KT's Cartoons: B

DATE: 1996-07-18 — FILESIZE: 12,410 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 221x425 pixels
Beth's former character, Katie Bunny, based on Babs Bunny from Tiny Toons.
DATE: 2003-11-10 — FILESIZE: 82,912 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 480x832 pixels
Con sketch: Babs Bunny chatting on the telephone. The line "Billy Ocean did a concert for bunnies" was the result of a game of Telephone we were playing at Olive Garden after MFF 2002.
DATE: 2008-11-29 — FILESIZE: 15381 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 456x609 pixels
A Babs... with the upper body of a bunny... and the lower body... of a CAR! Babs's idea, drawn by me.

I might color this.
DATE: 2007-12-16 — FILESIZE: 28741 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 419x396 pixels
This one time on LJ, Babs took the Animal Archetype Test, and the result was "cat". So, curious to see what Babs would look like as a kitty, I drew that!
DATE: 2009-07-10 — FILESIZE: 99392 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 801x1096 pixels
Drawn by me and Babs at Anthrocon. We started drawing stuff about Bolt at bottom left, and it all spiraled inward to the center.
DATE: 2009-02-03 — FILESIZE: 83522 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 752x1083 pixels
Collaboration by me and Babs. Babs complains about the humidity, but KT thinks it's not that bad.
DATE: 2008-12-20 — FILESIZE: 46669 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 522x651 pixels
Babs Bunny as a car!
DATE: 2007-07-12 — FILESIZE: 33286 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 586x737 pixels
...and that's when Babs Bunny discovered what non sequiturs were.
DATE: 2006-06-13 — FILESIZE: 39,132 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 577x805 pixels
Another cartoon dialogue between Babs and me, centered around my visit to the Louisville Slugger museum and the free souvenir mini-bat they gave me. Page 1 of 2.
DATE: 2006-06-13 — FILESIZE: 38,099 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 574x806 pixels
Cartoon dialogue about bats, page 2 of 2.
DATE: 2003-11-28 — FILESIZE: 37,131 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 576x425 pixels
Con sketch: The first two lines of R.E.M.'s song "Bad Day", illustrated. The "public service announcements" are those G.I. Joe educational segments with altered dialog done by some guy named Fensler, which have been going around the internet a bit. The strange coloration in the picture is the result of whatever Patrick Chalnick did when he scanned it. I probably could have removed it, with some effort, but it looks kinda cool as is.
DATE: 2008-10-05 — FILESIZE: 341152 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 1113x802 pixels
KT's got good barbacuity!
DATE: 1998-10-16 — FILESIZE: 28,152 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 457x450 pixels
The first (and probably only) installment of The Adventures of Basil Duck, a character I thought of while browsing the menu in a Thai restaurant. (I didn't order the basil duck, though; I opted for some sort of beef dish instead (which was yummy), but "The Adventures of Beef Dish" sounded like a porno film.)
DATE: 1997-04-21 — FILESIZE: 14,891 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 350x420 pixels
Plucky Warner removes his beak fthoi.
DATE: 1998-01-24 — FILESIZE: 14,101 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 406x655 pixels
Plucky D, Warner as Beakazoid!
DATE: 2002-12-08 — FILESIZE: 24,949 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 494x595 pixels
Becca Warner celebrates Lord-of-the-Rings-mania by becoming a Hobbit! The Elvish writing on her sword reads "Becca's sword -- no touchie"!
DATE: 1998-07-27 — FILESIZE: 38,372 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 806x957 pixels
Doris Duck writes a parody of a Monkees song.
DATE: 2004-02-27 — FILESIZE: 39,790 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 560x541 pixels
Inspired by Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ", KT films his own Biblical epic, performed in his own made-up language.
DATE: 2002-11-06 — FILESIZE: 37,936 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 820x554 pixels
Parody of a scene from "Di Gi Charat", a bizarre little anime series in which the episodes are two minutes long and... nothing that happens makes the least damn bit o' sense.
DATE: 2002-11-06 — FILESIZE: 41,132 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 820x613 pixels
Subtitled version of bigamericanface.gif. Still doesn't make any damn sense, does it?
DATE: 1999-12-06 — FILESIZE: 84,831 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 480x672 pixels
Lola grows very very very tall, stands outside the Warner cafe and picks up Vakkotaur for cuddling purposes.
DATE: 2005-04-16 — FILESIZE: 24,486 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 581x616 pixels
Raccoon gnawing on a giant marshmallow.
DATE: 2008-10-02 — FILESIZE: 379525 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 763x731 pixels
It's a bird. Wearing glasses. Eyeglasses, specifically. One pair for each eye. Because his eyes need corrective eyewear. Don't they look sharp?
DATE: 2001-09-01 — FILESIZE: 48,620 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 497x574 pixels
Taperlass's bitey breasts, in color! All together now: "Fangs, for the mammaries..."
DATE: 1997-08-01 — FILESIZE: 24,783 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 316x332 pixels
Taperlass with bitey eyes.
DATE: 1998-02-08 — FILESIZE: 49,296 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 704x441 pixels
Taperlass's nose bites Wakkofinger.
DATE: 2000-10-31 — FILESIZE: 94,275 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 570x793 pixels
Doris Duck's house is broken into by a fox who's both a burglar and a lover of weird music.
DATE: 1996-07-24 — FILESIZE: 22,027 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 577x771 pixels
Blorching: the art of drawing famous cartoon characters with parts of their anatomy missing.
DATE: 2000-10-13 — FILESIZE: 25,175 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 385x500 pixels
Blue Yakko, a computer version of Yakko, complete with anti-spammer gun. (Some sort of TRON thing, I suppose.)
DATE: 2000-03-30 — FILESIZE: 9,843 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 463x255 pixels
KT sings Dot's body electric. (Based on the song "I Sing the Body Electric" from "Fame".)
DATE: 2000-03-30 — FILESIZE: 8,178 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 344x279 pixels
Dot complains about KT singing her body electric.
DATE: 2005-02-28 — FILESIZE: 85,030 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 632x712 pixels
KT does his own version of the classic old Oscar Mayer bologna commercial.
DATE: 2009-03-10 — FILESIZE: 144082 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 769x1104 pixels
The adventures of Boltroid and Steve, the crimefighting team of a robot and a skunk.
DATE: 2005-03-25 — FILESIZE: 57,819 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 514x781 pixels
This is Bonnie Chere. My friend Jon was having a hard day (well, a hard week) so I drew Bonnie to cheer him up.
DATE: 2006-02-03 — FILESIZE: 86,271 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 561x746 pixels
Drawing for Jonathan's birthday: Bonnie Chère has a birthday cake for him! Blow out the candles, Jon.
DATE: 2005-11-06 — FILESIZE: 33,901 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 493x639 pixels
Bonnie Chere waves hello.
DATE: 2005-04-10 — FILESIZE: 61,270 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 539x670 pixels
Bonnie Chere gives Jon a hug. I think she likes him!
DATE: 2007-03-20 — FILESIZE: 54398 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 564x759 pixels
Bonnie Chère with a special message for Jon. (Hint: It's an artful cryptic roster of secrets taking initial characters.)
DATE: 2005-04-21 — FILESIZE: 49,570 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 473x742 pixels
Bonnie Chere's back! Yes she is, and yes that's what this is.
DATE: 1997-11-15 — FILESIZE: 108,521 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 654x734 pixels
Masem J. Mouse is BOSOMMOUSE! Every woman needs a BOSOMMOUSE! Get yours today!
DATE: 2007-11-25 — FILESIZE: 86249 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 814x1207 pixels
Cartoon dialog between Babs and me: Boy George in wolf form vs. MC Cinnabon Head.
DATE: 1997-08-05 — FILESIZE: 80,305 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 785x588 pixels
Pinky & the Brain as Flanders & Swann. (Michael Flanders and Donald Swann, a pair of British guys who wrote and performed funny songs in the late '50s and '60s. Pinky is mangling a song called "Kokoraki", a Greek folk song.)
DATE: 2007-02-04 — FILESIZE: 108,492 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 614x877 pixels
Based on a quick thumbnail sketch cartoon I did in my sketchbook. Mr. Boss Man is so suspicious he doesn't even trust his brain trust!
thumbnailBreast Awareness.jpg
DATE: 2008-10-05 — FILESIZE: 13473 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 100x100 pixels
Apparently October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Some people on FurAffinity have been adding pink ribbons to their avatars. I like to poke good-natured fun at avatar memes, and this was no exception.
DATE: 1997-06-22 — FILESIZE: 14,252 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 286x394 pixels
DATE: 2005-12-30 — FILESIZE: 46,723 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 580x846 pixels
Con sketch for Babs. The theme of the book was "bunnies", so I drew bun-knees.
DATE: 2005-12-30 — FILESIZE: 69,791 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 580x805 pixels
Con sketch for Babs. Bunnies bunnies bunnies!
DATE: 2009-02-04 — FILESIZE: 33994 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 598x559 pixels
KT and friends have all changed into bunnies! Because it's Bunny Day. [nodnod]
DATE: 2006-05-13 — FILESIZE: 107,192 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 590x814 pixels
Two guys go to a Chinese restaurant and make a joke about the "Bunny Farms" truck parked outside...
DATE: 2003-05-17 — FILESIZE: 42,021 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 553x405 pixels
Sketchbook drawing from FC 2003: KT meets Butterscotch Vixen and Caramel Skunk, but gets their names wrong.