KT's Cartoons: A

DATE: 2009-01-02 — FILESIZE: 136543 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 796x1077 pixels
KT sings the alphabet song as only he can, inserting references to Abraham Lincoln, shakes, cakes, peas, war, eggs, meat, Nome, and Syngman Rhee. Whaddya mean you don't know who Syngman Rhee is? You know how to use Google! Fine, fine, he was the first President of South Korea.
DATE: 1999-12-06 — FILESIZE: 38,533 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 640x443 pixels
KT poses for an "About the author" back-of-the-book type picture. Includes blurb.
DATE: 2004-05-06 — FILESIZE: 30,894 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 558x475 pixels
Parody of "The Punisher". KT plays Frank Hassle, a former etiquette columnist, who once witnessed a gang of thugs pushing his whole family over into the MUD! It was so RUDE! Since then, he became The Admonisher, a vigilante who takes scolding people into his own hands!
DATE: 1999-09-21 — FILESIZE: 74,986 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 698x463 pixels
Plucky sits on a couch as Dot plays with his duckytoes. She wants to make it publically known that she adores Plucky's toes!
DATE: 2008-06-10 — FILESIZE: 55357 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 700x714 pixels
Lili as Daryl Hall and KT as John Oates on a parody of the cover of Hall & Oates' "Rock & Soul Part 1" album.
DATE: 2003-10-10 — FILESIZE: 35,394 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 502x637 pixels
I went to Deerbrook Mall north of Houston, and on the Texas-themed mural on the wall of the food court, I saw the Alamo juxtaposed with an extreme closeup of a raccoon clinging to a log or something. From the angle I was positioned at relative to the picture, the log sort of looked like a car. So I drew this.
DATE: 2008-01-11 — FILESIZE: 84864 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 651x555 pixels
Alex Reynard mentioned on FurAffinity that he was having computer problems. Hoping he got it fixed soon, I did this quick pic to surprise him. He loved it!
DATE: 2008-11-12 — FILESIZE: 490115 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 880x688 pixels
Alex Reynard goes ARRRRGH *headdesk*. Inspired by a thread on FurAffinity in which Omny87 imagined what it would be like to take the expression "headdesk" literally.
DATE: 2006-04-30 — FILESIZE: 66,549 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 598x797 pixels
KT sings the "Alligator Kissing Santa Claus" song. Join in!
DATE: 1996-04-30 — FILESIZE: 69,947 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 416x374 pixels
Andymaniacs! The design on the cover of one of my previous sketchbooks.
DATE: 2001-07-21 — FILESIZE: 68,580 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 574x791 pixels
"Guardian Angel With Sharp Teeth", a comic strip about a guy with an unusual guardian angel.
DATE: 2008-12-31 — FILESIZE: 110457 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 1077x804 pixels
My interpretation of what the characters from Bolt would look like as anthros.

Bolt is a talented dog, but what he fails to realize is that his superpowers are fake, his stylish white superhero costume comes from a costuming department, and everything he thinks is real is actually a TV show. Now he has somehow ended up outside the studio, where he has encountered Mittens the alley cat and, mistakenly thinking her to be in league with the Green-Eyed Man, has captured her to lead him to Penny (who is of course an actress and hasn't really been kidnapped, but he doesn't know that).

Mittens is an alley cat by heart, or so she claims. She once lived in a house with a family, and had many stylish outfits to choose from. Now she shakes down pigeons for food on the mean streets of New York, in her ripped jeans and worn leather jacket, which she wears to look tough. But all that is about to change...

Rhino is a hamster who lived in a trailer park, dreaming of the day when he could one day stand beside his favoritest hero, Bolt the Superdog, in the fight against the forces of evil. Now he has the chance of a lifetime! Do you like his sidekick outfit? He made it himself! The R on his shirt started out as a blobby attempt at a lightning bolt, until Bolt added the extra streak with some paint. Now it's perfect!
DATE: 2005-08-22 — FILESIZE: 28,024 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 774x650 pixels
Anthropomorphism: an illustration, part 1.
DATE: 2005-08-22 — FILESIZE: 50,915 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 774x650 pixels
Anthropomorphism: an illustration, part 2.
DATE: 2004-07-20 — FILESIZE: 58,684 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 566x772 pixels
While listening to the radio, KT jinxes John Flansburgh of They Might Be Giants.
DATE: 2007-01-22 — FILESIZE: 36,573 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 642x576 pixels
Drawing in Aoi Kitsune's sketchbook, of Aoi Kitsune herself.
DATE: 2001-09-23 — FILESIZE: 42,520 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 780x553 pixels
KT and friends make fun of those "Are you human?" ads TLC shows all the time.
DATE: 2004-07-20 — FILESIZE: 29,410 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 529x676 pixels
Babs Bunny's in-joke from Ohio Morphicon and Anthrocon: "Art stoooooore!"
DATE: 2000-12-04 — FILESIZE: 15,234 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 377x452 pixels
KT dresses as a lark as a lark.
DATE: 2001-01-17 — FILESIZE: 60,940 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 605x674 pixels
A scene from "The Emperor's New Groove", with a slightly different ending; it's Becca Warner again!
DATE: 2007-07-13 — FILESIZE: 20800 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 521x615 pixels
Doodles shows what real Italian spaghetti is like. Drawn for Doodles at Midwest Furfest 2007.
DATE: 2009-02-03 — FILESIZE: 29930 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 734x455 pixels
Mittens looks askance as Bolt looks at Rhino who looks all :awesomeface:.