KT's Cartoons: E

DATE: 1997-01-08 — FILESIZE: 34,565 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 357x345 pixels
Dot takes off her flower and lets her ears spread apart.
DATE: 2001-10-13 — FILESIZE: 96,628 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 636x883 pixels
KT, Doris and Sefo have lunch in a '50s-style diner where the food is good but the music isn't always period.
DATE: 2008-05-09 — FILESIZE: 83568 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 612x1087 pixels
While contemplating a poster for a new cartoon show called "Ed & Melissa", Stanley gets hypocritical in his sanctimoniousness about cartoonishly unrealistic body parts. I wonder, did Tex Avery ever get this kind of guff for "Red Hot Riding Hood"?
DATE: 1999-11-11 — FILESIZE: 27,581 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 444x640 pixels
Egg LeFume dances a softshoe on KT's head, with odd results.
DATE: 1997-12-02 — FILESIZE: 70,187 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 602x795 pixels
Line art of Egg Le Fume at the computer. I never got around to finishing it.
DATE: 1999-11-11 — FILESIZE: 12,224 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 262x444 pixels
Pencil sketch of Egg Le Fume.
DATE: 1995-?-? — FILESIZE: 10,205 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 368x403 pixels
spot ehaps her damnmacclassic. (Another spotspeak word: ehap, to hit with one's tail. Started out as a typo of 'whap'.)
DATE: 1998-12-11 — FILESIZE: 14,999 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 314x438 pixels
Sketch of Emmy Warner. I got her hair wrong.
DATE: 1998-12-12 — FILESIZE: 40,185 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 550x509 pixels
Emmy Warner, as a reindeertaur, wishes everyone a merry Christmas!
DATE: 2008-02-03 — FILESIZE: 18876 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 518x413 pixels
Drawing at a con is fun, but erasing pencil lines from a picture is often a problem, as it can shake the table and mess up other artists' work. Partly because of that, and partly because I figured it would save time, I did a lot of art at Further Confusion and left the pencil lines unerased until I got home.
DATE: 1998-04-21 — FILESIZE: 66,524 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 601x800 pixels
Ernie Ermine, KT's nominal archenemy, does various evil things to the turtle.
DATE: 1998-04-21 — FILESIZE: 28,895 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 458x510 pixels
Ernie meets Jasmine, the cute 4-armed ermine.
DATE: 2007-12-03 — FILESIZE: 169002 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 728x1968 pixels
KT gets mischievous and turns an EXOTIC FISH sign into EROTIC FISH, with four different possible endings to choose from.
DATE: 2005-07-23 — FILESIZE: 61,920 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 588x767 pixels
I spent a week in the Philly area for AC 2005 and didn't bother with the internet while I was there, then I came home and found our internet connection was rather badly on the blink. After several days, I was going into withdrawal, and I drew this.
DATE: 1997-12-30 — FILESIZE: 41,460 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 376x452 pixels
Evets, the Warner who, at the time of this drawing, stranded in the middle of the Indian Ocean on a funny-shaped island called Diego Garcia. The U.S. Armed Forces, go fig.
DATE: 2009-06-23 — FILESIZE: 237820 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 797x1075 pixels
He is an evil giraffe. He eats all the leaves on the acacia tree, and then other giraffes may die. MUHAHAHAHA.
DATE: 2005-12-29 — FILESIZE: 56,183 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 790x327 pixels
One fine day in New Caledonia... Hitler the Chicken is on FIRE!
DATE: 2007-10-08 — FILESIZE: 76613 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 640x526 pixels
Experimenting with the tablet. KT enjoys an eye scream cone. (I think I made the head too big and/or the arms too small.)