KT's Cartoons: F

DATE: 1996-12-25 — FILESIZE: 11,177 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 451x528 pixels
Felina Vixen. (Bah, why did I make her nose two different shapes? Oh well. The one at right is more likely to be correct.)
DATE: 2007-11-25 — FILESIZE: 101147 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 670x739 pixels
Con sketch from Morphicon 2007 of Fiallyn, a busty fennec, accompanied by parodies of Penny Arcade's Twisp & Catsby characters.
DATE: 2001-06-30 — FILESIZE: 129,126 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 632x866 pixels
"One day in suburbia..." A young man introduces his parents to his fiancée.
DATE: 2001-06-30 — FILESIZE: 26,348 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 644x277 pixels
A dog and cat are bothered by fighting in the fandom. But fighting is hardly a furry-only problem...
DATE: 2003-07-04 — FILESIZE: 76,116 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 587x477 pixels
"Finding Forrester", a parody of "Finding Nemo".
DATE: 2006-05-06 — FILESIZE: 23,237 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 800x605 pixels
Conbook sketch for Firehazard: The firetiger meets the waterwolf.
DATE: 2009-07-11 — FILESIZE: 122280 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 809x1085 pixels
Drawn by me and Babs at Anthrocon. KT wants to watch the fireworks on the 4th of July, but Babs, being Canadian, already saw fireworks on Canada Day, July 1. So KT gets a thyme machine and, um, weird stuff happens.
DATE: 1996-08-22 — FILESIZE: 45,625 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 782x491 pixels
Dot's first day at the harfjob from hell. (She had this job once that she was no good at and which hurt her foot what with all the standing around.)
thumbnailFist Awareness.jpg
DATE: 2008-10-07 — FILESIZE: 13789 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 100x100 pixels
The obvious sequel to Breast Awareness.
DATE: 2000-09-10 — FILESIZE: 57,974 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 563x761 pixels
KT tries to write poetry.
DATE: 2001-11-20 — FILESIZE: 99,953 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 550x733 pixels
A drawing I did in the sketchbook of a fur named Xodiac the Dragote. The theme was "Fight or flight", and I thought of the punny title "Flight Club"!
DATE: 2001-09-12 — FILESIZE: 81,487 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 546x782 pixels
The Food Courtesan! She's feeding her boyfriend with chopsticks, and he wants to carefully position his tongue under the bit of chicken but can't take his eyes off her! I came up with this pic one day while wandering around the mall (no, walking purposefully), and the dumb pun just struck me!
DATE: 2008-10-02 — FILESIZE: 166661 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 965x615 pixels
Suddenly, the Fellowship of the Ring was attacked...

While waiting in line early one morning at Kroger to get ice (2 bags per customer), I drew a sketch that later turned into this bit of Lord of the Rings fanart.
DATE: 2003-12-26 — FILESIZE: 33,162 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 671x539 pixels
A sketch I did during the furry party at Aisha's house: Some people were watching an anime videotape in which these five chibi cats or maybe foxes fighting a big lizard with four arms, and I felt like drawing the lizard.
DATE: 2006-12-14 — FILESIZE: 181,358 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 539x794 pixels
I played with a random-generator 12 gifts of Christmas meme on LJ, and the result included the line "four two heads". Prismo expressed interest in that, so I drew him this!
DATE: 2002-09-28 — FILESIZE: 215,645 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 1174x730 pixels
Fox Fox Revolution! An all-fox picture. Mr. Fu and Jon play Fox Fox Revolution, but the other foxes are busy watching Jennifer and Felina! L to R: Mr. Fu, Jon, Teleia, EggLeReynard, FoxTaka, Tony, Jennifer, Richard, Felina, YakkoFox, Qaianna (she's not crying; that's a white splotch of fur on her muzzle) & MelodyFox. (Saaay... I thought Jon and Jen were the same fox, only in different forms!)
DATE: 2003-12-26 — FILESIZE: 26,322 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 430x347 pixels
A sketch I did during the furry party at Aisha's house: KT with a fox tail (yes, even though he's a turtle).
DATE: 1998-07-26 — FILESIZE: 33,980 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 364x431 pixels
Richard Fox, In Color (Where Available).
DATE: 1999-07-12 — FILESIZE: 30,213 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 442x600 pixels
Richard, as a nonmorphic fox, sits in Tony Fox's lap.
DATE: 2000-10-10 — FILESIZE: 55,389 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 521x582 pixels
Richard Fox POUNCE Tony! Nice blurring effect.
DATE: 1997-06-24 — FILESIZE: 36,365 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 552x535 pixels
Richard Fox finally quacks, with a little prosthetic help.
DATE: 2008-08-01 — FILESIZE: 28152 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 620x805 pixels
Drawn for Prismo at Anthrocon: Tazel Sixpaws acts as a limo for tired taurs, and gives Teleia in taur form a ride.
DATE: 2008-10-03 — FILESIZE: 51355 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 945x620 pixels
Tokyo recently built and installed a robot designed to speak French in case of monster attack. Here we see FrenchBot in action during an onslaught by the Godzilla Bros. (Well, actually, due to the scale, we can't see FrenchBot, but we can certainly hear it!)
DATE: 2009-05-29 — FILESIZE: 71883 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 781x543 pixels
Frogdog. If Kermit and Rowlf had a baby.
DATE: 2000-02-27 — FILESIZE: 10,252 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 325x346 pixels
Companion piece to piglatin.gif. Another punny cartoon I drew for Gary Hallock.
DATE: 2003-02-24 — FILESIZE: 19,782 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 515x735 pixels
Frostbite Winterhaven, the snowshoe fox. He's indigenous to co-o-old climates. (No, there's no such species in real life.)
DATE: 1999-11-07 — FILESIZE: 14,743 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 292x600 pixels
Frostbite, the snowshoe fox from #toonplay.
DATE: 2000-03-31 — FILESIZE: 14,788 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 500x501 pixels
Fish showing apprehension at an upcoming horse-related incident.
DATE: 2001-01-03 — FILESIZE: 49,271 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 737x549 pixels
Mr. Fu's two forms: anthro (stylin'!) and non-anthro (cuuuute!)
DATE: 1998-08-05 — FILESIZE: 17,499 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 600x426 pixels
Mr. Fu Wen-Chi, the rat, prepares to destroy that bastion of evil and sheer lunacy, Berkeley, CA.
DATE: 2007-01-17 — FILESIZE: 12,489 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 310x462 pixels
Ever seen a furry alligator? I wanted to, so I drew one. Some of my friends said it was reminiscent of a qilin.
DATE: 2001-01-19 — FILESIZE: 44,539 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 564x690 pixels
I think it would be really funny if furry fans actually looked like their characters when they went to furry conventions. Here's a couple of sketches about that thought.
DATE: 2001-08-21 — FILESIZE: 201,269 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 634x797 pixels
A drawing I did in Erin Middendorf's sketchbook, the theme of which was "If I could change anything about ___, it would be ___." (I didn't get to meet Erin; I met Chilly at a wedding and she had the sketchbook with her.)
DATE: 2005-06-17 — FILESIZE: 27,935 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 736x575 pixels
Making fun of those eeeeevil Burger King ads.
DATE: 2006-10-04 — FILESIZE: 143,481 bytes — IMAGE SIZE: 812x608 pixels
So there's this band I really like, called XTC.
So the lead singer, Andy Partridge (no relation to the Partridge Family, btw) put out a series of eight compilation albums of his unreleased tracks, demos, and sonic experiments called "Fuzzy Warbles", which he sells on his website, www.ape.uk.net (the AP in APE stands for Andy Partridge). The cover design is stamp-collection-themed; each disc has cover art that looks like a huge postage stamp.
So I bought them all (and I love 'em!) and with the last two discs I received a decorative box to put them in that looks like a stamp book, a bonus disc called "Hinges", and a sheet of self-adhesive stamps depicting miniature versions of the album covers.
Of course, the stamps can't be used for sending postage; they're just decorative (and there's only one of each anyway, not counting the two triangular stamps on the cover of volume 6).
So I decided to stick 'em into my sketchbook and draw a cartoon around them. Here's Doris and KT trying to record a demo.