILESIZE: 7,063 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 400x430 pixels
Mintaka's sister Rigel, drawn oekaki style.
DATE: 2008-03-28 — FILESIZE: 96193 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 1076x804 pixels
Have you seen these annoying little animations put out by Jamster (a German comp-a-neee)? Stuff like Crazy Frog, Holly Dolly and Gummy Bear inspired me to draw this cartoon.
DATE: 2005-09-27 — FILESIZE: 22,059 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 400x413 pixels
A cartoon I drew after Hurricane Rita just missed Houston. The power went out, just on our block, because the power lines for our block are a piece o' crap.
DATE: 2002-09-08 — FILESIZE: 30,722 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 651x526 pixels
Road Rage! Richard Fox played a game of Toon, and I drew a few scenes from it. This is the title page.
DATE: 2002-09-08 — FILESIZE: 37,684 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 690x521 pixels
Road Rage! Richard cruises down the highway.
DATE: 2002-09-08 — FILESIZE: 28,590 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 788x310 pixels
Road Rage! Richard runs out of gas.
DATE: 2002-09-08 — FILESIZE: 23,019 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 661x513 pixels
Road Rage! Richard somehow ends up embedded in a sign.
DATE: 2009-02-28 — FILESIZE: 21528 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 567x458 pixels
Man eats roast hedgehog, begins to wish he'd gone to Sonic instead.
DATE: 2006-01-10 — FILESIZE: 71,015 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 592x829 pixels
First picture of 2006! It's a rocking horse that really ROCKS.
DATE: 2003-04-06 — FILESIZE: 100,337 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 605x571 pixels
An '80s New Wave style furry album cover I designed for Wilford.
DATE: 2007-07-10 — FILESIZE: 141758 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 776x546 pixels
Conbook sketch I did for Ronrab at Anthrocon 2007: Fifi bamboozles Ronrab by speaking French.
DATE: 2007-01-20 — FILESIZE: 50,569 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 563x796 pixels
Cartoon dialog between KT and Babs. know-your-audience.gif was drawn in a space which I didn't realize was reserved for a cartoon dialog between Raine and Babs, so here's KT trying to apologize to Babs for it.
DATE: 2007-01-20 — FILESIZE: 47,754 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 587x806 pixels
Cartoon dialog part 2. Having accepted KT's apology, she and KT switch artists, and things just get weirder.
DATE: 2008-09-06 — FILESIZE: 93026 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 800x1094 pixels
A short time ago I found a bunch of links to room escape games, those Flash-based point-and-click puzzle games where you're trapped in a room and have to figure how to get out. Some of them are fun, but sometimes they're frustratingly hard for all the wrong reasons.
DATE: 2006-05-29 — FILESIZE: 18,295 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 479x305 pixels
Inspired by Over The Hedge: What if KT played Verne?
DATE: 2006-02-17 — FILESIZE: 96,344 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 706x991 pixels
KT sings Russian folk songs, or something that at least sounds like Russian folk songs.