KT's Cartoons: I

DATE: 2000-09-05 — FILESIZE: 20,427 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 400x437 pixels
If Doug Winger made mannequins... they'd probably look like this.
DATE: 1996-11-01 — FILESIZE: 9,919 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 525x699 pixels
If Lisa could take her head off.
DATE: 1996-11-01 — FILESIZE: 9,427 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 466x633 pixels
If Lisa were a mink.
DATE: 1996-11-14 — FILESIZE: 11,700 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 553x742 pixels
If Lisa had two heads.
DATE: 1996-11-25 — FILESIZE: 12,558 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 600x825 pixels
If Lisa were an alligator.
DATE: 1997-01-09 — FILESIZE: 15,988 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 375x440 pixels
If Lisa were a centaur.
DATE: 1997-08-05 — FILESIZE: 44,726 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 677x520 pixels
If Lisa had four arms. (The only "If Lisa" picture I ever did that actually explores its possibilities to any extent.)
DATE: 2008-10-02 — FILESIZE: 98308 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 820x597 pixels
Ike whups Houston's ass. This was the first cartoon I drew after the hurricane hit, drawn while waiting in a loooong line at Pappas Barbecue. At the time, we had no power at home, so I couldn't even scan this cartoon for TWO WEEKS!
DATE: 2009-09-23 — FILESIZE: 26297 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 697x891 pixels
Boy George as a wolf, literally tumbling 4 ya. (Note: not meant as a reference to Tumbles the Stairdragon.)
DATE: 2003-06-20 — FILESIZE: 38,355 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 582x793 pixels
Recently at the Galleria, there was a display of artwork by John Lennon in a space that was previously a Pacific Sunwear store. I went, enjoyed the artwork, laughed at the pompous descriptions on the title cards, bought some T-shirts, and then drew this.
DATE: 2003-06-17 — FILESIZE: 102,811 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 718x974 pixels
More "Finding Nemo" fanart: KT steps in to interfere with the story, making the movie slightly shorter.
DATE: 2008-02-03 — FILESIZE: 21138 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 575x377 pixels
Portrait of an internet jerkoff. Basically anybody in the regular habit of belittling, disparaging or smacking down those who like stuff he doesn't.
DATE: 2000-11-12 — FILESIZE: 22,026 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 426x571 pixels
Ishtar the fishtaur. That's me, always on the lookout for novel 'taur forms!