KT's Cartoons: H

DATE: 2006-02-03 — FILESIZE: 82,454 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 758x522 pixels
The first three panels are actual quotes from Bush's 2006 State of the Union address. OMG human-animal hybrids!!!
DATE: 1996-07-24 — FILESIZE: 18,762 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 513x541 pixels
KT tries to explain a mysterious clogged drain to Sefo.
DATE: 2005-06-17 — FILESIZE: 16,569 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 640x445 pixels
Sketch I did for Vakko: A half-assed job.
DATE: 1999-09-21 — FILESIZE: 10,971 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 240x400 pixels
Taper finds that someone (possibly a silly turtle) has molded her hand into a second head!
DATE: 2006-02-11 — FILESIZE: 16,461 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 508x671 pixels
Teleia messes with your mind, and so does Choppie the Squirrel.
DATE: 2008-12-22 — FILESIZE: 74245 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 600x826 pixels
KT gets the urge to sing a disgusting little ditty about boogers, and then teaches it to a child. The future of our country is in his hands!
DATE: 2004-05-06 — FILESIZE: 82,978 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 591x804 pixels
Nakko gives Chilly Mouse a birthday hug.
DATE: 2008-01-09 — FILESIZE: 114656 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 965x714 pixels
KT buys Sefo a gift for a holiday he invented: Belated Xmas. You can celebrate Belated Xmas anytime! Even more than once a year if you like! Avoid the December mall crowds! Buy your loved ones something for Belated Xmas today, or whenever you feel like it.
DATE: 2003-02-16 — FILESIZE: 146,094 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 397x545 pixels
Sketchbook drawing from Further Confusion 2003: KT wishes Maui a happy birthday by popping out of her cake and blathering nonsense! Yaay!
DATE: 1997-08-01 — FILESIZE: 10,600 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 226x271 pixels
Taperlass with happy smiley eyes.
DATE: 1995-?-? — FILESIZE: 7,720 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 372x274 pixels
spot warner's Mac Classic harfs on her. (Spot used to be an IRC regular but left some time ago; but she left us with a rich linguistic legacy, known as spotspeak. harf: to be bad, to not work properly, to throw up.)
DATE: 2008-03-30 — FILESIZE: 113180 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 1089x758 pixels
From the makers of Guitar Hero: it's Harp Hero!
DATE: 2004-02-09 — FILESIZE: 84,581 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 718x511 pixels
A human couple regret their decision to invite a fox couple over when the fox husband gets drunk and starts shooting his mouth off.
DATE: 2007-08-09 — FILESIZE: 193190 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 893x613 pixels
This is the prize for Hartree, who won first place in my element contest from LJ: Hartree Fox finally comes to terms with the Copenhagen interpretation. (But first I looked up Copenhagen interpretation on Wikipedia...)
DATE: 2005-05-15 — FILESIZE: 56,622 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 672x551 pixels
A simple diagram. Accoutrements and fripperies go here and there, insert food A into slot MMMMM.
DATE: 2009-04-08 — FILESIZE: 26475 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 530x736 pixels
Teleia pulls zir own head off with a *poink*!
DATE: 2006-04-21 — FILESIZE: 80,894 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 595x818 pixels
KT is sad that he cannot make barbershop cartoons, so he and Sefo get their heads polished.
DATE: 2009-02-15 — FILESIZE: 131209 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 342x911 pixels
Teleia splits zir head into two. In color.
DATE: 2003-02-23 — FILESIZE: 88,796 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 608x544 pixels
KT and Doris exchange those little heart-shaped candies with messages printed on them. I drew this on Valentine's day, but it took several days to get it colored (mainly because I scanned it waaay too damn big and it was making Photoshop choke).
DATE: 2004-04-17 — FILESIZE: 79,098 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 600x812 pixels
Trapped on a sinking ship, Sefo finds that KT has some very odd ideas of what characters are superheroes.
DATE: 2000-04-22 — FILESIZE: 138,188 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 596x830 pixels
My first (and probably last) Hip Hippos cartoon! The Hippos go to the movies, but can't fit in the seats, so Flavio comes up with an unusual (but very cutting-edge) solution...
DATE: 2001-07-03 — FILESIZE: 10,539 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 467x603 pixels
A quick pic I whipped up for Egg as a design for the cover of the sketchbook he carries around. The cover is black, and he wants to paint white areas on it, so I got creative.
DATE: 1999-06-26 — FILESIZE: 58,589 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 625x639 pixels
Hobbes cuddles Emmy Warner.
DATE: 1998-12-31 — FILESIZE: 40,411 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 788x517 pixels
Hobbes about to shred a smart-aleck pilot in the weather office in the Grand Forks, North Dakota, weather office.
DATE: 1998-10-22 — FILESIZE: 43,655 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 471x600 pixels
Hobbes poses with a Speed Graphic camera as Weegee, the famous news photographer of the '30s & '40s. ("The public eye of the tiger!" -billobv)
DATE: 2000-11-16 — FILESIZE: 20,188 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 411x458 pixels
A bored-looking fox.
DATE: 2004-06-03 — FILESIZE: 74,620 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 666x405 pixels
A drawing I did in HollyAnn's sketchbook during her recent sketchbook pass-around. HollyAnn is a big fan of My Little Pony, you see...
DATE: 2000-03-29 — FILESIZE: 10,809 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 333x448 pixels
Don't you hate it when you go to a truck stop, and they're out of ancient Roman condiments?
DATE: 2008-11-30 — FILESIZE: 138980 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 790x349 pixels
By popular request (it was requested by one entire alexreynard!), here's a standalone, refined, full-color version of one of the cartoons from this collage. Y'know those guys who have furry avatars and do furry artwork and so on, but seem to spend gobs of time pointing at other furries and wailin' & carryin' on about how horrible & nuke-from-orbit-worthy they are? Yeah, those guys. I sneer at them, like this interviewer guy! *sneeeer*
DATE: 1998-12-18 — FILESIZE: 11,163 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 527x292 pixels
How to kick, in 2 easy steps.
DATE: 1998-12-18 — FILESIZE: 8,811 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 477x251 pixels
How not to kick, in 2 even easier steps.
DATE: 2000-05-27 — FILESIZE: 17,639 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 600x384 pixels
Not long ago, most of the cartoonists on the funnies page did simultaneous tributes to Charles Schulz in their strips one day. I decided to contribute, so I drew this cartoon of Sefo showing us Snoopy's doghouse.
DATE: 2009-04-08 — FILESIZE: 8298 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 342x347 pixels
Teleia propels zir head into the air, to the mild amazement of Dr. Weird's assistant Steve.