KT's Cartoons: O

DATE: 2001-06-30 — FILESIZE: 11,011 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 311x329 pixels
In the washroom at the Obsessive-Compulsive Diner.
DATE: 2006-05-26 — FILESIZE: 58,263 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 569x819 pixels
A series of odd gryphons: bunnygriff, skunkgriff, businessmangriff, and so on.
DATE: 1999-03-09 — FILESIZE: 81,983 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 555x882 pixels
Richard Fox ogles Lola Bunny, prompting her to rip off his foot. Also his nose.
DATE: 2009-04-08 — FILESIZE: 34395 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 550x557 pixels
One day I came up with an idea for the name of a burger restaurant, plus an ad campaign for it: OHAY Burgers, in which OHAY stands for "Our Hamburgers Are Yummy". I thought of several billboards for it, but the last one turned out to be offensive so I quickly covered for it.
DATE: 1998-10-16 — FILESIZE: 64,716 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 489x600 pixels
It's Okkay Warner's sweet sixteen, so Yakko decides to make it even sweeter by popping out of a cake, wearing... well... a birthday suit!
DATE: 1998-12-20 — FILESIZE: 32,874 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 444x634 pixels
Okkay preys on ducks. Er, a duck. Er, prays. Yeah.
DATE: 1998-12-23 — FILESIZE: 100,180 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 457x600 pixels
Okkay poses as a Christmas tree! It seems Taper painted her green, so people started hanging ornaments on her...
DATE: 1999-07-12 — FILESIZE: 18,943 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 500x360 pixels
Okkay skritches Yakko, who has flooped down into the pillow pile.
DATE: 2006-05-12 — FILESIZE: 31,805 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 564x695 pixels
I drew this old frog while at Morphicon and then felt the need to have a fox there to complain about it. During the con, some people asked me why the frog has a big nose and a mustache. Well duh, because he's old!
DATE: 2008-06-15 — FILESIZE: 311718 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 600x814 pixels
I felt like doing some experimental drawing, so I started doodling aimlessly in Photoshop, and it turned into this picture of a guy sleeping on a giant bird's head.
DATE: 2006-03-31 — FILESIZE: 112,266 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 567x807 pixels
KT has a nightmare about Time Magazine.
DATE: 2000-04-15 — FILESIZE: 14,332 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 350x400 pixels
Y'know how, after navigating through those evil telephone pushbutton menus, it's so nice to get to talk to a human being for a change? Weeeell, don't just jump to conclusions!...
DATE: 2000-11-21 — FILESIZE: 76,744 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 574x807 pixels
KT sings badly, prompting Sheila to call Orvan Ox. He makes deliveries for ACME, and delivers a package that KT gets a bang out of!
DATE: 2005-02-09 — FILESIZE: 39,902 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 573x800 pixels
Drawn in Sir Fox's "Outtakes & Bloopers" sketchbook: A series of outtakes from the Further Confusion 2005 diary.
DATE: 2007-02-20 — FILESIZE: 102,835 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 512x725 pixels
Ozy as a three-headed rainbow dragon that eats Buicks, as mentioned in a recent Ozy and Millie cartoon.
DATE: 2008-06-03 — FILESIZE: 114352 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 1072x812 pixels
Inspired by an Ozy & Millie comic strip, in which Millie warns Ozy about the possibility of the two of them turning into horrible genetic mutants, with five arms, nine eyes, green fur, tails that shoot fire, and psychokinetic powers!
DATE: 2004-11-23 — FILESIZE: 43,714 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 600x805 pixels
Drawn in D.C. Simpson's sketchbook: Millie shaves Ozy for the purposes of starting an R.E.M. imitation band.