KT's Cartoons: N

DATE: 2000-06-20 — FILESIZE: 15,426 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 491x370 pixels
Two mice! And they're naked!
DATE: 2008-04-20 — FILESIZE: 73104 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 817x595 pixels
Nakko gives Jon a big ol' hug! (Ignore the spoony ears; they're based on an old design which I hadn't drawn in years and they came out weird.)
DATE: 2008-10-20 — FILESIZE: 46787 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 492x558 pixels
Nakko meets a hot sauce woman! She's hot, baby, she'll burn ya! This picture started one day when Nakko was talking about hot sauce and said something like, "I love hot sauce. I wish I knew a girl named Hot Sauce. We would kiss, and then I'd drink some water. Then we'd kiss some more, and then I'd drink a lot more water..." Then he described the scenario depicted here!
DATE: 1996-12-04 — FILESIZE: 10,832 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 430x585 pixels
Natte Warner shows off her three braided tails.
DATE: 1995-?-? — FILESIZE: 11,113 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 366x711 pixels
Natte Warner. (Nowadays, she's no longer a Warner but a snow leopard.)
DATE: 2000-08-27 — FILESIZE: 46,101 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 435x528 pixels
Natte Warner is now a snow leopard!
DATE: 2008-03-17 — FILESIZE: 124854 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 780x1069 pixels
Hey! Let's make fun of Nazifurs! I drew this during FC2008, after chatting with a bunch of furries from Germany, who as you can well imagine are not amused by people wearing Nazi costumes to furry cons. One of the furs I spoke to is the "actual German fur" depicted in panel 2.
DATE: 2003-06-06 — FILESIZE: 68,017 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 649x430 pixels
"Finding Nemo" fanart: KT as Dory.
DATE: 1998-05-16 — FILESIZE: 15,988 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 396x450 pixels
Neuracnu sits on the floor wearing only a pair of sexy black lace panties.
DATE: 1998-05-16 — FILESIZE: 16,009 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 340x500 pixels
Neuracnu leans against the wall in his lace panties.
DATE: 1997-05-31 — FILESIZE: 16,989 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 400x550 pixels
Neuracnu Coyote.
DATE: 1997-10-06 — FILESIZE: 35,221 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 531x614 pixels
Neu_and_Natte joins #watertower. See, Neuracnu & Natte both live in St. Louis, and one time she visited his house and they logged onto IRC together under the nick Neu_and_Natte, which caused me to imagine this bizarre two-headed aberration of nature.
DATE: 1998-02-21 — FILESIZE: 91,917 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 846x558 pixels
I actually drew this back in 1998, but somehow it never managed to make it onto my page until now. Neuracnu sits with Dot, in a cute green dress, on a park bench near the Warner Cafe.
DATE: 2000-07-24 — FILESIZE: 36,949 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 444x600 pixels
Teleia shows KT hir new tank top. Then sie shows him a neat trick sie can do, involving suddenly and magically having two heads!
DATE: 2007-03-11 — FILESIZE: 55322 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 610x771 pixels
Nia Coyote kicks Jen's ass. A quick sketch based on an incident from IRC. I drew Jen from memory and got her hairstyle wrong.
DATE: 2003-06-29 — FILESIZE: 30,346 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 378x800 pixels
A drawing of Nikon Raccoon I did in Nikon's sketchbook. She's a six-inch-tall raccoon who loves photography.
DATE: 2006-05-12 — FILESIZE: 32,251 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 630x838 pixels
Conbook sketch for Nikon: Nikon as a draccoon, and two bamboozled scientists.
DATE: 2004-12-03 — FILESIZE: 15,765 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 406x523 pixels
Nikon morphs from a human into a tiny raccoon.
DATE: 2000-04-15 — FILESIZE: 61,063 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 520x720 pixels
KT stops believing in chickens, and tries to spread the gospel! With limited success. And by limited I mean none.
DATE: 2000-10-27 — FILESIZE: 65,235 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 600x553 pixels
KT's response to the sports cliché "There's no I in TEAM". Extremely rare shot of KT in an athletic outfit (mainly 'cos I hate sports.) :P
DATE: 2001-08-15 — FILESIZE: 62,554 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 538x562 pixels
Egg LeFume riding an airplane, and inconveniencing fellow passengers in coach with his big fluffy (and probably stinky, to them) tail.
DATE: 2006-02-11 — FILESIZE: 69,626 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 745x674 pixels
Meet Shirley the Non-Rutabaga (she's a bunny.)
DATE: 2004-12-03 — FILESIZE: 23,098 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 464x619 pixels
A non-sequitaur. I bet you didn't expect to wake up this morning and see a creature with the word "German" for a leg, did you?
DATE: 2007-05-29 — FILESIZE: 49307 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 607x629 pixels
Northpaw as a young kit, pretending to play "A Hard Day's Night" on a guitar he made out of cardboard. Drawn for Northpaw at Morphicon 2007.
DATE: 2004-11-26 — FILESIZE: 95,418 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 704x893 pixels
Northpaw, a shapeshifting fox, tries the two-headed approach to going out to eat. Drawn in Northpaw's sketchbook; color by Northpaw.
DATE: 2007-05-29 — FILESIZE: 29768 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 552x817 pixels
Northpaw shapeshifts into a raccoon, embarrassing KT in front of Sefo. Also he's eating vindaloo. Drawn for Northpaw at Morphicon 2006.
DATE: 2007-05-29 — FILESIZE: 16087 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 500x705 pixels
Northpaw goes from fox... to taur. This was inspired by some sort of word game Babs and I made up where we were saying stuff like "You can go from ceiling... to floor" or "You can go from three... to four". I can't for the life of me remember what started that. Drawn for Northpaw at Midwest Furfest 2006.
DATE: 2009-09-23 — FILESIZE: 33775 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 1014x290 pixels
Trad Fox chats with KT about his here-again gone-again nostrils.
DATE: 2006-11-27 — FILESIZE: 71,488 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 801x1035 pixels
My friend Mr. Fu started up a game-selling business called Tabletop Diversions (I'd link to it but he doesn't even have a website yet) and I bought some games from him. When I mailed him a check, this cartoon was wrapped around it.
DATE: 2001-08-29 — FILESIZE: 17,573 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 458x511 pixels
She's a cute bunny, she's wearing nothing but her fur, but it covers her well. This is character I came up with whom I'm thinking of calling Rachel Rabbit.
DATE: 2008-11-29 — FILESIZE: 29818 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 548x778 pixels
At MFF, Babs was wearing a NKOTB T-shirt depicting Donnie Wahlberg. Because of the hairstyle, a lot of people thought he was Rick Astley. So I drew this.

"Hi, blender wagon" is, as you might well guess, an anagram of "Donnie Wahlberg".
DATE: 2001-08-29 — FILESIZE: 55,800 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 737x599 pixels
Jennifer complains about the heat, so Richard recommends she experiment with casual nudity. She doesn't seem to take to this suggestion very well.
DATE: 2007-11-25 — FILESIZE: 48746 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 508x830 pixels
Intro/warning page of a secret little porn book of mine.
DATE: 2000-05-05 — FILESIZE: 56,131 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 620x837 pixels
Another birthday pic for Taperlass. Mr. Fu came up with this idea and I drew it for him. Nunchakus are really hard to use if they're bigger than you are, ya know.