KT's Cartoons: M

DATE: 1997-04-03 — FILESIZE: 21,359 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 355x390 pixels
KT does the Forbidden Dance. No, not the Lambada.
DATE: 2008-07-26 — FILESIZE: 104446 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 954x714 pixels
Part 1 of 2. Teleia and KT look for a parking spot at the mall, but some jerk has taken up two spaces.
DATE: 2008-07-26 — FILESIZE: 98982 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 962x717 pixels
Part 2 of 2. Teleia bulks up zir muscles and moves the car by hand.
DATE: 2006-07-09 — FILESIZE: 34,194 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 550x591 pixels
KT gets waaay too excited over the prospect of eating malted milk balls.
DATE: 1997-07-17 — FILESIZE: 127,534 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 630x880 pixels
Marge Simpson Action Comics!
DATE: 2005-12-25 — FILESIZE: 174,645 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 575x1005 pixels
In his quest for all things ornj, Mycroft has most recently transformed himself into a bunny-shaped blob of ornj marmalade. Now in addition to being ornj, he's sticky!
DATE: 2000-10-30 — FILESIZE: 35,311 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 312x657 pixels
Mary Fox! (Remember Mark Bunny? Same player.)
DATE: 2004-08-04 — FILESIZE: 50,113 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 1099x254 pixels
A Mary Worth comic strip from the paper, which I made funnier by adding a third panel.
DATE: 2005-11-10 — FILESIZE: 58,990 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 1179x293 pixels
The return of Fishhead! I cut a Mary Worth comic strip out of the paper and added a third panel.
DATE: 2007-12-06 — FILESIZE: 149968 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 1088x299 pixels
Here he is again, as seen in maryworth.gif and maryworth2.gif: Fishhead! And this time he's brought his brother along to make Mary and Dr. Jeff's dinner even more annoying!
DATE: 2000-03-26 — FILESIZE: 11,912 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 546x352 pixels
Meanwhile, Masem barbecues over one of the steam vents around the lava. (I think the joke here was, Richard made a comment about barbecuing Masem over the steam vents, so I said "I'll draw Masem barbecuing!" Or something.)
DATE: 1997-07-03 — FILESIZE: 17,391 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 325x442 pixels
Masem as a centaur.
DATE: 2006-08-14 — FILESIZE: 93,075 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 888x534 pixels
Someone else on the cars_pixar LJ community wanted to see Lightning McQueen hitting the cow from "Barnyard"! But I figured it might go down more like this.
DATE: 2006-08-05 — FILESIZE: 100,048 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 838x554 pixels
Lightning McQueen from Pixar's "Cars", as a human, meets Mater as a truck.
DATE: 2006-08-10 — FILESIZE: 81,111 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 525x723 pixels
The sequel to mcqueen-ride.gif: Lightning McQueen goes to Doc Hudson's clinic to try to flush the turkle infestation out of his system. But Doc's got problems of his own!
DATE: 2006-07-20 — FILESIZE: 128,227 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 593x1021 pixels
Cars fanart that doesn't involve licking: KT takes Lightning McQueen for a ride.
DATE: 2004-07-20 — FILESIZE: 32,137 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 536x454 pixels
KT means to do the dishes. He means it!
DATE: 2001-10-24 — FILESIZE: 25,732 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 286x429 pixels
I recently got a big black sketchbook to take to conventions and get other people to draw in. This is the inviting drawing I pasted on the cover.
DATE: 2000-02-15 — FILESIZE: 33,941 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 623x554 pixels
Melody Mephit wears a lei, which Mr. Fu decides to bite through.
DATE: 2003-01-30 — FILESIZE: 19,488 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 557x534 pixels
Mel Skunk stands on her head. She's at the Grand Canyon... um, for no reason.
DATE: 1998-05-15 — FILESIZE: 25,392 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 751x490 pixels
Minerva Mink sits for a portrait by her biggest fan, Hobbes.
DATE: 2008-11-29 — FILESIZE: 151677 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 1024x102 pixels
Collage of cartoons and weird things I doodled at MFF. Except the KT-cartaur was drawn by Babs, and the "horrified by your own fandom" cartoon was drawn by me on the way home from MFF. CAN YOU MAKE SENSE OF IT ALL?!? (Hint: No.)
DATE: 1997-01-01 — FILESIZE: 26,356 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 348x355 pixels
The cute, lovable, and copyright-violating Mickey Alligator.
DATE: 2005-04-10 — FILESIZE: 18,421 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 591x361 pixels
Military cartoon! And then sports cartoon! Muhahahaha.
DATE: 2000-12-09 — FILESIZE: 104,324 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 574x816 pixels
Minerva Mink meets Eric O. Costello, Michael Mink's a-e (alter ego; i.e. his player.)
DATE: 2002-09-12 — FILESIZE: 19,133 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 496x719 pixels
Minerva as a fox!
DATE: 2001-10-31 — FILESIZE: 59,156 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 640x480 pixels
Commission for Mini Skunk: A colored pencil portrait of Mini (who is a skunk version of Minerva Mink) standing outside Minerva's house, and apparently claiming it as her own. But then it is her house anyway! I think...
DATE: 2006-09-08 — FILESIZE: 59,426 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 799x666 pixels
Remember Minnie and Van from "Cars", the two minivans who briefly visit Radiator Springs? I figured they deserved some fanart, so I imagined a quiet evening at the Minivan house (garage?).
DATE: 2006-06-13 — FILESIZE: 22,215 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 463x593 pixels
Just before Anthrocon, I went to the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory in Louisville, KY, where they make the best baseball bats in the world. They have a store there where you can get a real Louisville Slugger inscribed with your name or a friend's name, so I got one for Margaret Mink and shipped it to her a-e in New York. This is the note I included in the box.
DATE: 1997-07-03 — FILESIZE: 17,983 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 304x444 pixels
A cross between a mink and a Warner.
DATE: 1998-10-07 — FILESIZE: 81,164 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 936x594 pixels
Improving a cartoon gag through embellishment: I cut a Mickey Mouse comic strip (© Disney) out of the paper and made it funnier by adding a few panels. Imelda Marcos, watch out, here comes Minnie!
DATE: 2009-02-15 — FILESIZE: 41615 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 697x781 pixels
Miscellaneous sketches: KT balancing on a broom, Colgate donuts, talking animals meeting real live humans, KT sleeping on Sefo's shoulder, and of course your humble surf-ant.
DATE: 2009-02-15 — FILESIZE: 97848 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 953x830 pixels
More miscellaneous sketches: Make sure your car is snapped together, don't take any wooden nickels, don't beans (you can bean, but you can't beans), fluorescent lights of different compactness, shading exercises, and 6 the Blasé Gryphon.
DATE: 2009-02-28 — FILESIZE: 55427 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 675x807 pixels
Miscellaneous sketches: A meal of sauces, roast hedgehog, angry (and hungry) people (and things), the internet hospital, and KT is always right.
DATE: 2005-12-30 — FILESIZE: 96,362 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 577x853 pixels
Con sketch for Babs. Why has Miss Jenkins turned into a rabbit, er, bunny?
DATE: 1996-05-10 — FILESIZE: 111,021 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 553x1041 pixels
Sketches of Minerva Mink. Mostly done from TV.
DATE: 2006-09-08 — FILESIZE: 84,762 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 807x1104 pixels
The snake version of "Snakes on a Plane": "Mongeese on a Plane"!
DATE: 2002-11-06 — FILESIZE: 33,926 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 601x799 pixels
My response to webcomics that make fun of furries. (Not that I mind jokes about furries, as long as they're not gratuitously mean.)
DATE: 2006-03-01 — FILESIZE: 199,172 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 800x1755 pixels
You know all those subway map parodies people have been making with the station names anagrammed? Well, here along similar lines is the anagrammed world of homestarrunner.com!
DATE: 1999-11-26 — FILESIZE: 30,583 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 527x530 pixels
KT and Dot take turns saying "Moop yinkle garg prip hambla hambla hambla". Dot says it really cutely.
DATE: 2009-04-08 — FILESIZE: 90332 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 772x855 pixels
Doris shows up at KT and Sefo's house all angry and pissed off, thanks to all the morons on the road who can't frigging drive.
DATE: 2000-07-24 — FILESIZE: 52,610 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 574x593 pixels
A bunch of furries in a movie theater.
DATE: 2007-11-25 — FILESIZE: 22092 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 541x711 pixels
Con sketch for Northpaw from MFF 2007: a moxtaur.
DATE: 2000-07-25 — FILESIZE: 19,470 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 309x498 pixels
Mr. Fu in his new form, as a fox!
DATE: 2002-02-13 — FILESIZE: 62,966 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 499x573 pixels
A Valentine's Day picture Mr. Fu requested for Rhia. It was very well received.
DATE: 2008-04-18 — FILESIZE: 64195 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 530x723 pixels
KT says "MUCK".
DATE: 2002-10-14 — FILESIZE: 57,032 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 411x597 pixels
Mycroft Beeblebrox! Myke's Halloween costume, in keeping with the whole two-headed theme.
DATE: 2006-11-19 — FILESIZE: 37,884 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 452x643 pixels
At MFF, Mycroft gave me a bunch of Legos he didn't want anymore, so I drew this pictures in his sketchbook. Thanks for the Legos, Myke!
DATE: 2001-10-30 — FILESIZE: 66,471 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 629x781 pixels
Mycroft Bunny, being an orange toon rabbit, gets the idea to carve himself into a jack-o-lantern. Eeeeek! Happy Halloween!